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Coffee Drinkers, let's chat about coffee

Coffee Drinkers, let's chat about coffee

Old 04-06-2019, 07:31 AM
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DH gets the coffee ready to perk in the evening, so it starts early and is ready when we get up in the morning. Our coffee maker grinds the beans fresh for each pot. That being said, my favorite coffee is French Press, but it takes more work, so I don't make it for myself very often, usually for an afternoon treat.
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I drink both coffee and tea. However, I prefer hot fresh brewed coffee with cream in the morning. I don’t like flavor or sugar just a good coffee bean. Not Starbucks. I never have liked instant but it can work in a pinch. I always have instant espresso on hand for baking purposes.

Tea, I like Trader Joe’s for everyday and I also make loose leaf tea. I brew for black tea until it is strong and drink plain. Sometimes, I make Chai tea and add honey and milk.

Sometimes, I go out for coffee but my DH makes such good coffee that I prefer it at home.
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Oh, I found a tasty flavor made by English Tea Shop brand. It is white tea with blueberry and elderflower. I make dice tea with this during the warm months. It is so refreshing and light.
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Originally Posted by Three Dog Night View Post
My journey started with Folgers Instant and then I got a coffee maker and started brewing coffee (Folgers). No more instant coffee for me. Then someone suggested my husband we should try Costco brand of ground coffee and Folgers was gone. The next evolution was to buying the roasted beans and grinding myself, no more buying ground coffee. Then my manager told me about roasting your own coffee and now I buy green coffee beans online and roast my own at home, I usually roast enough for a week at a time with my small roaster. One plus to this was that the acid reflux my husband suffered was gone. I love going to my favorite website for beans and reading about the different beans and flavors that the beans will produce and you can actually taste the difference. Roasting allows me to get the roast that I want whether it be light, medium or full roast. I roast outside because you are roasting and there is smoke from the process; in the winter I usually buy Starbucks whole beans because it the temperature outside (cold) makes it hard to get a good consistent roast. Guess I am a picky coffee junkie, can't believe that I ever drank instant.
Ah, I want to come by and have a cup of your coffee!
I'm a lifelong coffee drinker and run the gamut from instant, percolator, campfire and have landed on brewed. Sadly, I've given up caffeine but still love my morning coffee except it's now decaf. We buy our beans from Kicking Horse and grind daily for fresh taste. We also use filtered water and the two combine for great taste. Please don't add anything to my coffee, especially nothing sweet. If someone is serving me coffee that is questionable, I will add cream to make it drinkable. There is no Starbucks nearby, but if I'm in the vicinity I like a Starbucks latte if they make it decaf with Lactaid milk.
I have a Keurig on my desk at work and use it to brew hot water for afternoon herbal tea.
It was hard to give up caffeine but now I feel free and can function nicely without that morning fix.
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I am a coffee drinker plain black brewed Dunkin Donuts Decafe; no instant for me. Also drink Earl Grey tea.
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How do we make coffee in my house (son and myself)? Let me count the ways...

Single cup brewer (not keurig, but can use pods or your own coffee in a filter, and brews much better, but doesn't make a big enough cup, so not used much anymore)

French press

Pour over

Turkish pot

Italian moka pot (just upgraded from a small one to a Junior Express)

Breville espresso machine

Cold brew in a quart mason jar (this is pretty much the only time I use pre-ground coffee, usually Yuban or something I found on sale)

My daily user is the espresso machine, where I make a double shot latte in basically a soup bowl with a handle (picked that up while visiting distant relatives in France). If I'm working that day/night, I'll make it in a 20 to 24 oz travel mug.

I like my coffee strong so that "additives" don't weaken it. I either get my beans from Costco (a dark roast, enjoy the ones they have from different countries), or, like Three Dog Night, I will roast my own. My brother has been roasting his for years, and invested in a nice, expensive, roaster. I haven't made the leap to "proper roasting equipment" yet, so I use a popcorn maker (the stainless steel Whirley Pop). My roasted coffee isn't as good as his yet, but I'm getting better with each batch (I started with a record of the temp I used, how long it took, lid open or closed, etc, and finally have a method I'm perfecting. Taking notes has allowed me to be more consistent.)

I came of coffee age when coffee houses were starting to become a thing in the 90s. We didn't have a Starbucks here then, but our own small, local brand hit it pretty big. Not willing to spend that kind of money on a fancy coffee, I started with just drip coffee and milk. Then, on a visit to Ireland, I discovered real cream instead of milk, and it was 10x better! (My son became a tea drinker that same trip after daily tea while we were in England). Early on, I'd had a small "espresso maker", but it was clumsy and didn't make a proper espresso, so I donated it. After our big Europe trip in 2015, my son asked if we could get a real espresso machine. I coughed up the money on a nice one, and have no regrets. We have two grinders--one on the espresso machine, and a separate one so we can grind more coarse for the other methods.

I rarely buy creamer, but do enjoy it on occasion. I made my own for years with sweetened condensed milk and cream or milk. My daily latte uses milk, coffee (double shot), and sugar. When I roast my own beans, I use about half the sugar I normally would. We almost always have cream as well, for the other methods of coffee making. I'll also buy the occasional coffee syrup when the local restaurant supply store has them on sale.

My son is a big experimenter, so we've also had coffee with cardamom seeds, or Vietnamese coffee, etc.

When we go to the Asian market "in the big city", I'll usually buy a bag of instant Vietnamese coffee, just for something different.

I usually just have one cup shortly after getting up (work a rotating shift, so sometimes that means 4 pm). If it's a really rough day/night at work, I keep some coffee pods there for the keurig (but I soak the pod for a minute first so that it will brew stronger/better coffee, because even though I use the strongest coffee pod I can find, that machine makes an incredibly weak coffee without the presoak) for a second cup.

I can't wait until my little dream house in the woods is a reality, so I can curl up on the porch in a quilt and drink my coffee on a chilly and crisp morning while enjoying my view of the trees. That's my ultimate coffee goal, no matter how I brew it.

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My brother, the one who got me into roasting my own beans, is also the one who introduced me to different coffees. He was stationed in Japan and brought home this "weird iced coffee in a can" that was "in vending machines all over Japan"! It was years before I saw anything similar in the states, and my parents just didn't understand the concept at all. Who would want to drink pre-made coffee with milk and sugar?!
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No instant for me! I like my coffee strong, hot and black!
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No kidding, I go to bed thinking about enjoying coffee in the morning. I pretty much have worn a path from the bed to the bathroom to the coffee maker.

I prefer medium roast (because it's more caffeine that dark roast, but not as much as light). My favorite beans are from Guatemala (roasted by my son's BIL), Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kona, and Caribou. I have used many different methods for brewing--Keurig , pour over, coffee makers from cheapo to expensive. Currently I have a machine that has two options: travel mug or whole pot. Love that feature. I drink 2 cups in the morning, always with a flavored creamer (I love many varieties to keep things fun).

Instant coffee? Gag! Tastes like liquid cigarette butt.
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This really has been a fun thread! This morning, while drinking my morning Joe, I thought it would be fun to share a pic of a favorite coffee mug - I'm a collector of mugs! This one was given to me by my DH

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