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thimble thimble whos got the thimble

thimble thimble whos got the thimble

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Default thimble thimble whos got the thimble

I am just starting to learn how to do some hand quilting. How do you all learn how to use a thimble? I have the clover thimble with the rubber thing on it. but I like to use my pointer finger. what kind of thimbles do you use. I find when use my middle finger with the thimble it is so hard to get my fingers working. and I go back to the pointer finger and well it is just like my mind won't let me use it I know this is a stupid question
but I want to learn maybe the old saying is true can't teach an old dog new tricks haha I have been piecing for some time but never hand quilted
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While I do use a thimble part of the time, I tape my fingers with adhesive tape to protect them instead of a thimble
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I use a John James metal thimble on my index finger when quilting side ways. I use a thimble on my thumb to quilt away from myself. Use what works for you.
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You'll never learn the advantages of using a thimble if you put it on the pointer finger. That is the same as using the left foot for the brake and the right for the gas. Not safe or sensible at all. The way I learned to have a thimble be second nature when hand sewing was to have my finger poked enough times that tears would come. And I did not want an ugly callous on my finger.
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I use a thimblelady thimble, which fits down on the finger rather than on the tip. With her method, there is no pricking of the underneath finger. Her book is called 'Perfect Hand Quilting without Pain'. Roxanne McElroy's book 'That Perfect Stitch' is also very inspiring, and has excellent photos and descriptions. Yes, you can learn to do it! Just keep at it. It took me a long time to get it.
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I took an inexpensive hand quilting intro class at my former LQS. But I never really enjoyed hand quilting.
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I have discovered the silicone finger cots that are sold at office supply stores, I can sew all day and no pain.
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While I don't do hand quilting, I use an inexpensive, metal thimble for all hand sewing such as sewing on binding and labels. I had to learn to use a thimble when I took Home Ec. decades ago. I remember that it took me forever to enjoy using a thimble. Now I can't sew without one. Find a thimble you like and use it. One day, using a thimble will be easy.
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Hi Sophia
The first thimble I was able to use successfully was a Comfort Thimble - it is soft and flexible with a big slanted tip and lots of deep dimples - it worked pretty well. Also, I watched a tailor do a lot of mending - and something about that combination clicked for me. I assume your thimble has the outer ridge and deep dimples - so you have the right type. A quick you tube search turned up Jo Gibson - Lesson #4 big stitch quilting. She is using perle cotton but the idea is still the same. Also she uses a hoop and rubber finger to grip the needle, which I find extremely helpful. Alex Anderson uses a thimble on her index finger and ( I think) grips the needle with her middle finger and thumb. While that looks miserably inefficient to me, it would be hard to argue with someone who does beautiful work and is the head of a quilting empire. I am sympathetic to your challenge. I have never been able to make even stitches with my thumb or right hand. Just keep trying and look for a you tube demo that makes sense to you - or maybe even a live human that hand quilts - that would work too.
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I like the rubbery plastic thimbles. They are wonderful and have learned that tiny quilting needle can make swiss cheese out of my middle finger so I always wear one when handquilting.
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