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Thread: Know your weed killer!

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    Also, I read that for weeds that grow through cracks in a sidewalk or patio, pour table salt on them and then boiling water. I might try that this summer.

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    A TV doctor looking for ratings? Not a source I would use when making a choice about what to use or not to use.

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    [QUOTE=PB from MN;7161214]There is a great deal of misinformation available and unfortunately we have people such as Dr Oz and the media, who only like to give part of the story. Here is an article with more information:

    PB from MN
    That seems to be old info...World Health organization just declared it a cancer risk, and probable cause..


    How long did we dump DDT on everything before we realized it KILLED things?
    Look up Monsanto if you want to be scared...they create genetically modified seeds that they call "roundup ready"...this means they can dump gallons and gallons of that stuff on your vegetables several times during the growing season..it is supposed to kill the weeds and leave the vegetables standing.
    2 problems with this...first is, Glyphosate gets absorbed right into the tissue of the vegetables, so you cannot just wash it off, it's all through the plant.
    Second problem is that the weeds are adapting, and they are evolving into roundup resistant weeds...weeds that even roundup can't kill! They just passed a law, allowing Monsanto to use another, harsh, nasty chemical in conjunction with roundup to combat this problem..( known as 2,4-D)...so..instead of thinking that if 1 weed killer created mutant weeds that can't be killed, and just deal with problem, they decided to dump more chemicals on the problem.
    Glyphosate has been linked to the monarch butterfly decreasing numbers, as milkweed is technically a weed, and it is their preferred plant to lay their eggs on..roundup has wiped it off the map in many of the monarch's usual nesting areas. It has also been linked to colony collapse in some bee hives...although there are several factors, Glyphosate being just part of the problem.
    Roundup ready vegetables are everywhere...and if you eat processed food, chances are excellent you're eating it...it's in 90% of the corn, wheat and soy grown in this country.
    If you look at graphs of disease overlaid with graphs showing the increased usage of roundup, they are almosy identical in their rise over the last 30 years. This our new DDT..and we better wake up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda71 View Post
    A TV doctor looking for ratings? Not a source I would use when making a choice about what to use or not to use.
    These documentaries are very informative as to what is happening to our food:

    "The World According to Monsanto"
    "Food, Inc"
    "GMO's OMG! "

    the library might have them, netflix has them, and they may be on your TV search guide

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    I just came across this - it is on this topic. The last paragraph references home use. I know some folks will not use it at all and some will. So, here it is.

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