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This morning I perused the latest news stories on which I always do after checking the latest threads here. There was a story about the CEO of Walmart who warned that there will be a steep increase in prices of everything due to the cost of raw materials and transportation. Now I know that many of you stock up on fabric, but how many have been stocking up on food and other goods?
I will admit to being a "prepper" of sorts. We live in a tiny cottage where space is at a premium, but my husband put up tons of shelves so we could store what we've purchased. We also got a small deep freeze for meats. As I've pulled out meat to use and pressure can, I was stunned by the difference in price just from a year ago. I've also turned half of my front yard into a fruit/veggie garden and do a lot of canning.
I also make wine - from our own grapes and other fruits. We don't really drink too much, but I figure if things go south, I've got something to barter with.
I am also one of those "extreme coupon" people and I've gotten tons of food for pennies. We also shop at a restaurant supply house on occasion for cases of coffee, etc.
A few weeks ago CVS had a sale on tuna. Using my Extra Care Bucks it came out to about 50 cents a can. I now have about 100 cans. Considering the horrible contamination in the Pacific now, I think that the tuna might be worth its weight in gold.
A while ago I was receiving unemployment benefits and used a good portion for stocking up. My sister, who is a retired financial professional, asked me, "Why don't you just save the money." I thought about it for a second. Then I realized, if I hadn't spent the money on food then, I'd be paying a lot more for the same stuff now.
So ... anyone else?
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an advisor on tv said that one who is in their 30's really needs to sock it away for retirement. being an older gentleman, he said that when he was in his 30's, bread was only 14 cents a loaf. see where prices go?
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If it' on sale & I have a coupon, that's when I buy it. I have shelves in my basement for canned goods, paper & laundry products. I love seeing the totals on my grocery store purchases showing at least a 50% savings.
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I am a big believer in everything in moderation. Having gone through the Y2K scare ....where everything from banks to water supply was predicted to have issues with the changing of the century. I watched friends and neighbors stock pile everything from bottled water to guns and ammo!
It always a good idea to not run your household with out a cushion, I'm not going to be going out purchasing any quantity of food supplies as they do have a shelf life.
I too try to grow some of my food supplies but will problably only increase a small amount of what I grow.
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I stock up on items when they are on sale too and try to keep quite a bit extra on hand.
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There are lots of stories out right now on the rising cost of ________. Filling in anything in that blank and it works; food, fuel, cloth, gold... All of the stories should have the same headline: "The dollar fell in value". When the dollar is worth less, everything made in other countries costs us more. The reasons the dollar is falling in value is likely to be too political to discuss here.
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I've been doing this for the last couple of months. I buy when it's on sale, have a good stash in the basement, and continue to buy, even if I don't need it and the price is really good. It's obvious that we're heading into an inflationary period-it could get really bad, from everything I'm reading and hearing.
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I try to be a smart shopper but extreme measures do nothing but make me nervous!
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I keep well stocked pantry. I have been stocking up on my canning supplies and expanding our garden. DH is starting to complain that "Meatless Monday" is coming around 2 to 3 times a week. lol. He really loves how well I can streach a $.
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We are stocking up and trying to become more self sufficient. :?
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