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Thread: Ideas for turning garage into a sewing room?

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    Super Member Annaquilts's Avatar
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    The number one thing with using a garage or shed is insulation and control of heat or cold. also be sure to put the right wiring in for all the electric you will need.
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    I have to say the best thing I put in my sewing room was those black tiles that interlock. Its nice to walk on them as I have a cement floor (especially in the winter time). Paint your dry wall after you insulate for eitiher heat or cold weather or both. Lighting- I use the bulbs that simulate outside lighting; so things are a truer color (if that makes sense). LOTS of electrical outlets .. Never know when you need it . .Oh yeah the best part: TV and radio ! LOL :-)
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    They sell carpet tiles at Lowes. They would be nice to put down.
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    My dh just turned our garage into a hobby room, he ran electric and put plugs every 3 feet, put in insulation and drywall and painted it ultra bright white (its' a ceiling paint. He then went to costco and bought laminate flooring and it looks wonderful, had a cooling/heating put in and now it is the perfect room. This is a 2 car garage & it was done for 3,000 DOLLARS except for the ac unit
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    Senior Member Dottie Bug's Avatar
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    In California we would have to put up dry-wall over the chip-board. because it would be a fire hazzred. just saying for ca. Dottiebug

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    Senior Member Quilter Day-by-Day's Avatar
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    I would just use concrete paint and paint the floor. We just bought a house and the garage is already converted other than the door we still have to remove. I'm trying to talk my DH into adding a another small room on instead of just putting in a wall. My thought is maybe someday I will get a LA and will need the extra space. He told me when we were buying the house that could my sewing room. It's a 2 car just needs more lights and shelving so I've been picking up some cabinets at our Restore to put in there. It's already heated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stitchinwitch View Post
    YES, amyjo, the other 2 car garage is attached, but I have a car and a truck AND a riding mower, so that is not an option. Because of the $$$, I will need to leave the big garage door, plus, on a nice day, I could open the door and smell the fresh air - I love the outdoors, and this would allow me for not feeling confined...
    You can actually buy a type of screen to go in the garage so you can have the door up but also have some screen protection. I see it in a neighboring suburb - the kids have toys all over the garage and the parents can sit in there out of the sun and/or rain and still get fresh air. Check on online.

    And you could run a wire or cable across the garage on the inside of the door and clip curtains, drapery panels, sheets across so in the winter you have something more pleasant to look at. The cable would have to be high enough to not interfere with people but just below the garage door track so it is not in the way there. And I think that I would use the rubber mats that snap together - cushy on the feet, and more warmth in the winter. You can always put an office chair mat by your machine so you can roll around in your chair a bit.

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    Super Member wolph33's Avatar
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    Sounds like a fun project.The garage willbe a awesome sized. Sewi get room.Please show us the after pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dottie Bug View Post
    In California we would have to put up dry-wall over the chip-board. because it would be a fire hazzred. just saying for ca. Dottiebug
    Same thing here in Indiana, but only on the wall that is shared with the house. We had to put 1/2" drywall all the way up to the eaves of the roofing.

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    Senior Member petthefabric's Avatar
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    Eastern Madera County, Ca
    We're in the process of converting a space in the garage into multi-purpose. Main use is LA with storage and work space for a sewing machine. The alternate use is to wheel the LA into the garage (there's a 6' double door) and insert an airbed. There's a full bathroom at one end. It's getting paint now. When that's done, I'll start a new thread with pictures. The floor is concrete. It'll be painted with concrete sealer and color. 3/4" thick rubber mats from Harbor Freight are under the LA and extend out to stand on. There're not easy to get really clean, so I'm thinking I'll throw an indoor/outdoor piece of cheep rug over them so the dirt doesn't get onto the quilts.

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