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My mum had a Lhaso cross for 16 years. She got him as a pup and he was never absued. But he did have issues. In most my observations I am comparing him to my old Border Collie cross that was the same age as him and they grew up together. My dog Cassie was abused for the first 5 months of her life.

Tucker never came if called unless he thought there was something in it for him, except with me, he knew I was the boss over him. Cassie came to her name or a whistle

Tucker growled at strangers, except small children. My kids were 1 and 3 when my mum got him. Cassie ignored strangers, unless they put there hand out to her, then she would bite. All strangers were told prior to meeting her to never put their hand out to her to smell. On her terms she would warm up to them and eventually allow petting. She would not let anyone who had just smoked touch her.

Tucker also growled at people he had met repeatedly over the years. He basically like my mum, her man, my ex, me and my kids. My abused dog after meeting someone once was okay with them.

If mum had house guests, Tucker would poop on the bed if he could get into the room.

Tucker was a barker. Cassie did not bark, except if strangers were approaching the house. If someone she knew was approaching she would get all excited and whine, but not bark.

My current dog Oscar, is a Pug cross and if any breed barks it is pugs. Oscar does not bark much either. He does make excited noises when anyone approaches the house (no guard dog there), if we are out for a walk and he sees another dog etc.

All the dogs, Tucker, Cassie and Oscar have been good with cats. I have had 2-3 cats the entire time we have had dogs. Tucker used to spend quite a bit of time at my house, so he had to mind the cats.

My exbil's lady friend has a small fluffy ankle biter, Ruby. Ruby thought cats were there to torment, until she met my old lady cat who put her in her place.
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My cousin showed a raised that breed and they can be very headstrong she said. You have to be the one in charge from day one. I would correct the growling and chasing of the cats now before it gets out of hand. JMHO.
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Am not a dog person, but if I were, I 'd snatch him up - what a little doll!!
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We adopted our dog Stitches (see avatar) at 1 1/2. Our Vet's wife was looking for a good home for him. I'm quite certain he was at least half Lhasa. Best dog we ever had and he lived to just two weeks shy of 18. He was quiet, gentle, intelligent, brave and stoic. He was extremely obedient. He took life very seriously. He had trust issues and we believe he had a very hard start to his young life. He was frightened of men and children and gravitated to women. He was kind to our cat but very aggressive and would pick fights with other dogs. He had no problem with me being the Alpha dog in our little pack but I had to work on him a little bit to not be jealous or nippy with my husband. Your little guy has been through a lot. With time, continued security and love, he should work in well.
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I don't have a dog...I have cats but I just want to say that you are wonderful person for adopting Charley and giving him a wonderful home.
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Originally Posted by Daisy Dew View Post
Sweet Charlie! I had my Llasa for almost 18 years she was amazing I always said she didn't know she was short! Llasas are a dominate breed if you aren't in charge they will be! You gave a big hint - he keeps them away from me - that says to me he is owning you - be careful. I suggest you read up on this breed they are so loyal and sweet but they will take over 1st the cat then people. You've got your self a beautiful little dog I hope you have a wonderful life together. (I remember Daisy).
I do agree with Daisy Dew. I have two Llasas. One from puppy the other we adopted at 4 yrs. They do have an attitude when sleepy. Georgie has nipped at my husband when he tried to move him when he was asleep. Read up on the breed. They were bred to be watch dogs. Mine at 13 and 14 years old take that job seriously. So much so Georgie usually only barks inside while Murphy barks outside. They have the place covered. They only bark when someone or something is out of place. We tell Georgie someone is "coming" and he will stay at the front window and tell us when the person arrives. Ours seem to belong to one person. My husband is Georgie's favorite and Murphy likes me. Hope that helps.
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He even looks sad. Its going to take awhile for him to feel safe and loved. It sounds like he's been abused and neglected for quite a while now. I had one, Sassy, she was a great dog and a family friend. They are bread in Tibet for watch dogs, nothing got by on her. Give him time, at least he doesn't have bad habits to break. It took me a long time to train both of my small dogs, I now have an Eskimo Husky. She has never heart my cat either but still 5 years after I got her as a pup she will still run after my cat, who is alot older just to pick on her. She learned early on not to make contact, one scratch on the nose and most dogs know not to push it too far. I think yours has learned to live and sleep in fear so when he's startled out of his sleep he may at first think he has to protect himself. That too will be better with time and love he'll be able to sleep without fear. Someone stold my little Sassy, we all miss her very much. In the summer we always kept her fur cut short because she loved to go under the house and roll in the grass and was always a mess. Good luck and keep up the love.
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Beautiful dog I am sure that he will settle in quickly when he knows he is loved without condition.
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My Mom had a dog that the groomer thought was mostly Lhasa Apso called Missy. Missy loved to sleep under the kitchen table when anyone was visiting. Her whole life if you accidentally stretched your legs out and bumper her with your foot she woke up growling and acting like she would like to eat your foot. She never bit or anything but it always startled me (and just about everybody else). It was just one of her things. I guess she just woke up cranky, and took the whole getting disturbed thing personally. Hope this helps. Charlie is cute.
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