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What is the primary purpose of a sewing retreat?

What is the primary purpose of a sewing retreat?

Old 01-11-2017, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by CanoePam View Post
I like being around other people who like the same things I do. My DH enjoys the results of my quilting, but he can't relate to the challenges or the fun of the creation. I also find the focused time is very beneficial. I know there is nothing else I need to do but sew, take breaks when I want to, eat someone else's good cooking, and sleep when I want. It is quite liberating. I am not a person who can have just one project though. If I concentrate too long and hard on one thing, I end up making mistakes! I bring one big project and two or three little ones. The small ones are frequently small gifts or charity projects. I also bring my Kindle and read some to take breaks.

The only real problem I have is ergonomic. I have discovered I need to bring my Gidgit table and my own chair. The folding tables and chairs supplied by my American Sewing Guild organizers just kill my back after a bit.

I agree. It is fun and you can learn some new things or just do your own thing. I also bring my own chair for my back, since I had sciatica. I am also considering buying one of those portable sewing tables. I agree some tables do bounce.

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I think Peckish said it best. I would like to put a big underline under Laughing and No Dishes. Our retreats have about 20-35 ladies at them and we all are quite familiar with each other. You learn all kinds of things (sewing and non-sewing) and the days go by way too fast and the days between the next quilting retreat are just too long.
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Old 01-12-2017, 04:20 AM
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It is more than just that meeting new people, sharing, and learning new tips to make your sewing world better. My mother and I go two times a year and this is our time together and I enjoy seeing the ladies/men and each time a go I learn something new, and plus all those people in one place they will have patterns to share. I learn about other adventures, give it a try and don't take so much stuff why not take about 3-4 ufo's to work on. Why would you not what to spend money on yourself are you not important to you. Hope this helps in making a decision.
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I sew better with my friends. I get input, instant help, and I help others. I don't have to quit to start dinner, wash clothes or answer the phone. I can wear sweats all day, laugh, and cry and I'm in good company. Love my retreats.
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Why does anyone go anywhere? A retreat is a vacation. I don't sit on a beach, but for others it's the thing to 'vacate' their minds from their jobs, household responsibilities, etc.
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My DIL and I go twice a year and have for 5 or 6 years on a quilt retreat on beautiful Lake Superior. I have met some life time friends and have gained much knowledge from these wonderful quilters not to mention the fun and laughs we have along the way. I get a private room and consider it money well spent. Won't stop until I can am no longer able. There are a couple ladies in their 80s who still come and have great senses of humor. We all love them. There are about 40 of us and we have become friends who look forward to seeing each other twice a year.
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I love the retreats, so much friendship & laughter, I don't think that be measured. Plus new ideas, inspiration, at the ones I attend we each do our own projects but seeing what others are doing, equipment they use is great, always learn something new, what sewing products are good & which are bad, projects I would like to try & which ones not. Someone is always happy to teach a technique if interest is shown in her project.
I have gained so much with the friendships & the knowledge.
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I go every year with me quilt group. I go to spend quality time with our ladies. You get to know each other better and become a family. Also it's a get away from the daily grind and refreshes my soul. I love going to Traverse City for the restaurants, quilt shops and beautiful sites on Lake Michigan.
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Laughter-laughter and more laughter !!! And wine.............
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Everyone should try it once, don't go again if you don't enjoy it, but I expect you will find it a great experience.
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