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Default Leftovers

I made a Arkansas Crossroads for my MIL last year with a jelly roll I had picked up. I wasn’t happy with the size and so when I saw a quilt kit on clearance that contained the otherwise unavailable focus fabric I of course picked it up so I could add a border. She was thrilled....but what to do with the leftovers? I found this pattern called Simply Woven on the Moda Bake Shop.

I like it better than the original. Another top for the pile, another approx 8m used from stash.....Yeah!
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Would be great if a son followed in you stitching foot prints, Connie!
Nice woven scrap quilt, Cattitude...getting fabric used up...yeah...
I just used 4 yards in the borders on a flimsy. Did not count yardage in the many scraps I used . Now to find stash fabric for backing for a 85 x 95 flimsy.
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Cattitude: Great way to use up those scraps. Very pretty.

oksewglad: It was pretty funny today when he FaceTimed me because he wasn’t sure if the bobbin thread was coming out of the hole. Lol! So he turned on the machine and I told him he could slow it down as much as he wanted. Whoa! I could actually see the needle going up and down in slow motion with each stitch. I told him he could speed it up and he said it was fine. But I am proud because he tried to make a surgical type of mask. He will try again on his next days off. He used the rotary cutter but didn’t know there was a mat in the tote. He used cardboard for the cutting mat. Oh, boy! Good thing I sent extra blades with because he will need to change the blade soon. That was only some of the head shaking going on by me today for his adventure.
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Retiredteacher09, isn't it amazing how we never stop using those teaching skills!. Keep it up. It is wonderful that he is interested. My son does not sew but he did catch the cooking bug from me. Passing on generational knowledge is always a pleasure.
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Speaking of sons, I got to see mine today and he brought the grandbaby along for the ride. I went to Costco early this morning and had supplies for them and they had some packages delivered to my house to pick up. Didn't get to hold him or anything but first time I've seen him since Christmas! He still is looking a lot like his mama, but I'm seeing more of his daddy in him now. Mostly more in the expressions than the features. Was just what we call a "loot and scoot" visit, but I think it was good for dad and son to let mom have some time to herself, they are all in a tiny little 1 bedroom apt. Son is working from home and Ikea where DDiL works has been shut down for three?? weeks now.

Didn't get much sewing done but did a tiny bit on those stars.

The trip to Costco was quite the adventure. I got there just at 8:00 which is the open early time for seniors. The line was all the way around the parking log. I mean -- all the way around! But that was because the store hadn't opened yet and we were spaced 6 feet apart even without prompting. It started moving pretty well but I was still in line for probably at least a quarter mile and 20-30 minutes. 5 years or so ago I was having a lot of health issues and couldn't have done it. Just driving to/through/home from Costco was usually more than my ability, not to mention bringing stuff in. It felt good that it was no problem and I was capable of not only doing the standing/walking/shopping and even putting away and then had to go to Safeway because Costco had no toilet paper (and that was one of the things the kids were hoping to get). Safeway only had a couple packs of the largest most expensive Charmin but I got one of those and split it with the son.
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Beautiful, Cattitude! I love the woven patterns. I think they look so cool.

Retiredteach....comical story of son behind the needle. Kudo's to him for knowing his speed limits! I still haven't mastered that and sew too fast. Lol..

I have one applique border to complete on my 1 1/2 year old kitted project. As I mentioned previously, it took me over a year to kit that project following the pattern yardage requirements for each shade of color and, in the end, I'm going to have a ton of fabric leftover. Can't figure that out because I did not buy extra yardage. I could, literally, make another quilt of this pattern. No way will I do that....but seriously.. The quilt will be for my sunroom so I'll be making pillows, too. Then, balance goes to stash. All excellent blenders so all ok but still...ugh!
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In the past week I’ve used another 10 yards of stash fabric making masks for family and friends who have requested them- I ( thought) yesterday when I mailed out the last 18 that I was done making them and could get back to the quilt I was working on....then our post master said....( you are making masks? We really need masks...we ordered them but who knows if they will ever get here) 🥴
so, guess another day of masks-
then I’m getting back to that quilt....
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Service for the community is its own reward. I wondered the same thing when I went to the PO to mail masks to my out of state daughter. All the PO folks were working behind plastic sheeting with just a tiny flap at the bottom to pass through stamps etc. The card reader was outside the sheeting but Yuck, what kind of germs or virus would be living on that? Isn't it strange that we would not even thing about the surface of a card reader before now. New world I guess.
Sew on, ckcowl, resting assured that you are protecting many. Take a break now and again and look at the snow. Yup, southwestern Michigan has to now also. Grass covered but should be in the 50's this week-end. Whoo Hoo spring will return.
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A local woman posted that she had fabric to donate for masks. She dropped some off here, & I eagerly dug through it. All are samples of designer fabric, seemingly for upholstery or drapes, or the like. I've made 4 masks, 1 which was less successful than the others. Three turned out fine, & I used ribbon from my scrapbooking days as ties. The masks are stiff since I used the brightly patterned upholstery fabric, but they work ok. I had no wire or pipe cleaners for the nose area, so they are simply fabric. I lined them with an old sheet I had in some things not in storage. I had to scrounge thread to sew these, but did find some. My old Singer doesn't wind bobbins any more, so that will be an issue when this one runs out. But at least I got to sew for a while!
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Cattitude, that's so beautiful; it looks like it would take forever to make.

Iceblossom, so glad you got to see the grandbaby (and that your health has improved so much from 5 hears ago!).

Teen, I can't wait to see that project once you get the last border on. Your fabric must have multiplied when you weren't looking, lol.
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