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Be Honest Please - Quilting: love it.  Should I quit while I am ahead? >

Be Honest Please - Quilting: love it. Should I quit while I am ahead?

Be Honest Please - Quilting: love it. Should I quit while I am ahead?

Old 12-31-2012, 02:22 PM
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Default Be Honest Please - Quilting: love it. Should I quit while I am ahead?

Hello. You all are great. So much information here! I have been on this board so much the past few weeks. I mentioned that I was starting to quilt on a widow/widower's board, and one of the members referred me here. You may know him. He was married to Adrian'smom (I think that is it?). You all made he and his son the most beautiful memory quilts when she passed... For this alone I am forever thankful to all of you. (I have also looked up some of her work... fantastic!).

So here is my question. I live off disability in Boston. My funds are quite limited. I stumbled into a free quilting class with materials included (how cool is THAT). Note my computer will now only type in italic - huh...

So I am hooked! Love quilting. I am disabled, so it gives me something i can do most days that I don't feel well enough to do "other things". I am so excited to learn and try. BUT...

The expense seems astronomical. I made the lap top quilt in my class for free (the backing is a bit too small = 1 inch - maybe a label there???). I bought a bunch of christmas fabrics (1/4 yard) at joann's and made the missouri star christmas tree skirt (top only). The fabrics were under $3 a yard. I am now doing the Craftsy BOM 2012 (see how afraid i am of the quilting part???). I got all my fabric at a discount store in Chinatown (lucky) for $3/yard). I have 8 squares done - need to do more. I bought all the mateiral at a discount store in Boston that was selling their $5/yard at $3/yard. May be cheap, may suck. I don't care!!! I am learning.

So my question is this: Do I quit now??? I don't have several hundred dollars a month to throw into this. Should I really just quit?

Second question: If I don't quit, how in the H E double hockey stick do I learn to FMQ??? (Don't actually answer this part. I bought Leah Day's Craftsy class. Relying on her).

Third question: What do I really "need"? I now have a Brother XR 1300 (?) from Costco (christmas/birthday present). I have a cutting mat, rotary cutter and 6.5x24 ruler (Joann's, 1/2 off!!!).

I got a 12.5x12.5 ruler for xmas - for my Craftsy top .

Now I feel like I need gloves, a slider, bobbin washers (whatever those may be). I just don't know...

BTW - I also took a free class on Cathedral Windows. Got a bolt of muslin at 1/2 off at Joann's. My nephew saw the start of this quilt and said he would like one "5'x7'" When could that be done??? Also, he is very kind and offered to sell my quilts, with a 95/5 split - 95% for HIM and 5% for ME. What an angel!!! LOL

Seriously - should I just quit while I am ahead???

P.S. Got the cutest little gadget holder at GW today for $2.99. No fabric there, but plenty of stuff (CD racks, etc).

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Old 12-31-2012, 02:29 PM
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I quilt my own quilts and don't use all the extra stuff...sounds like you have the set up needed. You can add other stuff as you learn. Sounds like you are pretty good about finding sale fabric...I say keep up the good work!
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I forgot to add - which is most awesome and life-affirming!!! I got a care package from a board member. SO MANY FABRICS!!! and other items. and love... How could you ask for more than that??? Thank you special friend. I am forever in your debt!!!

P.S. I hope you don't mind, but I opened my gift at a homeless shelter. I let each sewer there (4 total) pick her favorite and keep it. (Except the hearts!!! I kept the hearts separate!!!). So many tears shed. So much love shared. You have no idea..
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Old 12-31-2012, 02:30 PM
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No quitting! Fabric can get pretty expensive, but you can be clever about where you find it. A good deal of my stash came from Craigslist at HUGE price cuts. If you are patient and willing to work for it there are always deals to be had.

As for what you "need" to quilt, well, the list of what you already have looks pretty good to me! Maybe some needle and thread if you plan to hand-bind? DO NOT buy gadgets at this point; if you choose a quilt that "needs" a gadget then come back here and someone can show you how to get the same effect without it.

Quilting can be very spendy, but you can be economical about it. If nothing else, try a hand-pieced or hand-quilted project to slow you down a little
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Old 12-31-2012, 02:32 PM
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People will always give you fabs. I do my own quiktuling by hand. Dont give it up.
You'll find fabs will come to you.
give linus a bit. They send you fabs and you can make for them.

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Sounds to me like you are hooked on quilting!! I think you have the basics that you can do most of the simpler quilts with. Many of our members here have good luck at thrift stores either buying fabric or men's shirts for the fabric. Many members here also sell on our board fabrics for cheaper than in the stores. For patterns browse www.quilterscache.com. It is a free site. Also another good place for ideas and free patterns is http://quilting.about.com. Have fun!
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Now is NOT the time to quit. It sounds like you really love what you are doing. Take it in small steps and get what you need as you can afford to buy it. I don't have a lot of the tools that others may have and I can't afford very much fabric at one time either. Ifit is the quilting that you like, you might consider doing some for charity. Quilters on the board here have mentioned charities that will send you kits to make up and return to them. You might want to check into that. If your nephew wants a quilt, maybe he could help you with the cost of the things you will need for it. You could try thrift shops for fabric and even some clothes are suitable for repurposing. There are many ways to continue to quilt without a lot of expense all at one time. I wish you many years of quilting.
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Bonnie Hunter at www.quiltville.com has an extensive amount of FREE scrappy quilt patterns. You don't need a lot of yardage of any one fabric to make absolutely beautiful quilts from them. A strip or two plus other strips of like or other colors will eventually add up to enough to make gorgeous quilts. Check her out! :-)
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If you really enjoy quilting then please don't quit. I also am on limited funds. buy the best quality fabric you can afford. Goodwill and Salvation Army and other thrift stores are great places to shop. I know a lot of people think that you have to use 100% cotton....but I also use some poly/cotton blends. I try to use a blend with as much cotton as possible. Bed ruffles are great a lot of them are polyester for the part that lays on the springs but the ruffle part is cotton. There is a lot a fabric in those ruffles! Good quality, gently used cotton clothing is great. You seem to have the most important and basic items so if you enjoy then continue to enjoy. Ask for gift certificates from fabric stores for birthdays etc. We can always come up with something for our quilting needs. Like a flannel back table cloth or old flannel sheet from thrift store for a design board. You might have to think outside the box to make do but that can also be fun and just think of how proud you will be when you come up with a nifty idea! I say "go for it"!
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I wanted to answer your question--should you quit? My answer is NO. You have a great beginning and will gradually build up your stash. It sounds like you have a knack for finding things on sale. Another suggestion, do you have a Salvation Army or Good Will store near you? Sometimes you can find fabric, clothing that has not been worn, and sheets all for a very small price--translation yardage for a very little money. Keep reading here and everyone always know of a sale--plus JoAnn's coupons are great--half off yardage isn't too bad. By the way, your nephew had it turned around 5% for him and 95 % for you.

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