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Thread: acronyms

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    I have been awake since one o'clock thinking about acronyms, etcetera and I noted some more machines that we worked on back when and I remembered learning - the Comptometer. Google it! I swear the picture they show, circa 1899, I learned on. After I got out of high school I never saw one again.

    I have come to the conclusion that we are the normal ones. I don't have a camera that I can take a selfie with. I just look in the mirror every morning and I think "Oh,My Goodness, I am looking at my mother!!!!!!! I hate cell phones. I got one about ten years ago, and every January I go to the Mobile I store and give them $10.00 and they give me a few minutes. That lasts the year. If I go out of town (between 85 and 110 miles), I take it with me. Otherwise, it is plugged in on my cupboard that holds fabric. There is nothing in this world short of an emergency that I would ever use a cellphone, or whatever they call them now and if God had meant for us to be walking around texting and talking on the phone, He would have put a finger in our ear. I do like my computer, however. It keeps my paid bills in order, it keeps my quilts and patterns in order, it keeps my photographs that go back 76 years in order and it saves on stamps!!!!!! I can email my sisters and get a reply in ten minutes - You can't beat that with a spoon. And in this day and age that the three of us are, the faster I can type and get my information from Point A to Point B and back again, the sooner I can forget about it! And, also, too, I can type in notes to myself and keep track of that. I have Post-It NOtes all over the house I pin my patterns with a note, I have notes on the bathroom mirror, computer screen, refrigerator, car, bedroom (be sure at watch such and such at 8:00 - Channel 5 on the tv.

    I think that covers acronyms doesn't it?????? Oh, I forgot calendars - those little glue-y ones that fit on the tile in the bathroom, the refrigerator (doesn't count the one on the cupboard in the kitchen with the pocket in it so you don't forget to pay the property taxes in May and October), the car, the sewing machine, the porch and the computer. I generally know what day it is (today is Saturday), I just don't do dates very well. The dates just aren't important. Besides I have a calendar in the computer that tells me what time it is, what day it is, and what the date is and whose birthday it is, and when my haircut is!!!!!! What else in this world do I need?

    Well, today is Saturday and my list tells me I have to cut strips into 2-1/2" binding, fold them in half, iron them, sew them on my quilt that I am finishing up, iron the clothes that are still in the dryer and throw the load from the washer into the dryer and remember while I am down in the basement to bring up some soup and applesauce from the freezer. It's all written down, since day before yesterday. Can't cross it off the list until I do it!!!!!

    Have a great day - it is supposed to hit +40* today. Yes, I have to clean up doggie-doo-doo today. That's been on my list since December 25!!!!! I am so glad my mom told me that she had most of her fun after 70. Cuz, I am having a ball. Keep your sense of humor and if it takes a few minutes longer to write out the words, do so! Keeps the fingers nimble! Edie
    Home is where the rags of your life are turned into quilts, lemons become lemonade and a few extra pounds are simply welcomed as "more of you to love."
    I am so confused. I don't know if I found a rope or lost my horse."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sewnoma View Post
    I don't even think about it. I work in IT so my life is chock full of acronyms and I guess I'm just used to them. They don't usually trip me up.

    I do hate it when people type in "text speak" in regular email though, especially at work. If I get an email at work where someone is typing things like, "I have a file 4 U" I will respond and ask what a "File 4-U" is and why they're telling me about it. I'm at a level now where I can be a bit of an old crank about stuff like that! I don't mind things like "LOL" but 4 instead of "for" and U instead of "you" is too much!
    I am absolutely with you! It sets my teeth on edge when I get emails that have phrases like - "how r u?"

    I do understand there was a time when texting was more like it used to be to send a telegram and you needed to save characters. Now, though, most texts are unlimited and most devices anticipate what you are typing so you don't need to type all of it. There is no excuse and I consider it to be rude.

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    I agree, but they are everywhere. I worked for the Federal Government for 28+ years and I had that problem with anyone who did not. I would go to meeting and have to explain what we were talking about with all the xyz's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juneayerza View Post
    You think these acronyms are bad; you haven't begun to see acronyms until you've been in the military. LOL
    Or any government position!!
    Better to do something imperfectly, than nothing perfectly.
    Done is better than perfect.

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    It takes me a lot longer to text a short message (touch screen is way too inexact for my fat fingers) than to e-mail a long one. I don't miss snail mail at all! Text will sometimes get to the recipient faster than e-mail, but not if I'm the recipient. And everyone knows to call on my land line, not the cell phone because I don't carry it around the house with me and I don't answer when I'm driving. If I have a bluetooth I'll make a dentist appointment.

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    What makes me angrier than initializing everything is when the news cast on TV has words spell incorrectly on the screen. Last night the printed announcement was something like "Weather tempt coming up"; so I was pondering if the weather was really tempted or not, and if it would actually come to pass. And pass is another one. Too many times I've seen a printed article on someone who has died but is listed as "past" instead of "passed".

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