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What are we organizing today 2022 >

What are we organizing today 2022

What are we organizing today 2022

Old 01-01-2022, 04:41 AM
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Default What are we organizing today 2022

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s our new thread for posting and chatting about organizing goals, accomplishments questions and tips for 2022. Also, please post photos of problem areas, organizational projects in progress, successfully organized spaces, etc. we love photos!!!

My main goal for 2022 is to continue decluttering and using what I have rather than buying new. Over the last couple of years I have identified one of my main clutter/organizational problems: keeping stuff I don't use hidden away in drawers and cabinets which means that the stuff I do use gets left sitting out in ever growing piles occupying every horizontal surface. So this year I am going to work on decluttering my drawers and cabinets so that the things I actually use will have homes.

Today I’m going to tackle the corner of my studio where I keep hardware and tools. Somehow, a bunch of hardware migrated up onto my table where I sandwich quilts 😱. I think the problem is that I have not made it easy to put this kind of stuff away. My tool boxes are stacked in a corner and there is stuff in front of the drawer unit where the hardware belongs. I need to spend some time figuring out a better system so that I can easily put my tools and hardware back when I’m done rather than having to move stuff out of the way… will try to remember to post a before and after photo.

So what are you working on today? Any goals for 2022?

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Default What are we organizing today

This is probably my favorite post. It encourages me to work on reorganizing my space. So many wonderful ideas.
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I am promising myself that I will empty at least one 40 gallon bin ( out of three) that are all full to overflowing with scraps. I make scrap quilts all the time, but somehow the scraps keep on coming.
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2022 Goals for Organizing

I need to order a tall storage cabinet for one wall of the sewing room. It will hold long cutting dies, bolts of fabric, stabilizers, and large hoops. I will focus on my list of projects and using fabrics already in the stash.

Hopefully, we can get new flooring and baseboards installed during the year too.
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My fabric is in need of more detailed organizing this year. When I did my major overhaul a few years ago I had colors sorted very loosely and I think it needs to be a bit more refined. I am going to pull out my 3 in 1 color tool, and get to work using the tool to better sort colors, shades and tones.

I really enjoy this thread for inspiration and wonderful ideas, thank for hosting Rob!
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Old 01-01-2022, 01:29 PM
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Ok, Here are before pictures of the problem corner. As you can see, I can't easily get to my toolboxes in the corner between the window and the jeweler's bench. Also, the drawer unit holding hardware and picture hanging stuff has my bin of clamps and some miscellaneous things stacked in front of it which is why a bunch of hardware ended up piled up on my quilt sandwiching table.

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And here are after pictures of the corner and the hardware drawer unit and my toolboxes' new home. As you can see, I moved the tool boxes out of the corner and put a box of rolled paper and shipping materials in their place. I can easily see what's in the box and pull out whatever is needed. This box was taking up a ton of space under my quilt sandwiching table and I was able to move my toolboxes, the bin of clamps and the other stuff that was blocking the drawer unit into the spot vacated by the box. Now I can easily get to my toolboxes and also to the drawer unit with hardware. I can't figure out why it took me so long to make that swap. It was a royal pain to get the shipping stuff out of the box when it was under my table....


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Rob, the flamingoes look much happier now.
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I'm working on a project to organize my embroidery floss left over from so many projects. I have acquired a very cool looking vintage slide case that has 3 bakelite drawers and I am making cardboard bobbins to fit the slots. Standard bobbins were a tad too small, but once I get enough bobbins made, I will start winding floss!
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I know it's not quilting but I went through every cupboard, closet and drawer in the first floor of our house in the last two days. Several boxes will be going to Goodwill. I'm hoping to go through the upstairs tomorrow. I love purging.
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