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You can also dehydrate it it makes good cabbage chips and can be rehydrated at anytime for cabbage soups or other cooked meals.
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Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
Creamed Cabbage?

Cabbage Rolls?

Boiled Cabbage?


Cabbage Salad

Jellied Cabbage Salad?
Add Slow Slaw to this list.
I head red cabbage, cored and sliced as thinly as possible
3/4 cups red wine vinegar
5 T. white sugar
2 T. balsamic vinegar
1 T. salt
1 1/2 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. seasoned salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1/2 c. olive oil
Put sliced cabbage into a large sealable plastic bag.
Mix together all other ingredients except olive oil. Add to cabbage in bag.
Squeeze as much air from the bag as possible and seal.
Marinate cabbage in refrigerator, massaging the bag several times a day, until the cabbage is softened and the marinade is deep purple in color, at least 2 days.
One hour before serving, pour olive oil into the bag and mix. Seal and return to refrigerator.
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My first husband was like that. One year he planted 5 rows of radishes. What can you do with a radish? We supplied all of our neighbors and still had plenty.
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Unrolled Egg Rolls?

Hamburg, Tomato and Cabbage Hash?

Cabbage Soup?

Cabbage Cake?
...made with Bisquick .... sorry can't find my recipe, and have tried googling with no luck.
Maybe someone else has the recipe? It's like a tea biscuit with cabbage mixed in,
and baked in a pan, then cut like a cake and serve as part of the main course.
I've also added cooked ground beef.
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Won't really make a dent in your supply but one of the things I do with cabbage is "Almost Mu Shu". I usually just buy a bag of precut cabbage.

You would need some pork, cut into thin narrow strips marinated in soy/garlic/ginger.
A reasonable head of cabbage, sliced thin
Couple of carrots, sliced thin
One onion, sliced thin
Start with the onion and carrots, add the pork. Since it is thin it doesn't take long. Pan should be very hot. Add cabbage last, don't cook the cabbage to death, should still have some body. Stir fry all together, add hoison sauce while cooking. Some people like more hoison sauce on the wrap, but I usually cook with hoison and serve with Plum sauce. Serve in asian wrappers if you can get them, thin flour tortillas if you can't.

We also make what we call "White Fry". It's based on family cooking, Czech descent. We usually would have it with pierogies.
Slice or chop the cabbage
Slice thin 1-2 apples
Slice thin 1 large onion
Stir fry with a bit of celery seed, I usually use butter to cook this but you can use whatever oils you wish. Start with the apples and onions and get them about half cooked before adding the cabbage. You can also add in some thin celery slices with the apples and onions for more texture.
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We love Cabbage Casserole! I have made this for different sized containers, so consider what you plan to use in preparing your ingredients. The original recipe I was given called for: 3-4 cups shredded cabbage, 1 lb. ground beef, 1/2-1 chopped onion, 1 can tomato soup (undiluted) and American cheese slices to cover the top. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. I've used a deeper, square Corning Ware dish for all these years, but when the children were here . . . sometimes made a bigger casserole (which required more soup, more cheese). You can hardly ruin it I would think. Just brown your ground beef (I do my onions in with it). Layer cabbage, ground beef and onion, put tomato soup over in dollops (not really enough to spread and you will think it won't be enough, but the casserole gets juicy). I usually bake for about 40 minutes before putting the cheese slices on as they have a tendency to get too brown. I don't usually pass recipes on in a garbled order like this . . . but with this one I've learned being specific is not at all important. It is delicious!! I so hope you enjoy it and it sends those "what do I do with all this cabbage" thoughts packing. *All you need with this dish is bread (if you like it)!

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This makes me wonder what my grandparents did with surplus, they were farmers, I think they sold some things, but they grew so many different things and that does not include the fruit and nut trees
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Well one of the nice things about cabbage is it stores pretty well in a root cellar or barn. Can last until spring!
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Originally Posted by Iceblossom View Post
Well one of the nice things about cabbage is it stores pretty well in a root cellar or barn. Can last until spring!
Depends on the variety - some keep better than others.

If I remember correctly, the round ones that were dense, kept better than the pointy ones that were loose.
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Oh man I wished we lived near you. I love sauerkraut . I'd have to learn what my mother did, but it was delicious. Lucky you all.
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