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We gave up our landline 2 years ago. DH wanted an iPhone and of course, DS wanted one too. When we went to the cell phone store, I found out that I could have one for less than the cost of our landline phone. Plus, I could make our landline number my cell number. I never used the cell number I had. By transferring the number, I didn't have to change the number with drs offices, schools, church directory ect. It worked perfect and I don't miss the landline.
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We have to keep the land line because of our security system, but I wouldn't have one if not for that. We always use our cell phones. The only calls we get are political and sales calls, neither of which we answer. We have our phone system set to go directly to voice mail on the first ring. If somebody needs to talk to us, they can leave a message and we will call them back. I don't need to talk to sales people or political pollsters.
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We no longer have a traditional land line. We use our cell phones primarily but have a Magic Jack for phone which uses the internet. We got it when we had more limited minutes on our cell phone plan to compensate being put on hold when we called businesses. We rarely use that anymore however as our cell plan has unlimited minutes. I guess I'm willing to take the risk of not having a phone locate me directly in 911. I've called 911 a couple of time from my car while in transit to report something (one time a cow was on the expressway) and the operator could tell where I was. I'd rather spend the money on material than a phone!
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Originally Posted by Prism99 View Post
A home phone (land line) provides *exact* location when calling 911. Cell phones do not; their location can be determined only by approximating an area within three cell phone towers. The reason to keep a landline in the home is really for emergencies.
This is very important to remember.
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I'm just old enough, we have kept our landline. It may seem silly to many but I must prefer to do any business or medical issue over a landline. It "feels" like I can hear better everything being said. We both have cell phones but our landline has never dropped a call or faded out.
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*** I dumped mine when I retired.
*** Could not afford both.
*** Don't miss it at all.
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We only use cell phones, but you are in Alaska. I would have to think twice about getting rid of a land line in Alaska. If you are close to town and other people, it would be OK. But if you are OUT, I would hold onto it. That's just me. You need to do what you feel most comfortable with.
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I prefer landlines. There is nothing more annoying to me than to receive a call while I am away from home or busy. I answer because I assume it might be important. If you want to chat with me, call my landline.

Many times, when I am phoning I don't care which family member answers, my message is for the family. Interrupting a particular individual by calling their cell phone seems rude (especially if they are busy) when I don't really need to talk to that person, just someone in the family.
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Sounds like you do not need it. For me I need it, I have been the grapevine phone. The older family members can only use the house phone number. As well as Mom and Dad.
They say I am glad you have the same phone number still, I wanted to tell you , whatever. Usually some one is sick, or has died, or I coming to see you. Your the only number I have to get in touch with, no else has a working number. They only know what use to be and how it works. Mom and Dad or in a assisted living home, and they did not answer the phone much at all.

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We got a home phone when the tower for our regular phone went out and DH's mother tried reaching us. I sent a mass email out to family and friends stating this. Many freaked even though I told them I would be checking my email frequently as I normally do. It was a pain every time it rang was a solicitor of some sort or auto telemarketer. 3 months and canceled. Have not regretted it. $30.00 a monthplus installation.
Originally Posted by CurliQ View Post
Hi all,
I need some advice. My children, all grown, have their own phones. My husband and I also have our phones. He's been broaching the subject of nixing the home phone. A part of me sees the logic in this. People call us personally on our own phones and it's very rare that the home phone rings anymore. Still, I'm reluctant to give it up.

Any ideas?
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