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What is your best Christmas memory from childhood? >

What is your best Christmas memory from childhood?

What is your best Christmas memory from childhood?

Old 12-13-2013, 08:44 AM
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I remember getting a new 'Rupert the Bear' book every Christmas in my stocking.
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It would have to be the flocked Pink Christmas tree Dad bought as I was very ill at Christmas time when I was 5 ( I had the measles/high fever). We didn't put any ornaments on it Christmas eve; but Christmas day when I got up- I saw all the ornaments, candles, presents and I knew Santa had been to my house .. Dad always bought a real tree every Christmas Eve and we kept it up till after Stock Show. I slept in the living room on the couch while the sandman played on the radio, Christmas night, I just couldn't get enthused about the presents that year. Gosh I miss my mom & dad .. But bless their hearts for the wonderful life they gave me ...
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My fondest memory is what my dad got mom one year. He could never get the gift right... he kept trying clothes, but if it was too large she was insulted, if it was too small she thought he was hinting that she should lose weight.
One year he decided that he was just going to give her money and let her get something for herself. But... he got $100 in one dollar bills and a two pound box of See's Chocolate. My sister and I locked ourselves in our room, rolled each bill, tied it with a tiny red ribbon, cleared out the top layer of chocolate (no points for guessing where that went LOL), and stuffed the rolled up bills into the box. When mom opened the box Christmas morning the bills jumped out. I will never forget the look on her face. Dad got it right that year! And my sister and I declined a pre church piece of candy.
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Another good one - the year I was 19, living with my friend's parents. I was still playing my 1/2 cello, but it was just a touch too small. Granted, to me, it's easier to play too small than too large - I can't play a 4/4 or even 7/8 comfortably, but I will still play my carbon fiber 1/2. My friend had long ago outgrown a 3/4, but they hadn't sold it (very odd for them). Seriously, that was the BEST present I ever go - a used, but very well loved and fantastic cello that was the right size and a fantastic brazilwood bow. I still have and play both. That was the cello that was played at their funerals, and I still miss them.
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I don't remember exactly how old I was, but after going to Christmas Eve services, which we did every year, my brother Eddie and I were allowed to sleep with Dad, while Mom slept on the couch. At sometime in the early morning my Mom rang the sleigh bells that were used when we had horses instead of tractors for working the fields. She rang those sleigh bells, then excitedly came into the bedroom to tell us that Santa had come. I don't remember what present I got from Santa that year, I've never forgotten the thrill of Mom telling us Santa had come.
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I already replied a few pages back but I keep remembering the electric candles the junior choir used as we marched down the aisle Christmas Eve singing "O Come All Ye Faithful". Year after year. And they never worked right.
Also one very important thing - I still put out the Christmas stocking I got about 60 years ago. My husband has medical issues and can't get out to shop any more unless I'm there so it doesn't get filled but it wouldn't be Christmas without it.
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My fondest memory was after the presents and food and celebration. My nanna who had been a primary school teacher would gather all the grand children around her ( there were 9 of us and we all sat on the floor in front of her chair) and tell us stories that we believed were made up as she went (possibly not) but they always contained characters with our names. I have lots of other good memories but the telling those stories are something none of have ever forgotten.
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The year I got my two wheeled bike was it for me! I think I was about 7. There were also two dolls!! That was a jackpot Christmas! Another Christmas my brother and I received transistor radios. They were a brand new thing at the time. Christmas Eve was always at my grandparents for a family dinner. Christmas Day was for opening packages in the AM and the PM was another huge dinner at our house. Then we'd go around and visit my dad's side of the family to see what treasures they got. It was the one day of the year we could go visit without calling first!
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I love this thread. I found it interesting that the first things I thought of was not the years when I was young but the ones after I was married. The young memories are great, my mother always made us new nightgowns for Christmas Eve and we got nice presents(I got a bride doll,too) and great food. Some of the best were the first Christmas my husband and I were together. I saved the medicine cups from the hospital and made bells for my tree with them. We had a decorator tree that year, all red and gold. I strung cranberries and popcorn and spray painted the popcorn gold just to carry out the theme.
The first year we got to play Santa for our son was special.
But one of the best could have been one of the worst. It had been a busy year for us. Both of my boys got married the same weekend in July. In August my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage and we had given them a surprise party that lasted all weekend. In October we had a fire that killed my husband and caused my granddaughter to be born very prematurely and was still in the hospital and I was homeless. Not the makings of a happy time. HOWEVER, my friend had taken me in and even though she doesn't "do" Christmas made sure that my children were all around me that day. My oldest son had gotten leave and come home just in time to see his son born just the week before. Christmas was crowded with both of my sons and their new wives, 2 small boys and a brand new baby. It was a fairly quiet day but we spent a lot of time remembering my husband and other Christmases and I will always be grateful to my BFF for it special.
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christmas was always family time for us. christmas eve meant we would get together with all of the relatives who were available. sometimes it was with my dad's side of the family, sometimes, my mom's--and my favorite times were the ones when folks from both sides were able to get there. i remember meeting my grandma and grandpa, my aunt and uncle at the train station downtown minneapolis--the smell of wet wool coats, the diesel and steam coming from the trains, the snow on the ground, and the joy of seeing the folks coming down from the train, walking down that center access area, up to the wrought iron gates. they were the epitome of wonderful--they came all the way from washington, d.c., where they all lived and worked, from the war times straight through most of my childhood. i can remember the smell of talc and perfume mixed with the stiff netting on my grandma and aunt's hats; the scent of pipe tobacco and aftershave on my grandpa and uncle. these people dressed so neatly and professionally were certainly a far cry from my tool and die maker/machinist dad, and stay at home mom, but there was so much love in all of it that it was nothing but joy for all of us. there was room switching, couch sleeping, bathroom queues, but mostly there were hugs, laughter, and warmth, no matter how cold it was outside. i was blessed to have a close, loving family--and it still carries on. it's all about the family, the love we share, and the presence of God in our lives that keeps it so...
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