Finally bought a Singer 301A

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Default Finally bought a Singer 301A

I've been looking for awhile and finally today I found the one I wanted. Bought a black 301a in the cabinet #42. Machine is in impeccable condition minus a few scrapes. All the gold decals are intact. Will eventually get a case for it but for a well condition machine with the cradle I couldn't pass it up. $150. Not up crazy about the cabinet style though but I can get a different one. What other feet do you use for your 301? It does have a different style feed so that's why I ask. Already did a few test runs with it, it gets up to a high speed and is very smooth and quiet. Looking at the serial number, it appears to be from 1953.
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i don't have a 301 but I know they have regular beds or long beds. That will make a difference.
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I like my 301A and paid much more than you did. But she's sapphire blue. The only foot I purchased was a quarter inch with guide. The quarter inch foot is a full 1/4" so if I start a project on the 301 I have to finish on her. I have heard that the walking foot doesn't work as it doesn't match up to the feed dogs on the 301A. Since all I do is piece on her, I don't have need for any other feet.
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Originally Posted by leonf
i don't have a 301 but I know they have regular beds or long beds. That will make a difference.
Doesn't make a difference for the feet. Only the short bed machines will fit in a cabinet but Singer did make a card table for a 301 long bed.

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Yep, mine came with the cradle and the cabinet... double win for me! Does anyone here use their 301 for FMQ?
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I have my mother's 301a longbed which is also the machine I learned to sew on. I only piece on mine so the 1/4" is the only additional foot I've purchased. Have fun!

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I bought my Mocha 301A for $75 from a machine service man who worked on machines out of his mother's basement. The guy kept trying to purchase my Featherweight for his grand-daughter when he had a machine sitting on his shelf that probably would have been a good starter machine for her. I will never go back to him, but at the time he was the only one I could find and his father had serviced the machines of my aunts and grandmother.
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The 301 has a slant shank so be sure that's the type feet you're getting.
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Originally Posted by kn0601 the cabinet #42... Not up crazy about the cabinet style...
Which 42 did you get? Some have real drawers and some have a cabinet door that looks like drawers. Then some drawer models have an inkwell.
You won't have any problem selling the cabinet. I have seen empty ones on Craigslist sell quickly for good money.
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I bought a Singer slant shank walking foot for my 301 and it works perfect. I keep that foot on it and just use the machine for that. using it now to make a t-shirt quilt.
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