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Thread: Need Help with taming a stray KITTEN!! HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rose_P View Post
    There are some products on the market that you can try that have cat pheromones.
    The one we've used is Feliway. One of our cats is dog-intolerant, which is hard on us, her and our dog.
    The vet said it was worth using, especially when we saw how she behaved at the vet where they use the product themselves. Petsmart sells a product with it in it, I can't remember what it's called, but it says "with Feliway" under the title.

    I use it on "Vet day", and sometimes when she's being particularly intolerant to the dog. It seems to calm her right down.

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    I took in over 300 baby kittens when I had my rescue. Bottle fed them all. AT 12 weeks they are already imprinted to fear if the kitty was outside and probably with its mother for a while. I would personally skip the collars and such. Patience is absolutely the key. My Meowie is about 6 yrs old. She was a stray my son had picked up about three months old at the time. She is selective in her humans now. Two years of living here before she let me pet her. She choses when and she is not a lap cat. she sits on the arm of the couch. She hated my other pets for the longest time hissing and running. now she is the queen of the house. no one messes with her. she plays when she choses then she sits back and lets them know enough. So patience has its rewards.

    Immediately: crate then leave the crate in a safe room opened, silent no dogs no noise you can sit on a chair with a book or something let the cat decide when it wants to come out and explore. leave the crate open it will chose to go back there especially if its where food and water and a good place to hide if it needs to. It has to feel safe to explore. soon it will know you are the giver of food. and wait for you to feed it. eventually you can pet the kitty just dont force it. let the cat know you. talk softly, speak its name.. its young you will be fine trust the cat and trust yourself to be patient. Probably not a lap cat but maybe a good companion anyways? mine likes to put her paws on my leg when I sew and has this tiny meow.. ok pet me now. argh. i do anyone who will tap my leg for a rub gets a rub. so cute.
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    If the only way she can eat is to lick it off your finger, then she will have to interact with you. Decide how much she should eat in a day, get fishy flavored canned and give it to her in little bits off your finger several times a day. Talk softly to her and use her name a lot as she eats, so that word becomes associated with pleasure. Don't try to pet her too soon; especially head pets terrify feral cats. (You can switch her to dry food later if that's what you usually use...with sme canned mixed in, the change will be easy)
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    In Nov. I brought home a wild kitten and kept her in the bathroom in a kitty crate. She had water in the crate with her. I would go into the bathroom and close the door and open the crate door. She would explore in the bathroom and I would either be using the toilet or just sitting on a folding chair. She started rubbing around my ankles and slowly warmed up to me. She was easy to train to the litterbox. Left her there for about a week and a half. I also have an 8 yr old cat. The older cat still to this day "Hisses" at the little one - but they do play together. Little one is shy around people and sometimes will just hide if someone comes over. But if I sit down she is on my lap and sleeps with me. And she has to follow me to the bathroom-everytime. :>). Patience , patience, patience.
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    A friend who was involved in cat rescue told me that if I could reach around the back of the kitty and stroke it's head, it would tame faster. The key is to do this without letting it see your hand approaching. In other words, seeing a hand comming at it is frightening to the kitty. Did this make any sense? This works, I tried it.

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    One thing I learned is to go to pet her with your hand palm side up. Like you are gonna hold her head in the palm of your hand. That way she won't feel scared like maybe you may hit her. See what I mean? Our vet told me that. HOpe it helps. Our daughter adopted an abused little dog 2 weeks ago. Very scared of every move and sound. Today she is a happy , happy little dog. She now rules the roost. heehee
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    Thank you everyone for the many suggestions ~ my grandson has named the kitty "Comet" he says her markings are like a comet ~ she is a calico and has already let him sit and talk softly and pet her, she eats cat food so I think she isn't any older than 3 months. I have already contacted my vet and he said that as soon as I can get her in she should be checked for tape worm as if she has eaten mice while stray many mice carry the tape worm and can pass it on.

    Every day since she has been with us she seems to be getting much calmer and really looks forward to grandson coming and talking and petting ~ grandson is 15 yrs old and very gentle with animals, he has made the kitten his project to tame her. When we moved into our home someone threw a yellow kitten out into our yard and we rescued him and he was with us for 12 yrs he mas a mancoon and what a cat ~ we think he thought he was a dog not a cat and was he ever a lovable cat. We miss him very much so maybe Comet will be just as thankful that we rescued her.

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    Glad to hear everything is working out. We adopted a barn cat over a year ago. He hasn't been outside since! Haha! Won't even go near the door...probably figures HE GOT IT GOOD!

    Follows me around like a shadow!


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    It just takes time and lots of love. Good luck.

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    We had that happen years ago. We couldn't get the kitten to trust us. I finally took a towel and wrapped the kitten - claws and all - in the towel like a bunting and pet his head and neck and it took a while but he finally realized that I would not harm him. We had him for 14 years and he was the best cat. We miss Tigger a lot. So trust is what the kitten needs and you will probably have a wonderful pet.

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