How do you take it?

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Default How do you take it?

If/When someone is not excited about a gift that has been lovingly crafted for them - - -

How do you deal with it?

Do you feel like you were personally rejected?

Do you just shrug it off?

Do you "start small" to see how the person takes care of gifts before going straight to making a king-size quilt for him/her?

I have found that some people really do prefer a gift certificate - or a store-bought gift (with return receipt enclosed) to something that has been made "at home."

It's okay - it usually costs less - and has saved me a lot of time and energy.
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I ask in conversation. Like one of my friends prefers everything store bought. No matter what it is. I have made baby quilts and ended up they never washed it and it got pitched after the dog used it in a whelping bed. Couldn't stand the thought of it in her washer. I used to do a lot of wood craft. Different hat stands as centerpieces for different occasions such as showers an holidays. I won't put a lot of time and effort into a quilt. My girlfriend crochets. She did a complete baby set. Cap, jacket, little leggings and booties and afghan. Absolutely stunning and a lot of work. The mother and grandmother put it under the gift table when we arrived. The Mother-to-be saw and pulled it to the top. She asked if it was ok to save the best for last. When she opened it, she broke into tears, it was the most stunning handmade gift she had ever seen. ribbon woven through the cuffs. Everyone oohed and aahed. The mother and grandmother said, it was bad for homemade craft and you certainly couldn't take it back and get a refund. Mother to be said who would want to get a refund on something so beautiful made with love? But I just ask first.
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I always assess if people are quilt worthy. They have to either request or be pretty special to me. I know I would be hurt if a handmade gift wasn't appreciated so I just get gift certificates for those people.
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And some people just don't like or want a quilt. I quilt for my own pleasure primarily. I might make a baby quilt if I want to and have an indication that it will be appreciated.
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They have to REALLY want something that I have made : knitted, crocheted, cross-stiched, quilted or sewed! To much work involved!
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How about when they never acknowledge it or thank you. My niece had a baby girl in May and I vowed not to make or give her anything because she never thanked me for the two times I sent something for her son. But then I feel , it's important to me that I make something and give it so I feel good about it. Her bad manners shouldn't prevent me from doing what I thing is right.
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There is no way to see how someone will receive a handmade gift. I gave one quilt away and it was totally unappreciated till the person was told by DH how much time and money it cost. Suddenly I was a genius and he loves it. Go figure.
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Originally Posted by toverly View Post
There is no way to see how someone will receive a handmade gift. I gave one quilt away and it was totally unappreciated till the person was told by DH how much time and money it cost. Suddenly I was a genius and he loves it. Go figure.
People who don't quilt have no idea the amount of time and work and expense that goes into making a quilt. I think sometimes it is not that they don't appreciate it, they just don't understand.
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Amazing the girl turned out so gracious, in spite of Mom and Grandma!

I made a quilt for my niece, found a panel, they did not have all the coordinating fabric, so off to two or three other stores, some 30 miles away, to get "perfect" fabric. Spent about $200 on project. Asked sister if niece's baby uses quilt. "Yes, she uses it every time he takes a bath." She thought it was a bath mat, maybe because it had minky on the back?? Then I started getting online pictures, and there it was, on the floor, under his snack table, protecting the carpet. I am VERY selective of who gets my quilts now. They might not be perfect creations, but my time (and feelings) are worth something.
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I will only take the time to make a crochet afghan or quilted lap quilt for my own family members. Other quilted items are given to charity where I'm sure they are appreciated.
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