How do you take it?

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I try to choose friends who appreciate hand made things. If I make a mistake, you just have to shrug it off and get on to making your next project.
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I made a beautiful Irish chain for my in laws. I never saw it on their bed even though it matched their border in their bedroom. Recently dh was at his mom's house and went looking for it. He couldn't find it but a week later someone else had found it. Dh brought it home. He knew how much time I put into. The top doesn't match our bedroom color but the back does. I love looking at the quilting.
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I made a queen size quilt with pieced baskets for the top for a relative. She likes the backing, so nobody ever sees the front of the quilt.
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I have made two baby quilts - one acknowledged with a photo of the baby on it on the lawn and one which was not. My lovely sister in law did tell me that one was also used. I'm glad they're being used. I'd rather have a baby on my quilt than on a cold, hard floor or prickly grass. These are not hand quilted heirlooms by any means but were made to be durable and used. I'm making another one soon.
If you aren't sure, I'd start small.
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one SIL wanted anything I made with plastic canvas and I gave her all kinds of stuff because she had it all out and take care of it. She also asked for a cowboy boot made out of all jeans and I knew she would take care of it. A nice I made all Barbie clothes for her when she was little and still has them. Her mother other SIL I gave a pumpkin out of plastic canvas to hang on her door. She put it outside in the weather on a chair with a plant sitting on it. I also had a friend that took all my sewing boo boo's, she didn't care if they were rejects from sewing. So you know who gets stuff I make and who doesn't.
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I've not had that problem.............yet. And if there is mmmm, a lack of response or enthusiasm. It's theirs to do with as they wish. However, in saying that, I would have a very hard time ever making another one for same person(s) if I saw it being used like a dust/dish rag or a pet bed, unless that is asked for specifically. It takes little (even if you are not an admirer of quilts) to try and at least be gracious and express thanks for a handmade gift of any kind. Bad manners is not acceptable in my world.
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I have been hurt a few times, but mostly I give to people that I know will love what I have done, Hubby, sister, brother-in-law.
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Originally Posted by Stitchnripper View Post
And some people just don't like or want a quilt. I quilt for my own pleasure primarily. I might make a baby quilt if I want to and have an indication that it will be appreciated.
If someone doesn't like/appreciate my gift I just "let it go". I must confess, if someone gives me a gift that I don't like I just smile and say thanks. I donate the item. How bad is that?
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Originally Posted by yngldy View Post
Amazing the girl turned out so gracious, in spite of Mom and Grandma!

I made a quilt for my niece, found a panel, they did not have all the coordinating fabric, so off to two or three other stores, some 30 miles away, to get "perfect" fabric. Spent about $200 on project. Asked sister if niece's baby uses quilt. "Yes, she uses it every time he takes a bath." She thought it was a bath mat, maybe because it had minky on the back?? Then I started getting online pictures, and there it was, on the floor, under his snack table, protecting the carpet. I am VERY selective of who gets my quilts now. They might not be perfect creations, but my time (and feelings) are worth something. least she is using it. And likely washing it too. I don't see a problem with this. I would bet the pics are pretty!

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Originally Posted by crafty pat View Post
I never make a quilt for anyone who has not ask for one or said they would love to have one.
Good response! We all have friends whom we know will not appreciate or even like quilts. Not a crime. We all have our favs. I gave a table runner to a good friend who I know wanted it. Our mutual bestie told me that she did not want one so don't give her one. All 3 of us just giggled and I replied..."no problem". She likes her home spoless and zero clutter. I tease her that her house is "on the market" ready when she wants to sell it...just put the sign out! Lol!

Ironically, that friend and her husband have won TWO quilts in the last couple of years at their church fundraiser and they don't know what to do with them. I suggested that they re donate them back for the next raffle. They should have just told them to draw the next name. Yes,the quilts are in the closet.m

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