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Trying to keep costs down

Trying to keep costs down

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Default Trying to keep costs down

I think we can all agree, quilting can be very expensive. When you factor in your Moda, Andover, Windom fabric for your front, then maybe 3 yards more for your background fabric. Now you need another 2 yards for your borders.

But not done yet. Now we got the back to do. i am one who just can't slap anything on the back of the quilt, as I feel that it can really detract from the overall quilt if you don't put a coordinating fabric that goes with your main fabric on front. So now we are looking at another 6-9 additional yards for your back.

Also we have the batting and thread and if your one of those folks who has to send their quilt out to a long armer, then your quilt could easily wind up costing a week's salary.

Where do you draw the line? Or is everyone on here just filthy rich! I hear people on here saying they made 12 quilts last year. and I don't think they are talking baby quilts. Like to hear your strategy.

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I have accumulated a nice stash over the years and I have a clothes hamper full of scraps. I am not buying new fabric except for sashing or backings, even for those I watch for sales. Batting is getting pricey as well. I just do quilts for special occasions now like birthdays or new babies. Most of my sewing is smaller projects.
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Old 02-18-2022, 12:39 AM
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Costs: have never had to worry about it. Not filthy rich.
I've chosen to spend on this hobby. Keep cars until they die. Spend little on restaurants.
Oh yeah. The other things we spend money on are: AC, gardening, fire insurance. We're trying to get AC and fire insurance under control.
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I am certainly not filthy rich, I think everyone has things they spend money on like eating out, smoking, travel, alcohol, collecting things, etc. . This can be a expensive hobby especially now days with prices on the rise. I have a stash I have accumulated over the years, IMHO, a quilt can only be used one side at a time and I have no issue using good quality muslin or a nice sheet for a backing to save on cost. If someone were to complain about a backing then they certainly won’t appreciate the effort I put into the top, and chances are they would not be deemed Quilt Worthy by me. I shop sales and use coupons extensively, and I have a longarm in which to quilt my own quilts because my ex insisted that I have everything I wanted for quilting and purchased it for me.

I am not quilting as much as I used to and I am exploring new hobbies, but I do plan to continue quilting. I am a person who prefers solitude so I don’t spend money on eating out, clothes, makeup or on social activities etc. . Lots of people hit thrift stores in search of cotton shirts, sheets, fabric etc for quilts and don’t forget Estate sales. I think many quilters are happy to piece their backings from scraps, use muslin (do try Legacy Premium Muslin from Joann) or a nice low thread count sheet. Where there is a will there is a way that will work.
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Tell me about it... no don't! Yes, it can be expensive, but....

It helps in that, I watch for sales all the time, that and use coupons when I have them. I don't buy fabric unless I have a planned project for it, so that helps a lot. It also helps me in that I buy in bulk when there is a good sale, with items such as batting (by the roll), thread - usually buy a dozen or more at a time (I use three basic colors), and also fabric if it will go with numerous projects - buy the full bolt on sale, especially solids. And I plan ahead so I'm ready for the cost when I need to refresh my supplies.

I also do my own quilting, so I don't have that expense. (unless I'm buying a new quilting ruler) I pretty much have what I like in that department, but I still keep an eye out of new designs. I use the Westalee rulers, and luvs them.

Above all, I take care of my quilting tools, to keep them in good shape. (saves on replacement/repair costs)

I'm pretty much like the poster above, I keep an eye on what I spend, but I have chosen to spend on this hobby. DH is also the same with his woodworking. It works for us in that we spend little elsewhere. Preferring to be homebodies, and enjoying our sanctuary.

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Originally Posted by berrynice View Post
Tell me about it... no don't! Yes, it can be expensive, but....

I keep an eye on what I spend, but I have chosen to spend on this hobby. DH is also the same with his woodworking. It works for us in that we spend little elsewhere. Preferring to be homebodies, and enjoying our sanctuary.
We don't go on lavish vacations or spend a lot elsewhere. We drive a used car, read a lot from the public library, live simply.
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I'm not filthy rich, but my husband is a millionaire. We do not share bank accounts, or credit cards, we both wanted it this way. He pays the household bills and his credit card; I pay all my bills and buy the groceries and clothing bills. We eat out once or twice a week, at regular everyday restaurants. No country clubs for us. Call me an independent woman. Still quilting is expensive for me as it is for every woman out there. I'd rather do some traveling and see some fantastic sites, than look at my sewing machine everyday, but he's already traveled the world when he worked for a major corporation and doesn't care to do it again.
So, my sewing, quilting keeps me busy and out of trouble and I do the Project Linus Quilts because it's what I can afford to do.
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You are right ….. this is an expensive hobby. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy. When I consider how much time and materials go into making even a throw or baby quilt, I can only hope the recipient is as happy with the quilt as I was making it. And I guess that is the point for me ….. I really enjoy making it. I listen to music, books, Fresh Air, podcasts, and rock out singing my favorite Patsy Cline in my sewing room. It makes me happy to sew.

Like others have said, we are not big spenders in other departments. Kids are grown and thankfully working so we are only spending for the two of us.
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Sometime folks ask for aquilt and I make kinda big lap quilts. When they say how much do I owe you well I tell them two yards of good quilt fabric or a roll of Hobbs cotton batting. i too use sheets and good muslin for backing and quilt on my juki 2010 not fancy but it works for me. I am alone now so quilting keeps my hands and brain busy I try to sew everyday
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I decided I liked scrappy quilts when I discovered members of my quilt guild give away their scraps! I have bought most all my yardage fabric off craigslist/offer up and from a local store that was going out of business (40%off!).
I also have skimped on batting and chosen to use flannel yardage instead. much cheaper and works well for those in warmer climates. When I do use batting, I save the trimmed off scraps and then piece them together until they are a usable size again.
I am a slow quilter, so I may only spend a few hundred dollars a year on quilt supplies.
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