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Thread: How do you manage your stash when you don't have any space for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarmer
    The plastic bin companies just love me to death. when they see me coming cha ching is in the air. the following is how I stash my stash- EVERYWHERE there is space! in my dresser( I dont have a lot of clothes but I do have lots of fabric), in my closet in bins and hanging on hangers, in my sewingroom in bins under the tables, in the guest room closet,under the bed in the guestroom and our room.BUT Santa thought I was a good girl this year so Santa is adding an addition on to our house to make my current sewing room (16x12) bigger (adding additional 20x20 room)SO
    with that said there is never enough room to stash the stash only creative stashing. Happy sewing to everyone!
    T.Farmer TX
    Can you send your Santa to my house?? :-)

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    out in the heat
    My Aunt used the Freezer to store/Hide things, I never did nor do I now, I use Plastic Boxes Colors as DD likes to Borrow things and that way can't see Stash,DH goes Fabric Shop with me so he Knows Anyways, But I have a Huge House and Big Closets to put the PL. Boxes. I'd put it anywhere I could find.

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    I use boxes with lids and air holes on side so air can get in and the fabric can breath. Fold each piece to same size. Turn box on end and stack the fabrics on top of each other by color tightly like newspaper. Then when you open the box to search for a certain fabric you don't mess them all up to get to the bottom. I like my fabric very neat to lessen pressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isewcountry
    Fold each piece to same size. Turn box on end and stack the fabrics on top of each other by color tightly like newspaper. Then when you open the box to search for a certain fabric you don't mess them all up to get to the bottom.
    What a great idea! I always hate digging to the bottom 'cause it makes a mess! Although I can see from the side what is in the bin, it always seems what I want is near the middle of the bottom. :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandpat
    I didn't want to risk ruining any of my fabric...so I used those space bags for ....our clothes....now I use the space I made for stash... :lol: :lol: :lol:
    LOL...Patti, I love how you think! :lol:
    (a girl does have to set her priorities after all!)

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    Oct 2009
    Independence, Mo
    I have a tall (Walmart) bookshelf. My husband cut sturdy dividers to fit the heights of the shelves. Each section is for a different color fabric, and I separate solids from patterns. I roll, rather than fold, my pieces of fabric and even use rubber bands if the roll is large. It isn't perfect, and I really want a set up like Katie Paquini's and a few others I've seen. ^__^ But I can usually find what I'm looking for. Oh, and I add to it shamelessly if I find something I really like. Someone one this list said she had fabric from 23 years ago. I'm finishing up my first "real" quilt -- I started it 30 years ago.

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    I dont have room either so i rearraanged my bedroom so not i have a little room by my dresser i brought some plastic bins and put them next to it and i put my bed on lifters so not my bed is a little higher and i put fabric under there in flat bins

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    Blog Entries
    Well... you're in SC so this might not apply, but... anyone up north might be able to identify with this.

    My first apartment was on the second floor flat of an old city house. It had a lovely porch off the living room, with a drafty old door and two equally drafty windows facing west (toward the wind). The landlord was cheap so there were no storm windows or other insulation.

    Now, whenever the winter weather blew in, the temperature in the living room was six degrees colder than in the next room over. So I decided I would take my stash, and hang it from the curtain rods, over the windows and across the door. Yes, the room was very dark, but I was able to raise the temperature three degrees AND play with my fabric at the same time.

    (Still living outside Buffalo NY... need I say more?)

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