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Help! Batik Still Bleeding After Multiple Treatments

Help! Batik Still Bleeding After Multiple Treatments

Old 02-14-2021, 05:29 PM
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Default Help! Batik Still Bleeding After Multiple Treatments

I have numerous batiks that I want to use in a pattern that uses pale white and pale gray for background

I have treated multiple cuts of batik for bleeding and am still having bleed problems with at least 7 yardage cuts. This is what I have done so far:
I first treated the batiks in color groups with Retayne in my large sink. Then I took each of the individual pieces and did 2 separate rinses in a large white basin to see if there was any residue color still bleeding into the water. I did find quite a few that still bled so I treated each separately again for a second time with Retayne letting them soak for at least an hour & 30 min. Rinsed twice again - a few were still showing bleeding in the water.
I next hand washed each piece separately using Synthropol to remove excess dye that was bleeding off. I then repeated the 2 separate rinses and it appeared that the bleeding had stopped in most except for 7 pieces - I treated separately again 3rd time with Retayne and 2 rinses.
I then put 3 of the pieces of the same color family in the washing machine with a color catcher - used warm water wash & cold rinse - The color catcher came out pale blue so there seems to still be bleeding going on.

Since the background of the pattern is white and gray I am very concerned about any future bleeding when the pattern/quilt is completed.
Any suggestions on how I should continue with treatment? Do I treat a 4th time with Retayne? and then repeat with Synthropol? and then wash with color catcher?
I am worried because 3 of these bleeding pieces are blue and the other 4 are pink and red tones.
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Old 02-15-2021, 04:46 AM
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Did you wash them in very hot water? I usually wash mine in hot water with laundry detergent then rinse in hot water also. I don't use retayne or synthropol because the receiver of the quilt probably won't use those either.
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Old 02-15-2021, 05:38 AM
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Perhaps the time has come to reach out to the manufacturer and see if they have any tips , perhaps it was a bad batch? I have never encountered any issues with any Batiks and I have used them extensively in my quilting from a wide variety of manufacturers.
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Old 02-15-2021, 06:13 AM
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I sure as heck hope there is an answer. Recently I used a red brown batik - purchased from a quilt store. At any rate, that batik would not keep running. I used a color catcher in the beginning and thought I was good to go. There were several smudges and runs on the lighter fabrics. I used same products as you and eventually threw it in the dryer and let it go. It is a gift and I'll explain what happened. Since the center is a panel of brown bears, the red brown smudges throughout the quilt aren't really "awful" but it clearly was not as intended. My girlfriend had a similar experience with a red batik - also purchased from a quilt store. Maybe someone has the answer!
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Old 02-15-2021, 06:22 AM
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Deb, I have just read with interest on my Bernini blog about this same problem. Although this was a problem after the quilt was made, but this should work for material washing. All have suggested using dawn dishwashing liquid. Most have said not to use all the products you have tried(I have used those also). I don’t know if after using them that this method will work or not. Soak in the dawn dish liquid and make sure no material is poking out of the water. Repeat until water is clean.
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Old 02-15-2021, 07:11 AM
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Can you rethink your pattern using black instead of light colours?
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Old 02-15-2021, 07:56 AM
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I have been known to put a big pot on the stove to boil. Seems like that extra hot water gets out the last bit of dye. I also use Dawn dishwashing soap. Try putting your questionable fabric in for a real hot bath.
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Old 02-15-2021, 08:05 AM
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And if - after all that - those fabrics are still bleeding - do not use them!!!!!!

If you are unable or unwilling to discard them, isolate and label them so you do not use them by mistake.
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Old 02-15-2021, 12:26 PM
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Thank you so much for responding - you all are the best sources for finding options and solutions to try to fix up situations!!! I truly appreciate your comments and suggestions. I have worked with batiks before and have never had such a frustrating experience - I'm almost ready to give up
I have collected batiks by different manufacturers over the years from many sources - mostly quilt stores . I just dove into my bin for this project and found a bunch of cuts that I've had awhile & had not used before. LOL thought this would be the perfect project for them.... haha.... Murphy's Law!! I've spent so much time soaking, washing & rinsing that I may have to reconsider the plan. The pattern is Boho Heart by Jen Kingwell - I want to give it to one of my grand-daughters for her elementary school graduation so I have to get sewing! - thought bright batiks would be perfect for her style.

Yes Tartan I might have to switch to a darker background shade - possibly darker shades of blues. It will definitely make it more dramatic and fun! LOL I will have to test the bleeding on any that I buy & will have to find quite a few so there is variety.

rjwilder - I used the hottest water that I could get from the tap but as suggested by "sewingitalltogether" I will try using hotter water by boiling on the stove - will get back to you all about this

I was thinking whether I should try using Dawn detergent as suggested by a few - guess that will be the next step - going out to get some after I post this.

OMG!!!! What a chore this prepping has been!!! Guess it's best to deal with it now than finding disastrous streaks of bleeding after the quilt is put together. If I can't get the bleed to stop I will definitely be labelling as such and setting these pieces aside - will determine what to do with them later. LOL just want to get sewing......

Please keep offering comments & suggestions - all help is welcome!

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Old 02-15-2021, 05:23 PM
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When soaking in the Retayne, leave it over night. My hot water heater will heat up to 150 degrees. I use the hot water and let it soak for several hours, usually overnight. Just a thought I prewash everything and use Retayne on anything I think might bleed. It works for me. I figure fabric is too expensive to ruin a quilt for a bleeding piece of fabric. This is of course MHO.
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