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Coffee Drinkers, let's chat about coffee

Coffee Drinkers, let's chat about coffee

Old 04-24-2019, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by goldsberry921 View Post
I thought it would be interesting to see the thoughts of others about coffee. I use to see my grandparents drink Sanka instant coffee. I dated a guy years ago who said to me that once I brewed coffee, I wouldn't go back to instant. I didn't lol! A former co-worker turned me on the flavored coffee (blueberry flavored coffee was the first one). Light and medium roasts are my preference. I enjoy hazlenut, snickerdoodle, cinammon, and pecan flavored coffees.

How about you?
I drink mostly hot, black strong coffee. But I indulge in Cafe au Lait that I make at home. I use brown sugar in the Expresso coffee's.

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I Must have coffee every morning. I make a pot of good quality decaf in a drip coffeemaker the night before and turn it on as I stumble out of bed in the morning. I mix mine with hot, homemade almond milk and a little stevia. We also have a Nespresso machine and I sometimes make a double expresso in the early afternoon if I'm losing my energy and need to get some things done.

Our morning, drip coffee is usually an Organic French Roast Decaf, or something similar. I'm not a fan of Starbuck's. As for the, "good stuff," I found an Italian coffee that I recently had at a 5-star hotel called, "Lavazza." I ordered both regular ground and Nespresso pods from them online...very nice! Just like in Italy! Extremely smooth and rich. It wasn't that expensive either. It's time to order more. If you want a treat, check them out.

~ C

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Old 05-04-2019, 05:38 AM
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I have always loved the smell of coffee, but didn't acquire a taste for it until I was in my 40's. Turns out I like "candy coffee." Cream and sugar please. Also, I think one reason I didn't like the taste for so long was that my parents and grandparents perked coffee and it was always overcooked. My preferred brand is Dunkin Donuts. We make it at home in a drip maker. We tried the Keurig but I thought it tasted different and could never adjust.

When we drink coffee out I like to try the flavors. Right now Dunkin still has the Girl Scout Cookie flavors, and I like the shortbread. I like McDonalds coffee when it's piping hot, but don't like it much when it starts to cool off. I hate the taste of Starbucks. There is a local coffee shop near our church that I love, And another one close to our house that I don't like much. I guess I'm all over the map!
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Old 05-05-2019, 08:03 PM
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I love coffee and tea! I usually drink two cups of coffee a day with half and half and sugar. DH and I use Rainforest Blend that we buy at Costco. We also love Kona but only splurge on it occasionally. I love Starbucks coffee but I understand why some folks donít care for it. From there we buy the Komodo Dragon blend. I would drink coffee all day as I am not bothered by it for sleeping but limiting to two cups minimizes my sugar. I am actually working on removing the sugar from my coffee completely. I used to have a serious soda habit and kicked it a few years ago. I feel much better not drinking liquid sugar all the time. Coffee is such an enjoyable thing to me. Itís relaxing to drink it hot, itís social as I have a friend who loves it more than I do, and itís a beverage that lies to me about how much Iím going to get done every day! 🤣
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Originally Posted by MicheleC View Post
...Coffee is such an enjoyable thing to me. It’s relaxing to drink it hot, it’s social as I have a friend who loves it more than I do, and it’s a beverage that lies to me about how much I’m going to get done every day! ��
Ha ha! Ain't that the truth. It's nice to have a good excuse to drink it anyway.

~ C
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My coffee journey began when Grandma came to live with me and she would give me warm, sweet coffee poured over something like a cornmeal mush for breakfast (but only if Mom wasn't looking). Eventually I moved to just drinking percolated coffee with milk and sugar (my Mom would put egg shells in the basket with the ground coffee). I never liked instant, though I would drink it in a pinch. When we got married, we started with the percolator and then moved to a drip machine. We spent about 20 years making our own lattes in the morning (raspberry chocolate coffee in the espresso machine was our favorite when we could get it). Then gerds hit me, but I had to have my morning coffee -- I found Dunkin Doughnuts coffee caused the fewest problems and I brew both caffeinated and decaf. Then we discovered the Trader Joe's cold press for iced coffee - I add 2 ounces to an 18 ounce cup and fill the rest with milk and it doesn't seem cause me problems if I have it before noon.

I have to say that I drink my coffee with no sugar and it is a light tan -- DH likes a spash of chocolate milk in his. I normally drink decaf tea with honey in the afternoon but starting the day without caffeinated coffee is just not possible (the GI doctor sighs a lot when I tell him about my morning drink).
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I Love getting up and drink a good cup of coffee lots of creamer in my cup Please ,,I to have a favorite cup to drink my coffee in So does the hubby also,,We like Maxwell House here in my neck of the woods.Love reading about other coffee drinkers,,Y'all have a Blessed evening
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We are experimenting our first bag of Black Rifle Coffee. If you like a deep rich flavor, try the JB (Just Black). It's available online.
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Originally Posted by vschieve View Post
We are experimenting our first bag of Black Rifle Coffee. If you like a deep rich flavor, try the JB (Just Black). It's available online.
Ooh, the Black Rifle Coffee is good! But too expensive for us for daily use. We like to buy a bag around the winter holidays for a treat.
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I found a brand called "Harmony Bay", comes in a 40 ounce bag, 100% Arabica coffee (the good stuff) and it is even cheaper than the coffee in plastic canisters. (per ounce). I always comparison shop by unit price.
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