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Rff1010 03-14-2020 09:19 AM

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Another fabulous finish for our March list.

The panels are Michael Miller "Norwegian Wood" ii quilted around each of the animals with invisible thread. I photocopied the quilt to make some cardboard templates which I traced into the black sections and Free motioned in grey ....sometimes successful...sometimes not so. Then I meandered around in black so the unquilted areas kind of puffed up a little.

Scrappy binding back first and then into the front with a decorative leafy vine stitch.

Its for my nephew. I hope he likes it.

retiredteacher09 03-14-2020 01:19 PM

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Vasilisa: Iím sorry to hear about your disrupted wedding plans. Having projects to work on should help.

Bugaroo: Enjoy your new M7 Janome. Have fun learning to free motion quilt. I took a class but I havenít attempted it since then.

Rff1010: Great quilt! Your nephew will love it. Your squirrels remind me of a ceramic squirrel I had growing up. I canít remember if it was a bank or just a decorative piece. It may still be in a box I have somewhere.

I have 3 finishes. I will send my info to Krisb.

The quilt top has orphan blocks/strips in it. Some leftover blocks are in it from BH 2018(maybe 2017) Mystery Quilt. It measures 70Ē by 80Ē and will be finished by my church quilting group.

The other 2 finishes are placemats found in a donation. They had been sewn with pretty fabrics together with batting but when turned, the backing wasnít caught in all the places. I cut off the seams and assembled them again. I also did some curvy quilting on them. I will use them at Christmas.

rryder 03-14-2020 03:31 PM

Nice finishes, Connie!

Bugaroo-have fun with your spiffy new machine- I’ve been drooling over the M7 since it came out!


Quossum 03-14-2020 04:05 PM

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My latest finish!

The Quilt: Made with a Quiltville pattern, Scrappy Bargello, this one was really fun! I can't recommend the pattern enough if you like scrappy quilts; it was super easy and even this smaller size burned through my pile of 2 1/2" strips.

Though I don't own any chickens, I'm kind of fascinated with them. I spent a number of years collecting fabrics featuring them, eventually putting them together into a quilt. I impulsively gave that one away to a cousin who fell in love with it, so, kind of as an act of revenge, I started on this one with the leftover chicken fabric plus many others from my stash.

Why it became a UFO: This is really weird. I had one panel mostly constructed, all the strips put into bundles, strips of squares stuck to the design wall... but for some reason I ripped it all down and shoved it in a box, ne'er to be seen again until March 2020. It was just an odd place to quit, not at all at a good "stopping point" or anything. I must have been confronted with a more time sensitive quilt, and since this one was "just for me," it had to go away for a while.

Why I finished: Not only did this one deserve to come out to play again, but I also already had a friend in mind to receive it, so it seemed like a good one to move on to.

The Quilt's fate: This friend of mine moved to the country fairly recently and has gotten into chickens. I just texted her asking if she was going to be at the dog show this weekend, and she said she was at a chicken show! Sent me pics of her prize-winning eggs, hen, and rooster. So yeah, I guess this fun and funky quilt with chickens scattered across the squares will be perfect for her. Can't wait to give it to her!

On to the next!

oksewglad 03-14-2020 05:39 PM

I love to hear stories of why the UFO became one and how one perseveres to finish..nicely done!

Teen 03-14-2020 07:00 PM

Oh my....the finishes are indeed beautiful. Well done, everyone!

Rob...glad you are on the mend. Dental work is ranked up there with a week without donuts...both painful to experience.

Vasilisa....my heart is broken for you. I'm sure your day will be special no matter the plans.

Lost electricity today for a few hours...ugh! Managed to knock out two blocks on my sampler. Waiting to hear from LA'r on status of my UFO and WIP... I really need to just buy my own LA.

WMUTeach 03-14-2020 07:43 PM

Vasilisa, I am so sorry for you. What a shame that you plans have been impacted by something so out of your control. Make memories with whatever you end up doing and enjoy each day you are away from work. I is an unexpected blessing. Just wonder what you will create!

Rff1010, what a clever idea to repeat the animals in the black areas of the quilt.

No UFOs for me this month....yet! One is in the works.

joe'smom 03-15-2020 08:53 AM

What beautiful finishes to admire today. Quossom, I love your scrappy bargello!

retiredteacher09 03-15-2020 05:35 PM

Quossom: Lovely finish and a great story to go with it.

Vasilisa 03-16-2020 02:45 PM

Wow, everyone has made sucha progress with their UFOs and I have not finished even one since the beginning of the year. I had planned to finish 1 UFO a month, save March, because I was supposed to be busy with wedding preparations. Absurdly, it may turn out to be the month with most finishes. I will be spending time (one almost wants to say: serving time) till the 2nd of April at home.

I need to finish some quilting and then do the binding on what was meant to be January finish. Today I have sewn first four blocks of the supposed February finish. And before that I had stitched up the top for the Irish Garden (see the St. Patrick's thread). So I am moving on.

Meanwhile it was decided that due to the coronavirus, basically only the bride, groom and the two witnesses required by law can be present at a registry office. Plus maybe one-two persons (e.g. parents). We made the tough decision and asked our parents not to come, as they are above 60 and should really avoid travelling to Warsaw. It was not so bad for them as for us - his parents do not believe in ceremonies as much as in everyday gestures of love (and frankly, so does my fiancee). My mother does not consider it a valid wedding since it is not done in a church. But still.

Well, there will be live streaming for them via Facebook. We have rehearsed the technique of it today and it worked. So we will have some solutions, meanwhile sewing is one of the few things that help me regain composure.

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