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Thread: The fws pony club update photo - discussion - completed page

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    And you know, Lent was a somber time. One never wore your spring outfits until Easter! I still have a hard time "decorating" for Easter until the week before!
    Don't worry spider.
    I keep house
    I donate quilts to the AAQI.

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    Goodmorning Ladies!
    thanks all for your kind words, it helps so much to have people who are willing to listen, when so many in my life are not. DH is willing to go to counselling, so we will. I really dont know how much of the words he says are his, and how many are things that his ex and older kids are saying about me. but either way he should not say them the way he is. I understand he is frustrated by the circumstances, but he cannot vent on me.

    Off to my sisters house for the weekend! hopefully a fine time

    Easter memories! GIGGLES my Dad has always been a rebel! he refused to go to church any more than necessary because of the social status that looked down on the rest in our small community. he would find something new and different to do with us! one year he drove us all up to the top of the mountain, where you could lookout for 100 miles! and much to our surprise found Easter eggs up there! "how did the bunny know?" FUN while it lasted with older sibling there were never any mysteries of life... at least not for long

    Have a Blessed one Ladies!!!
    Candace is Deranged
    so many babies.. sew little quilts

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    Have a great weekend DD ! ! ! ! Nice story, wish my dad was like yours.
    Eat, quilt, sleep, repeat

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    I can't believe it, I've been typing for the past 15 minues and I lost the whole post!!! now I don't have the time to rewrite it...I will have to do it later or tomorrow...DH is picking me up from the clubhouse..I don't even have the time to read my emails....Happy Easter everyone...

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    Brady TX
    Wow, we had a wonderful trip! The first part o' the trip was just DH & I. It was a bit cool for him ta fish & several days the wind blew. Tues mornin' it dropped down ta freezin' for a couple o' hours. (We were worried about the temps here in Midland but it didn't freeze here. What a relief! We had planted 6 tomatoes here in Midland. ) On Tues we went inta town & bought a ridin' mower so we can mow the 2 lots next ta the house. We got the one I wanted. I'm so happy we didn't settle. We watched a lotta movies. Cooked on the grill several nights. I did sew 8 charity blocks. We also picked out some roll linoleum ta replace what's in the kitchen. They will install it some time in the next couple o' weeks. We got the cheap stuff, but anything is better than what's in there right now! It was there when my DGParents bought the house in 1982. It doesn't matter how many times ta mop it it's still dirty. We will just git it taken up & out o' there! When we go back the 9th o' May it'll be all ready for us.
    The gravel driveway had a ton o' grass & weeds growin' in it so we bought some RoundUp Plus & sprayed it.
    DD & her Kids came Thurs evenin'. We have a large hole in our drive. It's right as ya pull in ta the house. So we gathered rocks daily ta add ta the hole as a filler. The DGK's were thrilled ta gather rocks for us. They spent hours playin in the field & would stop playin' every once in a while & gather more rocks. Poor kids also discovered that there is a real reason ta wear boots. Mesquite bushes have 1" thorns. DGD had left her boots at home in Houston.
    They also got ta ride on the mower. We would sit 'em in our laps & had it goin' verrrrry slow. The kids thought that were flyin'. She is 7 & he is 6.
    #2DSon drove down yesterday & the kids just loooove him! They played w/him all afternoon. He watched a movie w/'em also. Th'smornin' they colored eggs & #2DSon hid 'em in the house. LOL I can't even grasp why. It was a beautiful mornin'! They had a wonderful time findin' 'em. DD also made "resurection" rolls by wrappin' lg marshmallows inside crescent rolls. When they are baked the marshmallows have melted away & the rolls are hollow. The kids just love 'em. We don't have a Church in Brady yet so they didn't go th'smornin' but when they got home the kids talked DD inta takin' 'em ta church th'sevenin'.
    My initials are BB, so dublb is double B.

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    dublb - It sounds like a wonderful time in Brady! So glad you could spend it with your children and DGC!
    "You have enough quilts made when your soul is filled, your creativity satisfied and your fingers just won't work anymore."

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    John's Favourite and Pig's Tail are complete and in their respective threads.

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    Thanks W4Me for the reminder ............. looking forward to seeing them!

    All ... Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, doing things that they wanted to do!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    Beautiful Easter this year with DD and family here; had Pork Ribs with baked beans on Friday, DSIL BBQ on Saturday melt in your mouth Iowa New York Strip Steak an inch and quarter thick, and hamburgers, with green salad and baked potatoes, Spiral sliced Ham on Sunday, with home canned sweet potatoes and apples together baked in the oven, and on Monday Oven Roasted split chicken with steamed cauliflower. This DGS picture from Easter Morning reflected the whole visit.Name:  1-DSCN0015.JPG
Views: 43
Size:  216.7 KBHot Car or two every morning. Fun, laughter, and good times.

    DSIL even found time to move our kitchen Isle over to the South by eight inches, so we can get into our refrigerator without hitting our buts on it...big job, done with a smile. I can still see my computer and TV, but within eighteen inches of my eyes things are fuzzy. Going back Thursday to check with the Dr. and learn what he says then...then off to the Bus Quilt Tour...will update everyone on Sunday. Feeling blessed and loved tonight.

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    And Colt's Corral is in its home. That's it for this "weekend."

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