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Janice said we need to make sure the recipient wants the bonus blocks (and possible increased shipping) before making them, I'm a bit backwards, but in my defense I made it before Janice said that. Just confirming that you were wanting the bonus block I made.
Originally Posted by hav4boys View Post
I can't wait for the fabric to arrive. I am guilty of the "extra" shipping needed too.
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I had to ship my fabric to Janice in a medium flat rate box. I am fine with bonus blocks. I sent all three fabrics for my daughter-by-choice quilt. She is so particular and I wanted her to use it on her bed. She are buying her all black furniture and she loves red, black, and music.

Impatiently waiting...
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Originally Posted by GramE View Post
I just ironed 2 1/2 yds of 108Ē fabric. Talk about a workout, I only have an apt sized, over the door ironing board. Gratefully, I took it out of the dryer while still a bit damp. iím now recouping with a cup of earl grey with a dose of quiltingboard! ❤️ Canít sit too long. Have to get to the LAQ to deliver my quilt.
Attachment 595954
This is beautiful it is very serine.

Originally Posted by travelinggramma View Post
Flying out tomorrow to MD to spend 10 days with my 4yo GD. Will return on the 26th with my 12 yo GD and 13yo GS. they will be spending 3 weeks with us in AZ. Whew!! I will keep in touch whenever I can get online. Maybe my missing package will actually be delivered somewhere by the time I get back. ----But I know I will have some F8ths awaiting me - yaahooo
TG that sounds like a fabulous time how fun to get to spend so much time with the grands.

Originally Posted by JayneW View Post
DH and I are leaving in the morning for a sailing trip to the Galapagos Islands. We have two days in Quito Equador, then 10 days on a boat. Needless to say I'm pretty excited. I'm thinking my bubble wrap suit will double as a floatation device!

"See" you all in a couple weeks, I'm sure when I get back the blocks will be will under construction. Be safe, ya'll!
OK that is jealousy inducing I hope you have an amazing time I can't wait to heal about it and see pictures. I'm sure your bubble wrap will be quite the stylish statement.

Originally Posted by Cheesehead View Post
Had quite a scare last night, I spilled an entire glass of ice water over my laptop. I thought for sure it was done for because it wouldn't start, so I just gave up and went to bed. This AM it fired right up without any problems, whew...that was a close call. I'm so happy I am not going out to buy a new computer, think of all of the fabric I can buy instead .
Oh Cheesehead that is nightmare inducing. I'm embarased to admit to the number of phones I have lost or damaged to water.

Originally Posted by hav4boys View Post
Well, not so good news on the home front. My mother-in-law lives with us and last week she had a growth removed from her upper gum (where a wisdom tooth would be). Pathology came back. Invasive squamous cell carcinoma. We will be off to UC San Francisco next week. The cancer was in all the tissue removed, not just the tumor. My MIL is trying to be positive, but she is real with me. We had a good talk this morning. I told her we are all in this together.
Have4 I am so sorry to hear about your MIL good luck in San Francisco I hope you get the best possible news for her.

Originally Posted by Darcyshannon View Post
LJ and Kass I do hope you both are feeling better.

Have4boys, I am sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope they can successfully treat.

I am wearing my bubble wrap suit even though it is well over 80 degrees today. Just to be safe.
Good call on they bubble wrap lady you can never be to careful out there.

Things are pretty good here the color in my foot is almost back to normal I wish the swelling would also go down though. I still can't wear my beloved flip flops but it only hurts when I use my toes to grip orkick the wall or something now....... Have I mentioned that I'm a klutz????

I have Janice holding my shipment till early July Mr. Bill and I are leaving Thursday for a wedding in Lake Tahoe then a road trip to Strasburg Colorado to see our youngest daughter and the home she just purchased. When we return I'll have a quilt top to complete then I'll get on all your beautiful fabrics I'm looking forward to petting and beating them into submission for a block you will be proud to include in your quilts. Even with a bit of a late start I I have NEVER missed a deadline and I don't intend to start now.
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We know you can do it, Billi! Have safe travels.

Hav4, praying for your MIL's treatment to really work and do the trick for her! And that it's not too hard on her, too. Can I ask what a 'daughter-by-choice' is? DIL?

Super excited that my package will be here on Wednesday! Working on piecing a batik scrappy quilt in the meantime, and there's tons of quilting to do upstairs (where my sit-down is). But I still can't wait for the F8s...
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Absolutely you may make the same block for multiple people. As GramE said, we have our favorites. What I try to do is post pix in the gallery as quickly as I can so everyone can see what’s already been made. There’s no rule about avoiding duplicates, but I try not to make one that’s already been made for a person. But it happens and that’s aok.
Originally Posted by PamelaOry View Post
I’m excited to get started too! I have my first block planned out and have made the “tester “ already to make sure I can make it and it turned out well.

Ps. Is it ok to make the same block for more than one person?
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question from the newbie-when I make a block do I picture it and send it in a PM or email to Janice or do I post here? Not sure if it's supposed to be a surprise or if we don't want so many pictures in the thread? HAHA I said thread and this is a quilting board-ok it's early and my mind is still sleepy silly.
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Stafar, we post those pictures on here just as fast as we make the blocks. We l-o-v-e seeing what's been made for whoever. That way we know what others are making and it helps to avoid duplicates. As Janice says, duplicates do happen occasionally, but it's okay. Both blocks would have the same focus fabric, but they'll look different because the other fabrics used in it will be different.
I usually cut 3 or 4 blocks and then sew them up before cutting more. Most of us do make more than one block by the same pattern. Just relax and have fun with it. I promise, we'll love whatever you make for us.
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Sorry I haven't posted lately. All of my things have been delivered and now I am trying to put things away and get settled. My apartment is on the second floor and those stairs are getting the best of me. I wish I had requested a first floor. I'm slowly getting the furniture I need. I am going shopping today for a sofa and a dresser. My sewing room is somewhat a mess but I unpacked all of my fabric and have my sewing and cutting tables set up. I'm ready to sew as soon as my squishy arrives. Checked the tracking and I should be receiving it on Thursday. Thanks Janice!

Thoughts and prayers to all who are ill and those recuperating from injuries. I hope everyone has a good day today.
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Default Boom Biz - posting and shrinking pix

Stafar, great question. Yes, please do post block pix here! Everyone looks forward to them. However, when you post them, please shrink them to 200kb or smaller. We're going to get very picture heavy in this thread and large picture files really slow down the loading. When you take your pic, either use software to shrink it or some people are able to use their iphones and then mail themselves a smaller copy and post it. However you can manage it, small files are greatly appreciated. Be aware, I take the pix from here and move them to the "gallery". I also use small files there so anything that's large I have to fix before I move it I will ignore those until I've got lots of free time. In the beginning, as we all start making blocks, I may spend up to a couple of hours a day shifting pix and answering posts and emails. You all can save me a lot of time by shrinking your own pix before posting them here. Thank you!

edited to add: please post "Waves" pix in Waves thread and "Dunes" pix in the Dunes thread

Originally Posted by Stafar View Post
question from the newbie-when I make a block do I picture it and send it in a PM or email to Janice or do I post here? Not sure if it's supposed to be a surprise or if we don't want so many pictures in the thread? HAHA I said thread and this is a quilting board-ok it's early and my mind is still sleepy silly.

Last edited by Janice McC; 06-19-2018 at 06:09 AM. Reason: additional info
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excellent-I'll probably have to get one of my young ones to help me do the photo shrinking them-they just "LOVE" mom computer questions-sometimes I come up with really stupid things for them to "teach" me just to annoy them.
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