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rryder 06-12-2020 05:06 AM

Teen- Welcome to the world of “walk in” closets. Mine currently can’t be “walked in” at all. i have to stand in the doorway, scan for what I want and then climb over the stuff in the way. This seems to be the state it reverts to every six months or so. Fortunately the only quilting related things I keep in it are 1. Various kinds of batting kept near the door so I don’t actually need to walk (climb) in to get it, 2. my original boxes for sewing machine and Sweet Sixteen, and 3. some smaller finished quilts. The rest of it is used to store some of my finished paintings, a couple of antique quilts and a bookcase with some of the books from my professional library that came home when I retired.

Watson- your reorganization looks great. Great way to use the hanging organizer. I have to admit that I drooled a bit over the luscious fabrics in your scrap bins.

Oksewglad- have fun with the family. We’re still locked down tight due to DH’s lung disease and probably will be for quite some time.

Craftiladi- neat puzzles. Loved getting a peek at your sewing room.

Today I’m going to try to find homes for all the things that are strewn on top of my scrap drawers. Wish me luck 😂


oksewglad 06-12-2020 03:39 PM

Originally Posted by Julienm1 (Post 8392866)
After organizing fabric I found lots of small pieces so of course cut them down to usable sizes. Yesterday sewed together lots of 2.5" ish squares into pairs. Sewed pairs into quads, trimmed, so now have at least 25 "scrappy quads". Plan is to border with skinny strips and make a baby quilt or two.

DH comes in and says, "Cut the fabric, sew the fabric, cut the fabric". I said, " Yep just like building a house. Cut the tree, trim down once, twice, maybe three times". He leaves the sewing room...lol https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png

Great retort!

retiredteacher09 06-12-2020 04:50 PM

oksewglad: Have fun with your family.

Dee: I love your picture puzzles. Your Kenmore machine looks like the one my husband and I got for our wedding in 1973.

julienm1: I agree with Oksewglad: Great retort!

Rob: Wishing both you and DH continued safety from the virus.

Teen 06-13-2020 10:22 AM

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Watson...looks great! Looks so functional in supporting your creativity! Love it..

Craftilady...awesome puzzle pictures. Looks so cool!

Julie...awesome comeback! Take that! Lol..

i bought a 2-drawer filing cabinet to file misc. applique and PP patterns I've collected over the years. You know the ones that are just a single page PDF or an image? That stack was teetering so now they are filed and labeled. I placed in closet. I forgot I had some of them and actually made a Wallhanging using one of them the other night...Here it is..

Teen 06-13-2020 10:30 AM

Rob....the sewing machine boxes are a pain to store but we gotta keep them. So glad I did have them when we moved. I stuck mine in the attic. You can't even break them down cuz of the styrofoam inserts/molds inside.

retiredteacher09 06-13-2020 04:47 PM

Teen: Very cute wall hanging.

I agree it’s tough to store the boxes for the machines and, like you said Teen, it’s important to keep them.

My son called and I told him I wanted to switch my Singer with him as he has one of my Janomes. He said I can have it back because he doesn’t have time to sew now and wasn’t very good at it anyway. He was making masks for himself. I told him practice makes it better. But having a 4 month old and both are now working does cut into free time. He’s such a good daddy. Now I will have 3 machines and their boxes plus a traveling cart. Lol! Maybe my niece will ask to use the Singer again.

Fizzle 06-14-2020 05:14 AM

I am just barely starting. I made an excel sheet of my rulers and templates. Amazing how many duplicates you get when you do not know what you own! As I go through drawers and boxes I know I will find more tucked in with their matching project. Will be a v e r y slow project!!!

WMUTeach 06-14-2020 07:30 AM

My quilty friends, I have been absent for some time. After reading through the pages,, yes, all 19 of them, I decided to jump back in and return to organizing. I have kept my sewing room fairly neat, but still need to return to clear the table so I can use it better for quilting larger quilts. That is likely a 15 minute project. But what I came to grips with was the fact that I need some organization materials. I started with locating a thread holder that I can mount on the wall. That will get the box of thread off my table and out of my way and in a way I can see the colors I have and not have to root through spools and spools. Next, I ordered a wall mounting system to hang one of my quilts in my dining room. I have been in my condo home for 4.5 year and still had not made that purchase. It is due to arrive by the end of June. Whoo-Hoo just in time for my RWB quilt. I have not decorated the walls in my sewing but have begun not just envisioning but now doing something about creating a pleasing environment. Organizing? Well kind of but mostly it gives me some satisfaction in my home environment.

I have dumped the fabric I know I will not use, Goodwill. I have moved my UFO's to one place and finished four since COVID-19 and now I have a list, a written list that I renew each month so I can see progress on completing those WIP.

Stay strong organizers. It will all pay off in a day, a month or when you want to start your next quilt project.

craftiladi 06-15-2020 03:14 AM

Love all the organizing going on, Thanks for the nice comments on my puzzle wall, It's funny how all my walls in my sewing room are filled & I enjoy just looking at them but if that were in my main living area it would drive me nuts, lol, I have started reorganizing my walk-in closet where 3/4 of my fabric & other craft supplies are stored, I am trying to make quilt kits before I donate any fabric, That is going to be a process, but I have way more then I will ever use so I am trying to be realistic. My problem is I love shopping for fabric lol.

retiredteacher09 06-15-2020 01:23 PM

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Watson: I took your idea with the hanging storage shelves with your backing in it and decided to use the cloth shelf system my son left when he moved. I put it in my walk-in closet for linens, pillows, etc. It solved 2 problem areas for me as I now have more space in my extra bedroom so itís easier to get to some fabric stored there and less clutter in my closet. Less than an hourís work is another benefit. Thanks for sharing your storage systems.

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