Colorado get-together?

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Thanks so much Janey and Jim. I'll go exploring. I have some pretty noisy Elnas.[ATTACH=CONFIG]609884[/ATTACH]
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Thanks j's i just ordered 4 of them
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Just to let you know that I still read your posts about your get together.

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I finally was able to remove the roll pin from the pulley with a little lubricating oil and a series of small taps with a roll pin punch with no need for a clamp or something to prevent the motor from moving.

However it looks like my Elna is one of those that the motor shaft is just a little too high to allow the pulley to be pulled off the shaft as the pulley cannot get past the cutout section. I have tried pushing the spring motor down but it does not go far enough. I did find a mention online that this happened to at least one other person and the motor had to be shifted down to allow the pulley to be slipped and the new one put on.

So I will see what I can do by removing the base of the machine to see how the motor placement is adjusted and hopefully be able to move it down far enough to allow the pulley to clear the shaft and the new one put on and the shaft moved back up without actually removing the motor as I believe removal involves involves removing another roll pin and removing the knee lever assembly and moving the wire block with the switch out of the way as well. If I find I can’t do it without doing all that, time for me to get a service manual to do a more complicated job.

Also I found that the o rings will stay on better if you start mounting them at the big end first rather than the more natural small end.
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Default April 6, 2019 Colorado Get-together Part 1

It's springtime in the Rockies. With beautiful weather, Colorado sewing machine enthusiasts met for the first spring season get together at Perkins, Saturday morning at ten o'clock. Attendees were Dorothy, Carol, Cheryl & Chris, James, Paula, Janey & John. Several people brought things to show.

James brought his latest acquisition, a "NATIONAL E" (note proper name) three-quarter size sewing machine. Many of the National machines used the all caps for their names. He got it from Goodwill online, saying they packed it very well and it arrived with no damage. Getting it for a very good price, it is in beautiful shape, with brown crinkle finish and gleaming chrome accessory hardware. It is a long shuttle machine and came in a nice walnut base. The machine and base go into an included wooden hard-shell case with black protective covering. Pictures of his new machine are shown below.






James also brought a box of accessories for the Elna Supermatic, which are always a hit at our meetings. Here are some pictures of the various pieces it contained, including a broken foot. He also brought a Singer ZigZagger. The unknown screw came with the ZigZagger 160620, but doesn't work for it.






to be continued....
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Default April 6, 2019 Colorado Get-together continued

Paula brought an interesting DVD titled "Still Stitching", authored by eight separate sewing machine collectors, one of them from Denver, although not known to any of us. Here is a cover shot of the DVD.


Janey brought a homebrew cam-lifter removal tool that she made at the metal shop where she works, giving it to James, to go with the Elna he recently acquired. Here is a picture of the cam removal tool.


Dorothy brought pictures of a new cutter that they got where she works. Made by Gerber, it is a CNC controlled machine that can cut up to 45 inches per second, doing any kind of shape desired. She says that it can do in 5 minutes what had previously taken up to three hours by other means. They just had training on the new cutting machine last Friday. The machine even moves the fabric after cutting to a fresh fabric area to continue cutting automatically.

Cheryl and Chris brought a Singer 66 for Janey that has Lotus, aka Thistle, decals and a motor boss. Since Janey wants to put a hand-crank on it, she gladly accepted the offered machine.




We plan to meet again in May and will post the minutes of that meeting here.
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Default May 4, 2019 Colorado Get-together Part 1

The Colorado Vintage and Antique Sewing Machine Group met at ten o'clock, Saturday the 4th of May, at Perkins restaurant in Denver. We had a lively and interesting meeting with lots of show-and-tell. The group included Dianne, Dorothy, Courtney, James, Carol, Janey and John.

We were greeted by the young woman who was our server as "her sewing machine group". She mentioned that she had a sewing machine that had been her grandmother's which had broken several months ago. She said that if any of us had an "extra" machine for not too much money she would be interested. After musing over the concept of an extra machine (after all, who would have such a thing?) we decided that we would try to fix her up with something as similar to one she had as possible.

Dianne brought an interesting book entitled "Sewing Machinery", containing lots of good information about antique and vintage machines.


Dianne also brought the 121706 Adjustable ZigZag Attachment with a sample of the great stitches it makes


As we have mentioned before, Dianne has a liking for miniature machines and brought a very nice one made by Essex Engineering. Made much better than a toy, it features a hand crank and a wooden base with an extension bed that slips onto the smaller metal bed of the machine. Pictures of it are shown below.





