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Innova longarm machines

Old 11-21-2021, 07:58 AM
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Default Innova longarm machines

I am looking to upgrade my long arm Nolting Fun quilter 17". I am considering an Innova M 24". Does anyone have one and what do you think of it? I'm also considering Nolting Diamond. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Old 11-21-2021, 09:01 AM
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I do not have the M24, I did however upgrade to an used 32 inch Innova from a HQ Fusion. IMHO you won’t regret an Innova they are made here in the US, they are easy to maintain by yourself and feel far more durable and better made. If you plan on getting the robotics you will be pleased with how easy it is to use. If you get an opportunity, test one yourself to feel and see the difference, I think you will be well pleased. I am sure there are others that will chime in as well.
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Definitely do a test drive first. It's like a car - one size/model doesn't fit all.

I've not tried the M series, but I did try the 22" "classic" in 2019 at a local road show. It felt heavy to me and there was a lot of vibration translating through the handles - it made my hands and wrists hurt. In contrast, I also went to an APQS road show a month or so later and those machines were "like buttah" to me.

I would own an APQS now if the frame fit in my room. Unfortunately, I don't have the depth except for a Lenni, and that model doesn't have Quilt Glide as an option (aka cruise or continuous regulation as some other brands call it). I absolutely loved the APQS machines, but my room is 9'6" in depth and the longarm has to fit on one wall with my DSM and its table on the opposite wall.

I ended up with an HQ Amara which felt better than the Innova to me and fit my space.
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I narrowed it down to an APQS or an Innova. I ended up getting a demo APQS Lucey which has a 26 inch neck. I did not get a chance to try an Innova but did get a chance to try an APQS. At the time, my Lucey cost less than then the Innova. I am very pleased with Lucey although I did get the "bliss" tracks for it and yep... I can steer it with one finger. Also, you need to consider how close you are to a tech or dealer because if you need them to work on your machine, you may end up having to ship the head to the repair shop. If you have a dealer or tech nearby, they may come to your house. Also, a lot of trouble shooting and repairs can be done on the APQS by yourself with video's and online support for the APQS folks. New machines come with a lifetime warranty. I have had the dealer come and adjust me machine one time in the 12 years I have owned it and I probably could have done it myself. My brother had moved it when I had some work done in the room it was in and the frame had shifted a little bit. and of course, I had a quilt loaded at the time. Hint...if you are going to move your long arm, finish the quilt you have loaded first!
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There is an Innova Dealer in Centerview, MO. That's where I bought mine several years ago and it is great. The people in Centerview are wonderful and their shop is also an amazing quilt shop. My machine has all the bells and whistles but came out before the M24. A friend has the M24 and loves it. Also lessons come with your purchase. Since you are in MO maybe you are close enough to go take a test drive. You won't regret an Innova.
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Everybody will likely tell you that whatever machine they own is the best. My story is a little different - my little quilt group has been together for over 10 years. In the beginning, we were all over the place where brands are concerned. A couple of Gammill owners, a couple of HQ owners, Tin Lizzie, Nolting, Innova, Voyager, APQS, you name it, we had it. Our meetings were mostly problem solving: "How did you deal with this issue" and "What should I do to solve this problem", etc. Gradually most of us switched over to Innovas, we have 2 holdouts; one Gammill owner and one Handiquilter owner. And our meetings have gone from problem-solving to show-and-tell. I love my Innova.
The best thing I ever did before buying my Innova was take a 5-hour "beginning longarm" class from my dealer. It was designed to teach people the how to's before they rented time to quilt their tops on the longarm, but it was absolutely invaluable for helping me make my decision. We learned how to load a quilt, different ways of attaching backing and top to the frame, how to fill a bobbin, how to test and adjust tension on both upper and bobbin threads, and how to trouble-shoot issues related to loading, etc. Then we quilted, and our instructor encouraged and challenged us with various patterns, fills, etc. We got to try out the various sizes of machines, experiment with the robotics, and our instructor had about 50+ different rulers on hand for us to play with. It was an EXCELLENT class, and if your Innova dealer offers one, I cannot recommend enrolling highly enough.
Innovas are built so you can easily perform all service or repairs yourself, they have top-notch 24/7/365 customer service, yes even on holidays. This is very important if you plan on quilting for hire. I know a lot of professional quilters who can't afford or are too busy to be down for more than a day or two. Innova's customer service will walk you through every single step of how to replace the dohicky right next to the thingamajig.

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Originally Posted by nonnie60 View Post
I am looking to upgrade my long arm Nolting Fun quilter 17". I am considering an Innova M 24". Does anyone have one and what do you think of it? I'm also considering Nolting Diamond. Any thoughts? Thanks.
I have an innova 24 with lightening stitch and really like it. When I received my training, and opportunity to try different sized Innova longarms, I felt I could have saved some money and have gone with a 22 in. Just besure you get the full frame and lightening stitch.
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Very happy with my Innova. The tech support and customer service is excellent. I have the 26" and am very happy to have the space. I am tall enough that the reach to the back bar is not an issue. Lightning stitch is a must have in my mind. It is so responsive to use and makes getting even stitches so easy. If your budget allows, get the robotics, although it can be added later. Not a necessity, but opens up a new world in quilting. Makes quilting fun and much faster. So many quilting designs available for robotic quilting. You could say it's cheating, but you could say that about embroidery machines too. In my mind using robotics is a skill set too. I am thankful to own a longarm and I hope the resale value will still be there someday when I am ready to give it up. In the mean time, I can be found in my studio doing what I love. P.S. I did start out with a different brand long arm and for me the switch was good. No comparison.
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I also don't have the M24 but went from a stretched Juki 18 to the Innova 26. Already had a robotic system that would work on it just had to upgrade it for the heavier machine. Later I moved up to the IQ robotics as it came with the channel locks, thread break system and I didn't need the upgraded LS (stitch regulator) though I had it. Saved me a ton of money right there. Have never regretted my change. Love the fact it's pretty much self help when you have an issue with the machine or you can call Michael whose pretty much on call 365/24/7 and will walk you thru any problem you have that doesn't need replacement parts. I've never regretted getting the Innova. I also have the APQS in my little town too. Compared the price for what I got with each and still went with the Innova, not saying the APQS isn't a great machine too but for my money the Innova was what I wanted/needed.
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I'm another advocate for the Innova. I've had my 18" Innova since 2009 and would not trade it for anything. I agree with all the wonderful comments about Michael at Innova...he really is easy to get in touch with, just call the 1-800 number and you'll get help quickly. I also have a wonderful local distributer..Ryan's Sewing and Vacuum in Albuquerque. Ryan is so patient and like Michael is easy to get a hold of for quick questions (which at first were user errors). I have a 10' frame which just fits in my sewing room. My suggestion is to get the size frame you can fit easily in your room (12' if possible) and the longest arm you can afford. I'm still amazed at how sturdy the frame is and what a work horse the Innova is.
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