I want a chain stitch machine

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If you mostly want to use it for display, my Wilcox & Gibbs treadle is the most adorable machine I have ever seen! It does make a nice chain stitch too!
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I'm wondering it it's mostly a different needle plate and the attachments that make the difference. I've found the needle plate that has the ability to change the center part where the plate adaptor goes. And then there is the part that I assume goes in the bobbin area.

I did find one site that said the one adaptor fits 16030,17011,17012,17030,17031,18022,18023,18030,18 031
The two listed here so far are 15570 and 17550

Here is one that will chain stitch - if you zoom in on the first picture, you can clearly see the long narrow plate that fits into the needle plate - so at least I know what to look for.


Looks like Kenmore made a whole lot of slightly different models -
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I've found another style - the plate is closer to square shape.

At least I'm pretty sure this is the chain stitch attachment - the item in the yellow box

This is the long, narrow one

At least getting the attachment should be pretty easy - I've found most of the Kenmore accessory sets contain it. I find it interesting that there are so many attachment sets out there for Kenmore 158 series machines, but finding the machines is a lot harder.

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Here is a picture of the chain stitch stuff for my 1802, and the plate looks a little longer than the one in the second picture you posted. The plate I have has "30098" on the back of it.

Attached Thumbnails img_0001.jpg  
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Originally Posted by SHELTIE'SMAMA View Post
Back in the 60's I had a slant needle Singer Touch and Sew and it did the chain stitch. I used it a lot for making all the princess A-line dresses fit like a glove. Saved hours with the stitch ripper. Wish I still had that machine.
I also had a Singer 626 that chain stitched and I have also have a 600 that does it too but never did use that feature. I recently gave away my 626 to a teenage girl who is learning to sew so can't even try it with that machine. I don't care for the 600 as much but only because of the foot pedal/controller.
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Macybaby, I've never seen the chain stitch adapter with the squarish plate...Learn something new every day, huh? I don't think they're as common.

mlmack, The one for the 158.1755 looks like yours EXCEPT for the feed dog slots. Mine has 1 larger rectangular slot....as does my needle plate insert. These 2 adapters are on ebay quite frequently....either in a set of attachments or alone. But most sellers have no idea what they are so they're just listed as Kenmore attachments!

A good way to find out which machines will take which adapters would be to search "Kenmore needle plates" or "Kenmore needle plate inserts" on ebay....there are always a LOT of them on there. The after-market needle plate inserts are still being made. And look at the list they fit. Those machines will all do a chain stitch. You just have to get the chain stitch set with the correct needle plate. It's worth looking for...my machine makes a really nice chain stitch.
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I've located a few machines - and DH is being a wet blanket about it. He thinks I shouldn't pay over $25 for one. Since we live near the middle of nowhere, we are almost always a long drive to get one. So often paying shipping is the cheaper route for us to go.
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I have a couple of the machines with these- never knew they could do chain stitch! I use them to teach sewing at my sister's church. Love the Kenmores since they are sturdy and not scary to technophobes.
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If your husband is being a wet blanket just find something he doesn't like doing but likes you to do it, and tell him you ain't gonna do it no more. So there!

In the pics above are all three of the chain stitch adapter plates I've seen. I have the machine with the long narrow one, and I think it's the divided one like mlmack posted.

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I have a Singer model 675G its a slant needle and open arm--bought in 1967 Brand new from the Singer Sewing Centre in Edmonton , Alberta--it still works although I have 2 others much newer----also have the button holer fo it that is why I won't ive it up--I like the button holes the attachment makes better than the by guess and by God ones--Hope you find what you are looking for---Manitoba Grandma and Great Grandma
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