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My sewing room is small and has glass doors that look into my living room. For me, too much is when it won't fit into the closet in there. I don't like for the room to look messy from the other parts of the house. But that's just me.
My sewing room is the same except I built in the verndah and put big shelves on 2 walls. I too am going through my fabric as I re- arrange the room to make it easier to get into the cupboards. I have 1 rows of plastic drawers 7 high as well as all the shelves are full of boxes full of color coded fabrics. I am still buying fabric as I see some thing I like. But I am making a baby quilt using most of the fabric from my stash. I will post the quilt when I finish it. I am thinking of doing a couple of blocks to take and show friends at the quilt group.