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Here Comes Thanksgiving...

Here Comes Thanksgiving...

Old 11-14-2021, 11:49 AM
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sewingpup, your caramelized sweet potatoes sound divine!
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Old 11-14-2021, 11:53 AM
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Dear SIL...I love you, but you've been in the family now for over 10 years. I'm sorry to tell you that you are the only one that still loves the marshmallows smothering the sweet potatoes. Therefore, by a vote of one (me) we have decided that we are no longer going to put them on.
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Old 11-14-2021, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by tropit View Post
Deep fried Pheasant and smoked turkey breast...now,that caught my attention. That's wonderful that they do all of that and have a whole family philosophy.
It truly was a "no brainer" on their part. They thought, if not us, then who? The boys, from two different families, are friends of my grandson. This started in 9th grade, and my son and DIL have been able to keep them in school, fed and clothed. They turned their basement rec room into a dorm style setting basically. They graduated in June, and are working, and trying to figure out what the next chapter in their lives will be.

The deep fried Pheasant is excellent, and so is the smoked turkey breast. My sons are really proud of their "meat cooking devices", and love using them on any occasion!
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Old 11-14-2021, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
Great menu simplifications, Tranum!
One more ................ do the make-ahead mashed potatoes!!
thats what our daughter does. Iím going to do that.
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Old 11-14-2021, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by tropit View Post
So, since I was unable to talk my DD out of paring down the menu, I started today with the prep.

-Veggies for stuffing? Chopped and frozen. Will prep stuffing the day before Thanksgiving.
-Cranberries? Done and in the freezer
-Pumpkin purree? Cooked, pureed and in the freezer. Will use for pies, or Pumpkin bread.
-Mashed potatoes? Potatoes bought, butter bought, buy cream tomorrow. Will make ahead and freeze.
-Sweet potatoes? Buy tomorrow, cook and freeze.
-Appetizers? Made some decisions on what to have...small portions of French Chicken Liver Pate, Corn/Chile Fundito, baguettes, good cheese, olives, veggies.
- Rolls? Will make dough this afternoon and freeze.
-Salad in a bag. Will buy a couple days before Thanksgiving. Buy prepared dressing.
-Turkey and gravy. Make day of Thanksgiving.
- Dau is making the pies. I don't know what to expect. She's been binge-watching the Great British Baking Show.
-Get down Gramma's dishes and silver this week.
-Clean the house extra until Thanksgiving day.

That's my plan!
you are very organized for the coming day !
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Old 11-14-2021, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by tranum View Post
thats what our daughter does. I’m going to do that.
Works good either in the frig for a day or two or can stay in the freezer for a good long time.

When I do them, I usually go wild and cook a whole bunch of potatoes, more than needed for the event. Then freezer in assorted sizes, even right down to single portions to zap in the microwave!! Sets me up for spontaneous no-work meal prep to come!!

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Old 11-15-2021, 02:31 AM
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Due to COVID, people moving away, and life changes, we are down to three for T'giving again this year. I'll roast a chicken and make mashed potatoes, some veg, and buy a nice cranberry relish in a jar. We aren't gravy people and only I will miss the stuffing. I have ordered a pie from a bakesale at a church. Planning a relaxing day!
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Old 11-15-2021, 04:35 AM
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yes Tropit, looks like you have it under control. I have been anticipating the same “do ahead” prep so I’m not in the kitchen all day on Thanksgiving. For the first time in 7 years, my coast guard son and family (who have to move all around) are living in Maine and we will get to see them for the holidays. Hubby loves to do the turkey so I catch a break there.
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In my family of three, it is a small Thanksgiving. I do the turkey and let each person select a favorite. Everything else that we can't stand to be without gets tossed into Christmas. My son wants the dressing, husband wants his cranberry pie, I want my sweet potatoes. I will provide something green so it's not all sweets and carbs. Usually roasted brussel sprouts.
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Well, Iíve tried to change things up over the years but someone will complain about missing whatever wasnít there. DH hates Turkey. Mr. fussy. So Iíve been doing a prime rib rubbed with a whole head of garlic, fresh ground pepper, fresh rosemary and kosher salt. Home cooked prime rib is much better than restaurant prime rib. DD does stuffed rebaked potatoes. Fresh green beans with bacon and slivered almonds. Fresh cranberry relish. I make hot rolls with a recipe from Lambertís in Missouri. They come through the dining room and throw hot rolls to you. So, Thrown Rolls. When I measure the size of the dough per each roll, I make them as big as my fist. Thus the family calls them big fat hot rolls. They fight over them and definitely want to take a few home. DD is bringing appetizers and I am making Apple Cider Mimosas. So a little drink and appetizers. SIL bringing chocolate pie and pumpkin pie. Iím making a plain cheesecake with a few different toppings. SD wants to add a Turkey and gravy. So we will have that too. We lost a daughter to cancer in 2017. It has changed the family dynamics of the family. The son has quit coming to family events. So this week I am changing my quilting direction. Iím making a ďthank you for coming to ThanksgivingĒ gifts. Table runners. Itís devastating to lose a child. Leaves a huge hole in the family. But, I will put on my happy face and do my best to have a happy Thanksgiving.
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