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Thanksgiving...same old, same old, or?

Thanksgiving...same old, same old, or?

Old 11-06-2022, 11:59 AM
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I added a fresh cranberry relish along with the usual jellied/whole berry canned varieties about 10 years ago and have been requested to ditch the canned and just make the fresh.
This recipe doubles nicely:
1 bag fresh cranberries - run through blender or food processor until chopped - I take mine to the point of being finely chopped but not macerated.
1 can crushed pineapple with juice (same amount for 2x works for me)
1 large navel orange - skin and all through the processor to same size as cranberries
1 large granny smith apple cored, but not peeled - chopped to about 1/4" cubes, give or take
1 cup chopped walnuts - give or take
1 1/2 to 2 cups granulated sugar or whatever sweetener you like or to taste
Make it anywhere from 3 days to night before dinner and refrigerate. Needs to blend flavors.
This will last at least 10 days in refrigerator. I have to make enough to get through all the leftovers according to my husband.
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Old 11-07-2022, 12:59 PM
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Such wonderful ideas.
In respect for the eldest, Aunt Jean announced she would be in charge of washing dishes by bringing paper plates. It’s been that way ever sense. When I suggested China (after she died) it was quickly squelched. Paper plates it is. This year daughter has invited to open house. So we go with them, just 2 of us, or join another group. We’ll have Christmas with them so, hmmmmm.
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I'm a bit late to the table here! Our family just had this conversation last night. I thought we were a traditional family when it came to Thanksgiving. My son said, "I'm not tied to Turkey, and open to suggestions" Other son said "Yes....I'm not fond of turkey either!" DH and I are like....huh?? Works for me. We kicked around ideas, and are leaving it open. We have a large gift certificate for a local seafood shop, so we will "find something" there. Also, due to a forgetful mistake on my part, we need to make the trip back up to our closed cabin. (Anyone ever leave the onions, potatoes and squash in the cupboard?) Depending on which route we take, there are two wonderful meat markets we can stop at. So whatever we get, it will be an interesting change. Looking forward to it! They did say we could change up Christmas also, but New Years has to stay Prime Rib and Egg Rolls!
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I always ask my family what they want for Thanksgiving dinner every year. Invariably they always go for tradition, which is fine with me. We only eat this way once a year, so it's more a treat than a drag of eating the same old same old.

We have made one minor change in recent years, my husband now brines and smokes 2 turkeys. We do 2 because every year my mom (who is single and lives by herself!) always wants to take a whole turkey home. Added benefit of hubby doing the turkey is it gives me more time to spend visiting with the family and I have more space in the oven. Most dishes can be prepped ahead of time.
  • Turkey (in the smoker)
  • Stuffing (in a crockpot on the counter)
  • Mashed potatoes (cut and placed in water ahead of time, cooked on the stovetop or in the Instant Pot right before dinner)
  • Green bean casserole (the one item I personally would like to get rid of, but it's sentimental for hubby. Prepped ahead of time and cooked in the oven right before dinner)
  • Brussels sprouts with garlic aioli (which is what everyone else eats instead of the bean casserole 😆 Prepped ahead of time, cooked in the air fryer right before dinner )
  • Sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping (my mom makes every year at my kids' request, prepped ahead of time and usually cooked or warmed up in the oven next to the green beans)
  • cranberry-cherry relish, made a day or two ahead and refrigerated
  • Fresh fruit salad with a Gran Marnier dressing (dressing made ahead of time, fruit prepped while beans/potatoes cook)
  • Pies homemade (a day or two ahead) - usually dark & spicy pumpkin, and a huckleberry pie. Sometimes I'll make apple.
We used to do rolls, but the last couple of years I've dropped them from the menu because we have plenty of other carbs. No one seems to miss them. I usually make a batch the next day for leftover turkey sliders.

One of the things I DID decide to do different this year was to use the good china for this reason:

My 89 year old grandmother is moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 1 bedroom at the Wrinkle Ranch, so she's downsizing her belongings. Nobody wants any of her china because none of us have memories of even seeing it, let alone using it. So it means nothing to us. For about the last 10 years, I've used our regular everyday plates during the holidays because a) I was worried about kids/dogs/husbands breaking the good china, and b) it was easier, I could put the everyday plates in the dishwasher, whereas the china (which is rimmed with real silver) has always been hand-washed, which is time-consuming and exhausting. After a recent conversation with my youngest son who is now 21, I realized that I'm doing the same thing my grandmother did - I'm not allowing him to make memories of this special china, which has been handed down from generations on my husband's side of the family, and has some really cool stories associated with it. He will inherit it, and I want him to have fond memories of us using it. So we're going to this year. 😊

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Peckish, that's going to be quite a spread! And on real china, too. I always get out the "good" china for holidays as it makes our modest meal more festive and special. There are usually only the three of us - my son joins Paul and me. During my son's growing up years, I was a single mom, so there was often just the two of us for holidays. And I still got out the good china. I have a friend who used to sell Meissen porcelain around the world, and he and his wife have Sunday brunch every week on Meissen. "Why have it if you don't use it," and it certainly "sparks joy."
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Originally Posted by c joyce View Post
I added a fresh cranberry relish along with the usual jellied/whole berry canned varieties about 10 years ago and have been requested to ditch the canned and just make the fresh.
I make this also with some diced celery and a box of raspberry jello dissolved in about 1/2 cup boiling water.
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The count down is on. Tomorrow, we're doing the last of the grocery shopping, then it's time to take down the china and tablecloths, clean the fridge, find the serving dishes, etc. I love getting ready, but I'm usually exhausted on Turkey Day.

This year, I'm going the easy route with the rolls by using the pizza dough that they sell in the deli. I'm doing a corn and bacon salad and some other another salad. Appetizers are going to be clean and simple...shrimp cocktail, maybe some fresh oysters, good, French cheese, crudites and french bread. I'm baking 2 small pies...apple and pumpkin...classics.
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That looks really good C Joyce!
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Originally Posted by Stitchnripper View Post
We travel to the PNW for thanksgiving and we are in a self proclaimed rut with the main meal because we all still like it. There are 10 regulars and some other guests usually. Daughter in law likes to make desserts so there are some favorites and some new ones. That's where the changes are. I make the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. Someone peels them. Daughter in law does rest by her choice and we are all around to visit while she cooks - open concept so not crowded in kitchen. Son cleans up. Like I said - rut by choice!!
Here I am to report that the oldest grandson texted the family group could we have a spatchcock turkey. He found a recipe. I texted back, sure, sounds great, but you have to be in charge. He said I could still be in charge and I said, nope, turning over to you, but I will assist. I think it sounds great and maybe time for a change. It will still be turkey. We are flying across the country tomorrow to be with them, and our meal is on Friday.
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We used to pull up recipes for the Turkey. We have tried putting lemon , Tyme and not sure of the couple ingredients. Because we tried a couple different ways witch was really good. My daughter made one of Paula Deans turkeys very delicious.
We used to have just can cranberry sauce. We now make the relish😊. Maybe going online for holiday dishes you could find something different. Hope this helps.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
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