James brought his newest machine, a Singer 401A. He recently acquired it with a nice set of accessories. People went through the accessories, which are always of interest and intrigue to our members. Notice that there are four adjustable zipper feet.




to be continued - - -
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Default May 4, 2019 Colorado Get-together Part 2

Dorothy brought an Adler 187 machine, which appears to be a real workhorse. It has several unique adjustments not found on other machines. It has a complicated underside and some of us were speculating that it can control the zig-zag movement with the addition of a knee-lever, but we're not sure. The handwheel turns in the opposite direction from Singer and many others, requiring a special belt-drive reverse motor. The machine has a black finish with shiny silver trim. It had with it several accessory feet. Pictures of the handsome unit are shown below.






Courtney had let us know by email that he would be bringing something of a surprise. Actually, there were two. First, he brought a Singer 301 short bed LBOW (aka Light Beige, Oyster White) machine. It is in beautiful condition and included the trapezoid case. The machine still has the original shine. What is very unusual is that he had to pay a whole five dollars for it at a yard sale. A whole five-dollar bill! The $5 tag was still on the case.


Courtney also brought a 3D-printed adapter that he had someone make for him, allowing the attachment of modern snap-on feet to a slant shank machine, such as the Singer 301. He had several made and had one for each of us at the meeting.



Courtney also brought pictures of some quilts he recently received awards for. Unfortunately the pictures were on his phone and we have no pictures here, but they were very nicely made and deserving of the recognition he received for them.

Janey brought hand-out bags of some items for everyone, including some large golf tees which can be used to hold a spool of thread with the bobbin, and some cleaning implements that she uses in the cleaning of sewing machines. She showed how a large golf tee can be used to keep a spool of thread together with a bobbin wound with the same color thread. A small piece of sheet rubber holds the spool and bobbin on the tee.

Simply an amusing aside, two of our members showed up with machines in trapezoidal cases, Courtney's 301 and James's 401A. A little unusual that two of these cases showed up to the same meeting.


In closing, we would like to mention the dedication and regularity of our group members that makes our ongoing monthly meetings possible. A special thank you to all who attend and contribute to our interesting get togethers. We look forward to next month's meeting and will post the minutes here.
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Default June 1, 2019 Colorado Get-together Part 1

Saturday fell on the very first day this month, bringing us together for the Colorado Vintage and Antique Sewing Machine Enthusiasts meeting. The group this time consisted of James, Carol, Dorothy, Cheryl, Chris, Janey and John. Seven of us in all.

Dorothy brought a Kenmore 158-1040, a small machine that is sometimes referred to as a "Ketherweight" due to its size. It had the case and is in beautiful condition. It features a flip up bed extension, enlarging the work surface area. The case has an open bottom. It even had the plastic bag for the controller, albeit in not great condition.






Dorothy also brought one of the tough black fabric sewing machine carriers that she has thoughtfully made for members of the group. Being a relatively new member, this one was made for James to fit his Elna Supermatic with a broken handle. James confirmed that it fits perfectly. (Maybe he can supply a picture?) Dorothy works with industrial machines that can easily stitch through the layers of rugged material.

Janey wants to make one of the sewing machine carriers and brought some samples of buckles and fabric to get Dorothy's opinion.


Janey brought some buttons for Cheryl, which she got from a thrift store grab-bag.


Janey also brought a foot that she acquired. Appearing to be for low shank mounting, the group looked at it and speculated about what machine it fits and exactly what use it is intended for.



to be continued, as too many pictures for one post....
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Default June 1, 2019 Colorado Get-together Part 2

James brought a new acquisition, an Elgin 2468. It came with a manual and a set of cams. A sleek machine in appearance, it is fairly heavy and probably is a strong machine for sewing. It has a relatively small, in size, motor but has 1.3 Amps






John brought a precision controller which he built to use for a variety of things in working with sewing machines. It can be seen in the background of some of his posts, but is thinking of doing a dedicated thread about it and its use. It can do three basic things:
1) It provides short-circuit protection for any piece of equipment suspected of having a short circuit. No big sparks. No popped breakers.
2) It allows sixteen speeds that can allow a machine to be run steadily for an extended period, such as after oiling to exercise the machine, for example.
3) It can provide a relative indication of how easily a sewing machine turns, based on the lamps and amount of current required to turn it at a given speed.



We plan to meet again in July and as always we will post the minutes of that meeting here.
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