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We keep the land Line because of the 911 issue and we have to have a phone line for our home burglar/fire alarm system to use to contact the alarm company in the case of a breakin or fire. I also like to have the home number to give out to businesses, etc and keep my cell phone for personal family and friends. We have caller ID and an answering system on the home phone so block and screen calls as needed.

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I switched my wired house phone to just basic service. I refuse to Text and if I need to make a long distance call, I use my cell phone, which also has basic service and only costs me $19.00/mo. The wired phone is more reliable when we are without electric. It does not need charged.
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I have a land line which I need in orde to do Pacemaker check, this won't work on a cell phone. Also we loose
power often.
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We gave up our landline years ago. The landline number had been our number for over 25 years so I had my cellphone number changed to our landline number then cancelled the landline...the plus for us we used to live in MN so our cellphone numbers are from there. We now live in Texas so our MN friends and relatives from our old area can call us with out getting charged for long distance. We have never regretted giving up our landline.
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Originally Posted by paoberle View Post
Gave up my land line 4-5 years ago. Why pay for something that is rarely used and redundant. It is easier to screen calls. My kids, grandkids, and I text more than we call. I even get appointment reminders via text.
This is what we did too. We were only paying for the landline as a convenience for solicitors in our opinion.
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Took the leap and we have never looked back. We were getting so many annoying robo calls on the land line. Now, none. And one less bill to pay.
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I use our land line to locate my cell phone.

DH keeps talking about going to cell phones only.
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Aurora - I agree with you 100 percent. I retired 5 years ago at which I was on a computer and/or phone almost 8 hours a day. I have a simple trac phone now plus a land line phone. The trac phone I basically use while in the car in case of an emergency. I have a computer and IPad and use it some but I am not attached to the hip with them. I don't need to know every detail of my children's/friends lives daily so don't text. I'm here if they need me and they know how to get ahold of me. I know it's an age thing and that's OK - each to her/his own.
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We keep our landline for emergency purposes. My husband uses a basic cell phone but it's difficult for him - we are old.
We also use the landline for junk calls so our cellphone numbers aren't given out to every place we call. We get many solicitor calls but never answer them. It comes as a package so we probably wouldn't save any money be getting rid of it. If I could talk hubby into getting a smart cell phone we probably would do away with the landline.
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We had so many junk calls that I did away with ours after my Husband passed away. I had being attached to my cell phone but at least I don't get junk calls on it. Well i won a trip to Bermuda yesterday! But i understand at times the cell won't work when a land line would. But I couldn't pay both bills, so one had to go.
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