2020 Fabric Moratorium

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Well, this lock down is starting to make a teeny tiny dent on my fabric. One of the ladies in my Tuesday Group (which has shut down "for the duration" as we say around here) is having a hard time getting started on projects but is rather enjoying quilting down. So I offered her the two preemie tops I had made last year. Think those lasted the afternoon... today she is picking up that Horse with No Name project and last year's Confetti top along with a couple other smaller thrift store tops I've picked up along the way. I added enough fabric suitable for backs and she has a roll of batting so things are going to get done.

For new members, the Confetti top was made out of a box of squares I was given last year. At our Tuesday group we circulate fabric but the rule is if you take it, you have to deal with it -- no bringing back! There was a bag of precut squares that looked fun and I glanced up and said "I'll take all the squares", meaning I'd take that bag... I didn't know that the entire bottom of the box was just full of precut squares, some more precise than others, and varying from about 4-7" but apparently according to the group I was stuck with the whole lot. I pulled out all the juvenile and bright "adult" squares and cut them into the project attached, it made a slightly more easily used bundle of squares and I took all the metallic ones and made Scrap Metal which I am keeping for myself. I was done with the squares at that point and sent them on to another quilter. I think what was left was a lot easier to work with once I took all the funky bits and made the Confetti quilt!

And then I just got back from my neighbor's we set up my 301 on their covered porch (weather is lovely out here) and Matt is going to make some face masks! His wife is still working from home so he's going to start making them for their large extended family. Printed off the pleated version, made a "pattern" of the rectangle size out of a manilla folder, grabbed a cheap pair of scissors, my portable pin cushion, and some fabric and brought it next door.

Apparently I need to get more "guy" stuff out of the stash... Hard to be thug apparently with happy strawberries across your face!
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Great tops and a great way of helping people stay busy by giving them things to do, Iceblossom.
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Wonderful tops, Iceblossom!
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Ice you have a heavy foot...you speed through projects...nice finishes.
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Those were last year finishes! Just posted because they are going to actually be gone and donated this year. I still have I think 4 completed projects done too, like the Here Kitty Kitty (that does need a couple tiny quilting stitch fixes). At least the stack on that end of the couch is getting pretty tall.

I'm still working on the bunny star but have gotten distracted by finally starting to make masks. I'm finding them rather fun... mostly I'm making the pleated style with bias trimmed down from my quilting leftovers as ties.

Bunny star did really good on all the square corners but one. I'm not sure if that is the first one I pinned the first triangle into but I hope so, because one side was great, the other side not so good. I figure by the time I'm done with all 48 of these things I will have gotten the technique down. The second set was a bit better, and the third one -- I don't know what I did but it was time for a seam ripper and a coffee break, still haven't quite where I went wrong but I sure sewed two of the wrong seams together some how!

So back to the bunnies with me.
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I posted a pic on the UFO thread of that 1 1/2 year old kitted project that was sitting on the shelves. The quilt top is done so now I'm prepping for quilting.... My next project is a new King quilt for our bedroom...I kinda changed the decor when we moved...lol...so now, I need to a new quilt. Bummer...lol..
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So I got 2 jelly rolls from Amazon! Whoo-hoo! Plus the donated fabric, from which I've made 6 masks. I used ribbon for ties since I had no elastic. My daughters have a couple with elastic & they say it makes.their ears sore, so they prefer the ribbon ties. Some of the donated fabric was ok for quilting, so I'm making a baby quilt for the September arrival of my first great grandchild, a girl. My oldest brother is looking forward to the arrival of his first grandson, also in September, so I'm using some of the jelly roll strips for a quilt for that baby. I have added to my fabric, but I'm content with it.
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Conchela - I'm so happy for you that your fabric arrived. I would be really bummed if I couldn't sew right now. So I feel ya girl!
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Iceblossom, I applaud you for all the good deeds you are doing with your time and talent.
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Help help Internets!
I accidentally over bought the hedgehogs fleece for another project but I had scrap from 3 other projects and made the 9 patches and then the WIW was a stash purchase and presto: Irish chain.baby blanket.*

Here is my quandary- the top is just a wee bit larger than the fleece back. Its not pressed yet in the picture. Perhaps 2-3" of overage. If it was regular cotton (or regular times) I would go into my stash and find something to piece in the middle or on the edge and be done. But its fleece. I dont have any more fleece. I have flannel and regular cotton. I don't even know- can you piece fleece? How can I get this finished? So advice please?

*I'm trying to keep it gender neutral. I'm pioneering a charity quilting project at my church. The 98x98 top (large queen? Small king?) Is almost finished and I'll need about $300 for backing, batting and quilting. I'm going to offer this little guy for a $100 and hope to get the other 200 just from donations. It will go to Habitat for Humanity.
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