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How do you wonderful ladies organize your small quilting items like seam rippers, needles, thimbles etc? I have so many different containers that when I want something I have to look at numerous containers to find them. Maybe I have to much “stuff”🤨. For example, I have a container of different notions for hand quilting, machine sewing, and others. Just could use some ideas . Thank you
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I have a Koala cabinet where my machine has a top drawer where I keep my most needed notions, seam ripper, machine needles, extra needle plate and screw driver, etc...
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I like to use containers that can adjusted according to storage needs. Something here might work for you.

Also think outside of the "box" for storage. Tackle box that is. My sewing box is a double tackle box. Decorate with your name and pretty stitckers. Make it your own with personalization. Fun stuff!

It holds a tremendous amount of tools all in one place. Small scissors, bobbins, clips, needles, post-it notes, tape, ruler, etc, etc. That is just the top layer. Bottom layer has ruffler foot, a needle punch, specialty threads and more.

I use a small organizer for all my needles. There are 18 places and needles stack right in the spaces perfect. Easy to store and sort different types of needles. The lid has two lock buttons so no worries if it gets dropped or spilled.

A plastic silverware tray holds rotary cutters.

Different size trays here to organize small items. There are small file drawers too. I have two of them for other small items. Bulk bobbins, scissors, rotary blades.

I do RE-organize if a system no longer works for me.

Most of all---have fun!
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If using containers they should be either different colours or clear so you don't have to search. But I like to lay everything out in a shallow drawer best, using shallow compartments or trays. If nothing else, cut down and cover light cardboard boxes from cereal, soup mix etc. and cover with contact paper.
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I use clear containers. The small ones with drawers from walmart are wonderful for the smaller notions. I use chalk board labels, found in the sticker section, to label all my containers, drawers and totes.
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I like my tools within reach...a coffee cup organizer next to my sewing machine holds many of my most used items. It doesn't take up much space near my machine either. If you want a larger similar one can be made to fit a coffee can or ice cream pail.
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I use the little clear bins or whatever with three drawers for needles,brushes,screwdrivers and spools of thread. It sits to the right of my machine. I have other plastic drawers, boxes I keep less needed things in other places in my sewing room.
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Well, I could tell you how I organize that little stuff, or I could say how I wish I could keep it so those things never go AWOL !

I try (key word, try) to keep multiples of those things in various places where I know I use them. At my sewing desk, I have a drawer. I also have a pegboard above it. I also have a couple of eyeglass cases that I like to fill with a small bobbin of thread, hand needle, some clips, little scissors, a thimble, a piece of batt to hold my needle. Those cases should (ahem) stay in the drawer of the end table where I am most likely to sit and hand sew while watching TV.

But I have spent probably 2 years of my life searching for little stuff that has a home but often decides to travel without a stamped passport, so to speak.
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I use a carousel from Pampered Chef that is meant for kitchen utensils. I have all my rotary cutters, scissors, marking pencils, small rulers, etc. I keep it by my machine right within reach and I can rotate it to find what I need instantly.
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As oksewglad, I also like to have my tools at hand. I often have several of the same item located in different spots where I would want to use it, such as a seam gauge and scissors in the drawer by the sewing machine, on the shelf near the ironing board, and by my cutting table. Cute coffee cups that friends give me but that I don't want to use for coffee, often end up holding sewing supplies. I've always had a stack of drawers next to my sewing machine to hold threads, needles, scissors, etc.

Good luck with your organization!
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