Gas Prices!! OUCH!

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Our prices in Englewood Ohio yesterday was $3.29. Crazy I don't know why they keep changing. Heard there were tons off in the shore waiting to be unloaded.
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Do you think our government will ever get the message that this insane dependence on foreign oil is INSANE and must end?[/quote]

our govt is not shell/bp/exxon etal we are! this is a free market country, oil does what it wants and now w/ china and india coming on due to their growth with our outsourced jobs they are using enough oil so that if we do cut back the oil will be sold to these newer users. do u think we'll ever get the message??? we must have new energy sources. I love solar - the sun shines everyday on everyone on the planet - its free from God for every persons use. what dont we get about that???Its like saying the govt needs to make jobs - really? the only job the gov't can create is gov't jobs and no one wants the gov't any bigger.
if we stop buying things made overseas and write to all the cos we arent buying from and say unless their products are made here we will never buy them we will never have jobs here. If we stop buying gas as much as possible and support wind/solar/water/shore power any alt power prices will go thru the roof, as they are headed, sharet
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Wonder how long the Gov will like having to pay high prices to fill the limo's, hummers, AIR FORCE ONE?
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Originally Posted by DebsShelties
Wonder how long the Gov will like having to pay high prices to fill the limo's, hummers, AIR FORCE ONE?
It doesn't come out of their pockets====it comes out of ours....
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We are @ $1.21 but we are metric so just had someone convert & I almost fell off my chair converted it is $4.49 for regular.
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Filled up on Thursday AM...$3.27 in Floriea
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My gas went up $0.35 a gallon from Monday to Friday.
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Here in Uk. Today I paid 1.26 per litre which equates to around $8.5 per gallon. Luckiy over 60's get a free bus pass, so as you can imagine I use public transport when ever possible. This afternoon, I went into town which would have cost me the petrol used and 5 for parking, but I used the local bus for free
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It is all due to the unrest previously in Egypt and now in Libya. Prices are all based upon speculation. I agree totally that we need to reduce our reliance upon foreign oil but I also heard that we only get something like 7% of our oil from Libya. I suspect someone is making some money over this. The really bad thing is the impact higher prices will have on all the goods and services....trucking, agriculture, etc. In the long run, the extra cost will be passed on to the consumer. DH and I both have good, stable jobs...but I will certainly think twice before I run to the mall (30+ miles away), etc. on a whim.
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