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9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders Tutorial per your request >

9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders Tutorial per your request

9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders Tutorial per your request

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Default 9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders Tutorial per your request

Per your request, here is my tutorial on the 9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders or Quilt Blocks. Since I haven't figured out how to label my pictures I will try to describe each picture in this section then all the pictures will follow. I really miss the old board's format. I actually knew how to post a picture and them write under it back then.

P.S. Okay, the first picture to show up is the back of the finished potholders. I don't know why that one appeared first when it was posted last, but that is not picture 1. Picture 1 is labeled 1.

Step 1 - Picture 1
Make a nine patch block out of 4" squares. You will need 4 patches of fabric A, 4 patches of fabric B, and 1 patch of your accent C fabric. Arrange blocks like in the picture with your accent C fabric patch in the center, fabric B in the corners and fabric A around the accent patch.

Three fat quarters should yield four potholders and you change the fabric from A to B, then C, and change the accent C fabric to A or B for each new potholder you make. Each of your four potholders with have the same fabrics but in different locations on the 9 patch block so they will all be a little different.

My red, black and white potholders look a bit more complex because I cut my 4" square out of 2 1/2"strips which had been joined, so that added more fabrics and made it look like I pieced together more blocks. But, really I was just using trimmings from a quilt I had made.

Step 2 - Picture 2
Fold this nine patch block in half with right sides together and sew the two short sides with 1/4" seams.

Step 3 - Picture 3
Now open it up and match the two side seams. Pin the long diagonal center seam leaving a 3" opening near one end. See Step 4/Picture 4 for details.

Step 4 - Picture 4
Be sure you don't leave the opening at the very end, but stitch about 3/4" in (which will later create a corner), then leave the 3" opening and then continue sewing across, all using a 1/4" seam. The 3" opening will be used to turn it right side out along with the Insul-Bright batting,when it is time in Step 7.) Flatten the block out. The side with this seam and the 3" opening is the back of the potholder/quilt block turned inside out.

Step 5 - Picture 5
Since you will end up with a potholder/quilt block 7 1/4" square, cut two pieces of Insul-Bright batting 7 1/4" square. I stitched these two pieces of Insul-Bright batting together all the way around the square with 1/2" seams. This will help keep them together. They seem to want to slide around so that is why I used the 1/2" seams.

Step 6 - Picture 6
Place the double layered Insul-Bright square on the table and the front side of the potholder down on top of the Insul-Bright. Remember the potholder is still wrong side out. (I tried spraying the Insul-Bright with 504 spray and then placing the potholder on it, but they do not stay stuck to each other through out all of the turning inside out, so I just skipped the spray on my last potholders.)

Step 7 - Picture 7
Now, turn the whole potholder inside out along with the Insul-Bright batting. It is a bit of a struggle turning inside out with the Insul-Bright batting through that 3" opening, but it does turn inside out and will flatten out nicely. Remember to use a tool of sort to point out the corners because once you stitch the 3" opening up it will be too late. Press and pin the 3" opening shut.

Step 8 - Picture 8
Hand stitch the 3" opening shut as I did in my first completed potholders and you are finished.

When making a quilt instead of potholders, you would use regular batting instead of Insul-Bright. Then after making several of these quilted blocks, butt them up to each other and join the blocks together with a zig-zag stitch or any other decorative stitch that would join the blocks. You can then quilt the blocks to keep the batting in place by running a diagonal line from corner to corner and block to block. This would also help join the blocks together too.

I'm a teacher by trade, but this is my first tutorial to post. I hope I covered everything and that the pictures help. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post them and I will answer or help clear things up.
Attached Thumbnails imag0506.jpg   imag0507.jpg   imag0508.jpg   imag0509.jpg   imag0510.jpg  

imag0511.jpg   imag0512.jpg   potholders-1-.jpg   potholders-backs.jpg  

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Thanks!!! I was pretty sure that is what you had done, but nice to have it confirmed. Thanks again!!!
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Thanks so much for the tute! I love it and will give it a try.
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interesting technique. i will give it a try. also, i wonder if you use a small safety pin to pin the insulbrite to the material to hold the layers together if that would help keep them together better when turning.. you remove the safety pin thru the 3" opening once the project is turned. just a thought.
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Default posting text to go with each tute pic

to post text under/above each picture you would need to hit your return key to put space between your pics and include your text and hit the return key for the next pic and text. see example below. i hope this makes sense.

the first example is to include the text before the pic:

samson my sewing buddy

samson likes to bat my scissors or bobbins off the table and around the floor
Click image for larger version

Name:	sewing buddy small.jpe
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if you want your text underneath your pics then post your pic first and hit the return key to be underneath pic and post your text:

Click image for larger version

Name:	sewing buddy small.jpe
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ID:	303903
he is such a great helper he finds anything i happen to drop on the floor to test its edibility

Click image for larger version

Name:	sewing buddy small.jpe
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ID:	303903
if i dont drop much for him to eat or play with he knocks it off my sewing table. i gotta love him.

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Thank you for the tutorial! They look like fun to make. I'll definitely give them a try.
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Thanks for the tutorial. Great way to use scraps.
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Thank you - great instructions for us beginners - love this. Now, I know what my non-quilting friends are getting for Christmas next year.
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Thanks for the tute!
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Thank you for sharing your tutorial.......it was very easy to follow!
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