Lhasa apso experience

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Charley is adorable. I have a Shih Tzu about 14 months old. To get him to come inside I have to give him a tiny treat.If he doesn't want to come in when the neighbor dog is outside, I take the treat out for him to smell. I tell him he has to come in to get the treat. I never give treats outside.
I tell him often that I am the boss, he is not. He is very cute and smart, he seems to understand but, needs to be reminded often.
I rescued a long legged Chihuahua from Humane Society five years ago. I have been able to change some bad behaviors but not all. She has to be caged if no one is in the room with her. Chairs have to be pushed in or she will get on the table. She is much better if I remember to cage her.
She is Cookie my avatar picture.
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Lhasa's are great, but they like so many animals who have had hard lives care this with them. So as far as the growling and making the cats go away after they wake him up, this will take time (and it may never totally go away, but will get less and less). Charlie may have had some BAD experiences with trying to sleep and having others attack or try to attack him. He is still learning the lay of the land at his new home, so the cats need to learn that he doesn't like a lot of closeness when he's sleeping. I have found that Lhasa's are very "Soft Hearted", so they do care there feeling on their paws (so to speak). As for being a little aloof, part of this come from his history and the bread (being a guard dog as well as his former life). Over time your little guy will find his place in your household and things will be much easier for all. Good luck and enjoy
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Sounds like he is going through a bit of settling in issues. It may take him a little time to understand that this is his forever home. Charley may have some hearing loss due to all the infections. My Clem-does these same things when he gets startled. I've had him for 17yrs and he's very use to his furry buddies disturbing his naps and so far this is the only older aged dog symptom he has.. You will want to brush him often they are shedders and this special time will help the bonding process.
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He's a cutie. I've had several Lhasas. They are great dogs. Good watchdogs but not aggressive. They will bark if they think there is a threat. It will take time for him to overcome being mistreated which he probably was. Just continue to love him and he will come around. I've been considering getting another one since our last greyhound passed.
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He is still probably reacting toward what he's been through. All of our 7 dogs have been rescues, Our little Brutus was seen by DH thrown out the back window of a car on a heavily traveled industrial road. He did let them have a piece of his mind. Then he saw DH and basically asked to go home with him. My sister had a apso and a cat. The apso did the same thing. She would just say to him it was ok, like No No, It's Ok. They appreciate the new surroundings but never really forget the abuse. It's a scar that stays with them just the same as humans have.
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Bless you for adopting Charley. He will need some time to adjust to you, the cats and anyone else in your home. He may be trying to be the alpha fur kid and wants you all to himself. He may have hearing loss and when he gets startled he does what comes natural to animals. They defend themselves, fight or run away. He's acting like a mama defending her territory and babies.
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My mother-in-law owned a lhasa apso years ago and he seemed very protective of her in the same way you are describing your dog. One time when she was sitting in a chair and he was on her lap I leaned over to hug her and he snapped at me as if to protect her. So I believe it is in their nature to be like that. Your Charlie is really cute. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him the best life possible. All animals deserve that.
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I have never had LA but some things should be the same. Give him a treat every time he comes for a while. You can gradually phase them out. I would give him a jackpot treat [large numbre of treats at one time while phasing out treats. Keep giving an occasional jackpot after regular treats are phased out. You what him to think that there is always a possible reward. Startle response while sleeping is not unusual. He may or may not get over it. As long as he's not harming the cats I would not worry unless it bothers the cats a lot. Diane C
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He's a sweetheart. Thank you for giving him a good home. I am a cat person, so know nothing about dogs.
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Some dogs are just so independent that they just don't come when called. We have 2 doxies and they have very different personalities. One always immediately comes when called. The other comes on her terms. I know she doesn't have a hearing issue because you can whisper "who wants a treat" or "who wants to go" and she in there in a flash.

Your new family addition is so cute. Thank you for adopting him into a loving home.
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