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Default Singer 301A

New to the Board - glad to find some info about 301's.

I recently purchased a beautiful 301A. It came with a lot of different feet - is there a place on the net that I can go to figure out what they all are?

Also, someone in another post mentioned that a 301 will fit in a Singer cabinet with a mounting cradle. Does anyone know if it will fit into a Singer 99 cabinet?
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I'm not sure of the dimensions on the 99 or which cabinet you are referring to, so can't give you a definitive answer for that.

Macybaby is an expert in accessories. She will probably chime in. You can also look them up by the number on them. Just search for Singer xxxxxx (insert part number for x's). That will tell you what you want to know.

What you need is the cradle. It will fit in all the later Singer cabinets. I'm not sure if the cradle will fit in the earlier cabinets.

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Welcome Wendy.

For the feet and what they do - go to and put in 301 for the model number and download a manual. The manual will have instructions on how to use the various feet. If you google the numbers you might want to add "singer parts" and usually you will see the name of the foot.

I sincerely doubt that the 301 will fit a 99 cabinet. The 301 cradle was made to fit the cabinets for the 400 series. You might want to read through some of the threads such as Picture needed of 301 cradle mounting brackets and Cradle for 301

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And to be even more specific, it's only the short bed 301s that will fit in the 401/500 & up cabinets. The long bed 301s will only fit in the Singer card table designed for it. Neither will fit in a 99 cabinet as the 99 is a 3/4 size machine.

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Here is a link to a reference listing the 301 accessories:

If this is your first 301, you might want to explore for more information.
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Thanks everyone for all the great info.

I have a 301A short bed and it is my first old machine.

The only reason I asked about the 99 cabinet is my Mother-In-Law has a beautiful 99 with a cabinet. Just thought about the possibility. Will be on the look out for a cheap older Singer cabinet to house my 301A.
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The 301 short bed fits the hole in vintage Sears cabinets. I have had two. I only had to retrofit the insides to make them the right height.
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