Rosy, I fail to remember where you were on which project... PC is continuing here, I guess now that its fixed. Group started on new thread when this one died,and smart programmers were to 'glue' the two together. So were you doing the first book Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, Farmer's Wife Pony Club or the Farmer's Wife 1930? The last one is the latest one which we just finished the 99 blocks. They are found under each week FW 1930 block ? and ? for each week.

We have not started anything new officially on QB. Honchey did talk about Gypsy Wife starting in September and SBG is doing the Civil War Sampler by Barbara Brackman and showing it to us on the other PC thread. Rest of us trying to get caught up on our UFO's and/or new projects. I have thoroughly gone thru my Quilt Room and pulled a lot of stuff and sent it out or will be sending it out to the QBers who worked with me through the three book quilts mentioned above. Also disposed of Quilt Magazines, put all my 'project kits' into labeled totes and storage totes in the limited areas now, so almost ready to sew again.

Doing Savannah first because its the easiest one to do and quick to put together with fall colors, which I have tons of fabric to work with...basic four patch of four and half inch squares each, two dark and two light or medium with one and half inch slashing and one inch and half square cornerstones... set on the diagonal lines. Thinking about a Christmas one, but there are five or six Christmas projects ahead of it. Three projects are just almost done...a little more to do there, if and when I get the time and feel like doing them.

I have been following you on facebook, seen your lovely projects and great looking food you have created. . . wondering if you ever sleep.