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Here it is,barely 5am & most threads are full overnight.Of course,I have to see what I'm missing,so need to read them.
Someone mentioned a pattern that looks good. Where to find it & I'm off to the races.Another thread has a new way of making a table runner,someone mentions a very easy way of doing binding.There's a fabric sale going on? & so it goes & goes.
Someone wants breakfast ? point to the cereal.I'm busy! Pages to bookmark, sites to find, blogs to read.
A quilt needs cut out,sewn,quilted? Later.....right now I'm trying to keep track of all the new quilt pics, patterns,books & notions I need. Besides,almost surely I'll find another quilt I like better, so why waste fabric. Don't I already have too many UFOs ? That's just a detail.Excuse me, someone just posted about a new gadget that sounds like something I need. Where's that thread ? Excuse me,I need to get busy...........
I am in your boat about the amount I have to read through. This is for the 17th November, but it is really 3rd December. Have too much to do too.