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Turning my guest room into a sewing room . . . (thinking about it) >

Turning my guest room into a sewing room . . . (thinking about it)

Turning my guest room into a sewing room . . . (thinking about it)

Old 03-09-2015, 02:54 PM
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Default Turning my guest room into a sewing room . . . (thinking about it)

My guest room has twin beds, 1 night table, 2 dressers, 1 dressing table. It's a lot of furniture, but it's a big room. The furniture pretty much takes up the wall space of the room. On one wall, I already have shelving with plastic containers with my stash. The shelving is a good place for storage of my stuff, but where can I actually put a sewing machine and a chair to sew? If you've worked with a room that sounds like this, I'd like to hear from you.
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Old 03-09-2015, 03:20 PM
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My guest room doubles as my sewing room. Everything does double duty. The dressers hold fabric and WIPs since our guests don't unpack. I currently have a sewing table (think small kitchen table) that serves as a nightstand so my house phone, clock radio and lamp are necessary and handy while I sew. I did buy a bona fide cutting table fir a different wall. I also have a short Ikea shelving unit that is my ironing table. I sit in a swivel office chair that I can turn to iron or sew or prop up my feet on the bed to read QB , FB, YouTube tutes , etc. I used the bed for a design wall until this weekend . I also have another skinny table and a sewing cabinet with a vintage Singer in it. Ours is a 12x15 room with a decent sized closet and great natural light . So my advice is to do it--I love my sewing room. I dan shut the door to the mess, I can watch the neighbors on the street , I can curl up in the bed to sleep . Win win win. Just think about making every piece do double duty if it's gonna take up real estate.
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Old 03-09-2015, 03:20 PM
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I don't know if it helps, but I only have one twin bed in my guestroom. The place for the other bed is my sewing table. I have a pull out twin size sofa bed in another room that seconds as a second twin bed. Before that, I thought of getting a trundle for under one bed.
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Old 03-09-2015, 05:32 PM
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We are going to use our second bedroom in our Florida condo for mostly my sewing space. DH ordered one of those cool inflatable matress beds and we gave the bed that came with the condo to charity. We have a sealy sleeper in the living room as well. I'll look for the plan I drew up for my furniture placement and will try to post it soon.
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How often do you have guests? Do you really need two twin beds? Get rid of one if you can. You didn't mention the size of the room. Zozee mentioned that her room is is 12x15. That is the size of the room I have so I have enough room for all my needs plus a daybed. Most people don't have a spare room that large, so you need to edit the furniture to the minimum you need for a guest room. Like Zozee said most guests don't unpack,so use the drawers as storage. You can make an ironing surface to fit on top of a dresser. An inexpensive book shelf makes good storage when you use baskets or clear plastic containers for storage. Just think "outside the box"
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Old 03-10-2015, 03:25 AM
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I have a very small two bedroom house. All of my family lives in town, so I rarely have overnight company, other than the grandkids. My second bedroom is my sewing room. It is very small so there is no room for a bed. I have a very comfortable inflatable mattress for those times that I have company. It's tight, but it works.
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I, too, use our 'guest' room as my sewing room. It's small and has a ton of furniture in it. I have a very small, cheap, sewing table in front of one window. I have one of the fold down craft tables like JoAnns sells in the middle of the room. Instead of beds, I have a queen futon. Couldn't tell you the last time we had overnight guests. If need be, the craft table - which I use for cutting; ironing; sandwiching can be folded down on both sides and stuck behind the futon if the errant guest should arrive. The chest holds my fabric scraps (don't keep a stash beyond that) and some books. There is no real closet, per se, in this room. The house was built before 1890 and what resembles a closet in there is about a 2' x 2' space so junk just gets crammed in there. The room is about 8x10. I have a plastic tub with some more stuff and a small plastic rolling drawer set for some other crafty stuff. It's crammed but it works because as someone else mentioned, I can just close the door and leave the mess for the next day. It's a chore to get it cleaned up for guest use but since those times are very few and far between, it works well. I probably would not have bought the craft table myself due to it's size but DH bought it for me as a gift years ago.
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I, too, work in a very small space.
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I bought an airmattress the other day. It was on sale. Full size for $90. Has a small motor. It is so compact it isn't funny. I have the sheet set for it. Few months back we got a twin for $90. Same company and same mtors. My room is all convertible if need be. Did a dry run the other day. Bet $50 against DH how easy it would be to turn everything back into a guest bedroom. One machine can go into the carrier, fold the other back into the desk. Room for suitcase to set on. Long table can be folded flat and put up against the wall. Ironing station can be folded and tucked into the closet. Since I have some fabric and supplies on shelves no need to move. Lots of containers can go under the work bench. Did this in under 45 minutes. I have drawers and baskets and the bench has couple cupboards. Boxes state to set up the mattresses about 10 minutes. When I need to put them back they fit just fine in the attic. My sewing room is only about 8x10.
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Tessagin- that's exactly our plan. Glad to hear it works for you!
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