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ljs317 10-07-2014 06:13 AM

Thanks Nessie for the ideas.

Not a fan of chocolate would prefer "penny candy" such as skittles, runts, nerds etc.

Love pastels with micro or mini prints.

Really Really Really HATE the color yellow. Yellow makes me feel sad so please ss don't include anything Yellow.

Love to read books on my kindle. thrillers mostly.

Pincushions YES Socks YES and I do embroider.

OH and I do so love baby lima beans.

Neesie 10-07-2014 06:29 AM

Originally Posted by juneayerza (Post 6918443)
Well Neesie, not saying you are, but for whoever my SS is here goes.

Bottom line - I really truly would be happy with anything. I enjoy the fun of it all and seeing what a total stranger tries to figure out for another total stranger LOL

Thank you! :thumbup: Those answers would really help, IF I were your SS. Bwahahahahhahahahaaa! :D

ArizonaKAT 10-07-2014 06:51 AM

WOW! I just got back from a trip to PA for my uncle's 90th birthday party. It's going to take me a while to get caught up. Did get my secret santa name . . . you live north east of me (not a very good hint since 90% of you live north east of me :-)

buddy'smom 10-07-2014 07:00 AM

Yes the questions were awesome. Lots of help, thanks Nessie.

jaba 10-07-2014 07:19 AM

Okay, I'm gonna throw out some SS questions, hoping my SS-ee will also answer.

If you like chocolate, do you prefer white chocolate, milk chocolate, of dark chocolate?milk
What are your favorite fabric colors?purples and turquoise and love the "mirage" blenders from connecting threads
What are your favorite non-fabric colors?same
Would you enjoy receiving sewing notions, such as seam rippers, small rulers, etc.?yes to all except seam rippers. Have used the Havel for years
Would you enjoy receiving quilt patterns or books? If so, give examples of what you don't already have.Love patterns for table runners and mats and bargello's, I'll never have enough
Do you enjoy non-quilting books, such as fiction? If so, what type?I'm reading the series by Elizabeth Casey right now. I have all of them except the last book "Remnants of Murder"
Would you enjoy receiving a regional T-shirt? If so, what size?Not really seems like I'm in a sweatshirt most of the time.
Would you enjoy receiving regional postcards or other souvenir items?No
Would you enjoy receiving a pincushion or needle-case?Yes
Would you enjoy receiving socks?Have quite a few but they do wear out
Please list any other items, you'd be happy to find in your SS package. :)I've been looking for the "glue baste it" and just saw it was in Annie's new catalog. Read on the board that some were finding the Elmer's Glue in the small tube that just put out that little dot of glue. It would be nice to not use a toothpick :) Rotary blades are always great, I have 45's and 60 cutters. Love varigated thread for quilting on the long arm

Hope this fills in a little more info if my sendee needs it. Hoping my receiver will fill this out too! would really be helpful

mjmachin 10-07-2014 08:16 AM

I have been stalking my SS but find they have not thrown out very much information for me to find. That got me thinking (dangerous!!) that I have not misplaced much information about my self either, so decided I should answer a few questions about myself.....for your fun and pleasure!!!
I always love love surprises and that is why I do not give out any hints to my family at Christmas or Birthday present giving time. They just have to do their own stalking and figure out what I need, want, like etc!! I have never been disappointed so I guess they know me very well!
I love chocolate....milk chocolate with nuts, fruit, crunchies....... the works!! I like to nibble on stuff while I am sewing, so also crunchy stuff is appreciated!! (My waist line does not like it, but I sure do!!)
I have mostly warm fall colors in my stash which I tend to lean toward, but am adding brighter colors now.
But in things that are not fabric I tend to like the brighter colors!! (Go figure!)
I always love sewing room notions! I have mostly "normal" stuff. On my own list of things needed are some new pins (mine are getting dull), a stiletto, and a good washout material marking pen.
I like to read but have fallen behind in my books, both paper and ebooks. I have to dig in and get those read before I plunge into anything new. Unless, of course, I happen to get one that is just super interesting and exciting, then it would be opened immediately!
That's more hints than I have given in my lifetime! Here is to hoping my SS will release a little more about her/him self!
Now back to the hole to see what is happening....pass that chocolate please!

Patchesnposies 10-07-2014 09:25 AM

I'm sure getting a lot of ideas as I read over everyone's answers. This is so much fun!

tlrnhi 10-07-2014 09:31 AM


It's nice that ya'll are doing this questionnaire, but not everyone visits the thread on a daily basis or visits it after signing up. Some sign up, then come back once reveal day is here. I'm doing what I can and have asked those that didn't post much on the questions they filled out when they signed up, to give me more info. I cannot keep asking everyone to come to the thread and fill this out. They will either fill it out or they won't. Please, please, please stop asking for them to come to the thread. The thread is filling up faster than others can keep up, so asking them to come to the thread, they have to read thru many pages to find these questions.

Next year, I will include the questions that have been posted here and hopefully the questions will be filled out. I do not mind asking your person a few questions to help you along, but if you have a person that has given you info, you'll have to go off of that. If your person didn't give you much, I'll ask them questions. To have them elaborate on whether or not they like white/dark/milk or salted chocolate is just getting ridiculous.

Please understand I am not singling anyone out. I've just had many, MANY PMs asking me to ask their person(s) to fill out this questionnaire.

paintmejudy 10-07-2014 09:42 AM

I just realized that I didn't put much info on my sign-up sheet so I have put some additional information on my profile page.

This was such fun last year and looking forward to another.

sunrise450 10-07-2014 10:00 AM

Think I had better add my list.

If you like chocolate, do you prefer white chocolate, milk chocolate, of dark chocolate?
I love any candies involving chocolate except white chocolate. A favorite is chocolate covered raisins and malted milk balls and of course truffles!

What are your favorite fabric colors?
blue, green, dark red, yellow, all of them!

What are your favorite non-fabric colors?
What is a non fabric color?

Would you enjoy receiving sewing notions, such as seam rippers, small rulers, etc.?
I would certainly enjoy another seam ripper, can't have too many cause I am always forgetting where I laid mine down, Rulers, the more the merrier, seem to misplace those also, everything in this category would be very very welcome!

Would you enjoy receiving quilt patterns or books? If so, give examples of what you don't already have.
I would like some patterns for table runners and pot holders. I would love to have patterns for hand applique.

Would you enjoy receiving a pincushion or needle-case?
I would like to have a new pin cushion and needle case. I need both, seems like I am also misplacing these also.

Would you enjoy receiving socks?
Warm winter socks, would love to get these, I wear size 7 1/2 shoe.

Please list any other items, you'd be happy to find in your SS package.
I am collecting 30's but also lean towards civil war. Would like some patterns for smaller useful things. I really need more back ground fabrics, blenders I think they are called.
Have a happy day everyone!

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