One reason for developing standardized terminology in any field - it's a shortcut way of describing something to another person.

Like medical terminology - it can be very specific without going into a lot of description.

Example: FQ stands for Fat Quarter - which is much easier to say than: A half yard of fabric folded selvage to selvage and cut along the fold line and it should always be at least 18 inches long and may vary from 20 to 22.5 inches wide.

According to Barbara Brackman, many blocks have several names. Also, some names have several blocks associated with them. It can get confusing.

Does it really matter what one calls an object or a process? Only when trying to communicate with another person.

I've had a lot of "What I understood you say - is not what you meant" and/or "What I said - and it was perfectly clear to me - does not seem to be what you understood" instances.