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2021/2022, 2.5 Birthday Swap

2021/2022, 2.5 Birthday Swap

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Default Congratulations!

Originally Posted by NZquilter View Post
Congratulations, Patrick's Mom!
Yes, I second the congrats to Patricksmom! Lucky gal.
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Thank you.
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Yay to Patrick's Mom!!!

Wendy, I am so glad you're going to get relief soon.

Sewbizgirl, fingers are crossed for a timely and safe delivery of your new grandbaby!

NZ, how's the family? Are the kids immune to the sleeping interruptions and treating you and the baby to all sorts of sweet entertainment?
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I am trying not text every day and ask, “got baby yet?”. Last time ds sent out text notices with the screaming new baby being weighed in the hospital delivery. Hoping for one like that again!

what’s everyone working on? I am just finishing up a backpack I am making for gd#2. I have one to finish for gd#1 after that. Will be glad to get those done and on their way to the girls. I’m about to get another load of charity quilts to bind, too. There’s always something to work on!
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Sewbizgirl, thanks for the question.
1. Binding on the January Color Block with Debby Brown
2. Assembling February Color Bock quilt- about 2/3 done.
3. Considering skipping the March Color Block quilt but who knows?
4. Planning a trip to the "Hen House" a quilt shop about an hour from me to go shopping! I want to do a quilt in Civil War Reproduction prints and have nearly none in my stash The plan is for a sampler quilt from the book, Harriett's Journey based on the Jennifer Chiaverini, "A Circle of Quilters." I spent the past 14 months sewing like a crazy person from my stash and now I have lots of odds and ends but not much that thrills me or inspires me. I am sooooooo tired of scrappy quilts from my stash. I need a refresher. So a treat to me! Off to the shop that has half a store of reproduction fabrics.
5 My quilt group has been meeting twice a week on Zoom to sew and chat for a year now. Tomorrow during our Zoom time, I should get the top finished for the February Color Block quilt then maybe send it out for quilting.... or not. I have a back and batting so... maybe.
6. I am teaching two classes this semester so my quilting time is about 1/3 of what I had last year this time. Sad, so sad, but I really like cushioning my retirement account with some part-time teaching. Lots of what I am doing every day is for my classes.

Now, someone else share their quilting projects with us. I have more but they can wait for another time.
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WMU - you have accomplished a lot!! Since Christmas I have been working on one item -- the My Small World Quilt by Jen Kingwell. My daughters gave me the pattern for Christmas. It's a very fun quilt with lots of tiny tiny pieces. I just finished the top last weekend. Mulling in my mind how I want to quilt it! There are lots of pieces of fabric from my past Birthday swaps - especially the colorful jungle prints, some of the animals, the bright fabrics in the orange peels, and the sky. I don't think I would have been able to have such a variety of fabrics in it if it wasn't for this group. If you follow the Boom swaps you will also see some familiar fabrics! I have attached it for you all to see.

Sewbizgirl -- I'm impressed with making a backpack! People are always in awe that I make quilts and I am in awe of ANYTHING else made with a sewing machine! I've made a few clothes and bags -- super amateur looking! To my accounting brain, quilts make sense other items and flippin inside out - yikes! Even making masks this past year was not a favorite or great looking endeavor!

NQQuilter - Please let me know when you receive your card from me if the postage was ok. This is my third year on the swap and I never had any problems before, but this time I realized I bought a tri-fold card (an extra layer!). I was going to take it to the post office to be sure it was ok when my husband "helped" me by mailing it. Also, I normally reinforce the edges with tape and can't remember if I got that done before he "assisted" me. Thanks!

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Right now I'm mostly working on getting my stack of floppies quilted up. I'm trying hard not to put that much effort into deciding on the backing. I've got a lot on hand and good enough is good enough! I'm also doing that with the quilt design, just find one that is OK and stop looking! Most of these tops aren't anything "special" so done is way better than agonizing over trying to find the "perfect" back or quilt design.

So a few weeks ago I put a large piece of backing on the LA (think it was about 14' long) and then picked out floppies to use with it and figured out how they would fit. Ended up with room for 4 of them, had two that fit side by side. Then it sat that way for two weeks and Sunday I decided I needed to get moving and got three done and finished up the fourth Monday morning before work. I've got two of the bound and the other two are ready. I've got 3-4 other floppies that need to be bound, but that's better than them waiting to be quilted.

I'm working towards dedicating Sunday for LA work - until I'm caught up. I think I still have 9 floppies ready to go and three tops that need some "work" before they are ready. Which means they are assembled but there is something I want to change on them. Two are apart but I've not decided what to replace it with, the third I know what I want to replace it with, but have not taking the "bad" part out yet.

For sewing, I've got the candies pulled for the March color block challenge, and I'm getting ready for the Harriet's Journey challenge, along with the Dear Jen (Kingwell) that I want to start at the same time. And then there is the RR I'm participating in, I've got a good idea for what I want to do with the current round but have not started yet. Got plenty of time on that one though,

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Everyone sounds like they have plenty to keep them busy! Irishmom, that top is amazing! I do see some Boom scraps used in there. I love the scrappy blue sky.

I finished the first backpack. Yeah, it was a major project, I should have known. Next I have one cut to make for my other little grand daughter. They are both going to preschool now, so these should come in handy.

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sewbizgirl, that is so cute! I keep thinking I need to find someone with a young daughter that I can sew for.
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Sewbizgirl, The backpack is so cute. I am with IrishMom, I am in awe of people who can sew. Quilting and sewing are not quite the same.

To get back into quilting, I have decided that I have to at least finish some UFO before I can start another project. I managed to finish two so far since last March. Now I am on my third, it needs to be quilted. I was thinking about joining the Harriet Journey on the board, but can not make up my mind.
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