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Ideas for turning garage into a sewing room? >

Ideas for turning garage into a sewing room?

Ideas for turning garage into a sewing room?

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I'd also ensure my garage door is completely sealed so unwanted critters(mice) cannot get in and do damage.
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Ditto #31/// .. Sunlover53
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UPDATE! I was exploring on the internet, and it had said something regarding the chipboard which was that if you are around it too much, you would be signing your own death certificate. That was NOT good news. It went on to say it contains Phenol and formaldyhide (sp) which is cancerous. Was I going to have to give up my plan??? Well, I kept asking to find the answer I WANTED to hear! I had a complete inspection on the property yesterday, and was told that if I sprayed on KILZ that it would cut down 90% of the gas. It has to be sprayed, not rolled,so that sounds better, huh? Also he said to try to steer away from the carpet squares because they contain the formalyhide, too. After a while, it disappates (sp). Next step after the closing *should be the 26th) is to get some $$ estimates on this little venture. Thanks all for all of your input, it is greatly appreciated. And that screen over the opened garage door sounds terrific. I would increase circulation without the bugs, etc.
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I wouldn't doubt that there are sites that say that. You don't even have to look hard to find warnings against everything there is, including dirt, grass, water, air, etc not to mention deodorant, bras, and every kind of food known to man. That said, they have to glue it with something and being surrounded by it in a small room may not be good and am curious why someone would put that in there instead of drywall, which I think would be cheaper. I'm not sure about "signing your own death certificate" though. And I don't know what is in Kilz but that stuff smells way more toxic than chipboard/oxboard. Or why it would have to be sprayed-I guess because they figure you can't spray it yourself and would have to pay someone (them?) to do it.

Almost all carpet contains formaldehyde so if you want to avoid that, go with laminate or something. Or paint the concrete.
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The only thing that would worry me is to mouse proof the area. They will get in!!!!! My studio used to be in a garage till I out grew it. YOU will need lighting and electrical outlets, more than you think you will need. And heat and AC?

READ THE KILLS LABLE> IT WILL KILL YOU! My DH had nerve damage and mental lapses from using this product. Be very careful with it. He followed all the precautions and it wasn't enough to keep him safe.

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Regarding paint, at Home Depot, (and many Lowes), they have mismatched paint and it sells for $7 a gallon. Of course, it comes in all colors but for the primer paint, it would not matter. With Kilz, you have to be sure to cover your arms too, it can get into your pores. I would say, try the children's tiles, or colored tiles, not the carpet tiles.
See what is in them first. They would have to be suitable for children. Then price them thru a carpet place first, then try BJ's or a place like that. I just got some at BJ's for my laundry room. They come in about 2' square. I think you could get them in any color. A light color would be great. You could always hang mirrors for more light. Have fun!
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Another thing to consider, you could get regular bookcases and attach them to the wall if you could find the studs, that way they could not tip. I would say to use your 6" wide ruler and fold all your fabric that way. I really like mine and it does not cost to buy the boards. My closet is already full, one other wardrobe, and 6 more tubs to empty. Yes,
we are never done. Go for it!
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I used carpet tiles for the floor in my sewing suite and my autistic grandson made the squares into a giant quilt block. It turned out really nice and he loves the thought that he did it for me.
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Originally Posted by stitchinwitch View Post
YES, amyjo, the other 2 car garage is attached, but I have a car and a truck AND a riding mower, so that is not an option. Because of the $$$, I will need to leave the big garage door, plus, on a nice day, I could open the door and smell the fresh air - I love the outdoors, and this would allow me for not feeling confined...
You could seal the door and put in nice windows you can open and look out and get he air as well, and keep the weather and critters/bugs out.....Can't wait to see this as it goes.....Nothing wrong with doing it all yourself with some outside help.

aka bettybooptx
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If you live where it is warm I would use stick and peel flooring from Alure..It is easy to put down and looks great...
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