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Now that I've sewn my scraps sewn onto register tape and into a quilt... >

Now that I've sewn my scraps sewn onto register tape and into a quilt...

Now that I've sewn my scraps sewn onto register tape and into a quilt...

Old 04-23-2013, 09:23 AM
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When I sew onto paper I leave it on until the blocks are all sewed together. Like someone already said, if you use scraps they're not always on grain and have a tendency to stretch. If left together until all blocks/strips are sewn together you have less chance of getting wonky blocks. I use an orange stick or one end of my purple thang to run down seams before tearing off paper. When you use a shorter stitch the paper is like perforated paper. If little bits remain, I just leave 'em. They can't be seen after sandwiched and quilted.
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Old 10-22-2020, 06:32 AM
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Great idea. I think this would be an interesting binding.
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Old 10-22-2020, 08:00 AM
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I run a tracing wheel down the seams to perforate the paper and easily remove it.
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Old 10-22-2020, 10:27 AM
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I was shown how to piece to cash register tape only recently. I need to watch how it is done again before I pull out the old rolls of register tape. It looks like this method will be great for boarders.
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Old 10-22-2020, 11:22 AM
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I use a wet Qtip dipped in water. Swipe down the stitching line on the paper side and after a minute or so the paper under the seam will be soggy and pull apart. Generally when I paper piece, as I sew all the blocks tog I remove the paper from the seams. Then I remove the paper. from the blocks. I start at one side of the block and by the time I get the whole block done with the Qtip, the paper around the first seams are ready to be ripped off.
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Use a smaller than usual stitch length when piecing. I remove paper as soon as possible because I feel the sections don't piece together as accurately with it remaining. Crease the stitching line before trying to remove paper. I run my fingernails over the crease and also make good use of sharp tweezers in getting the little bits out. (I actually hate the tedium of removing the paper but realize that paper piecing is the best way to make certain things like pineapple blocks)
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I save my used dryer sheets for this. The ones that come out of the dryer are added to the next load of wash, so they have been washed two or three times to help reduce the fragrance before using. After sewing them together I can then cut them to size. Works for me.
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I did that once and only once. Iím willing to try anything once to see how it goes. Not a fan.
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Be careful using paper that has "printing ink" on it. I have been hesitant to use phonebook paper after a bad experience. Some of the ink on this thin newspaper type of paper rubbed off onto the fabric. This is noticeable on light colors and can be difficult to get out. Before using rub a soft white tissue over the paper to check if the ink will come off.
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Originally Posted by kellen46 View Post
this may sound radical and like a heresy but why tear off the paper at all. Back in my younger days my dear Emma taught me to sew crazy scraps to newspaper. We did not tear off the paper but simply went ahead and sandwiched and quilted the whole thing. The paper melted into the batting with the first washing and drying. Remember this was the good old days and we used a wringer washer and line dried. I have made several quilts this way since, last year to be exact I made a queen size string quilt pieced on paper. I always wash and dry, all automatic now thanks be, as the last step. Again the paper melted into the batting. So what is the fuss? Even if you do tear off the paper and a few bits remain no problem. Either way the paper is no problem. So I say sew it up, leave it on and wash your problem away. One note, the paper will dull your needle so change it after the project is done. P.S. That quilt, only my second one, won a blue ribbon at the county fair. Emma and I were so proud.
That is cool! Who'da thought? I'm gonna have to try that on a small project. Congrats on your blue ribbon too.
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