Lhasa apso experience

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Very pretty dog.
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Bless you for adopting Charley! Hopefully his quirks will mellow with time. Perhaps with time, his personality will blossom, as he settles into a loving and stable environment. Happy trails~~
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Laso's are not barkers as a breed, they do tend to be very quiet and some can be a little aloof. I work with German Shepard rescue in Scotland, we advise adopters that it takes up to 12 months for a dog to settle and trust you fully. Charley has had a lot happen in a short space of time, multiple vet visits, groomers, new home, new humans and cats. Be patient he is still adapting and by all means use treats you achieve more by rewarding and praising your dogs. My big boy was 15 months when we got him and had had a horrible time, it took him a long time to trust us and sometimes with rescue dogs you will only get them so far and have to accept their little foibles. Good luck with Charley and just keep praising and loving him.
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Lovely little dog and well done on spending so much time etc on getting him sorted out - I don't know about the waking problem, as far as getting him to come back, continue with the treats, only needs to be 1 tiny bit, but, before you give it to him make a big fuss and praise him alot, then give it to him, you can then start to cut back and skip one or two, before you know it he will be coming purely for the pleasure of being praised.
Also, you can get special harnesses for dogs in the car, they either clip into the seat belt or around the seat belt post, I use one for my terrier, so much safer for her and me.

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I have never had that breed, but I have a Pomeranian papillon mix who is a rescue. He will occasionally lunge at one of our cats but not the other. It seems to be food driven, based on the possibility that human near him has food. We worked with treats, one for cat, one for dog as they sat near each other. It helped, but of course, that is the cat who is not food driven.
Petey, the dog is extremely food driven, and also prefers to "hear" the word come only if food is involved. Sadly, I am not consistent enough in the training of him. He had cancer treatment last year and is on borrowed time, so we are more focused on fun than training. Focus on the areas of training that are important, and enjoy him.
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Lhasa's are a wonderful companion. Like most of the asiatic breeds (Chow, Pekingnese, Shitzu...) they do tend to be a little aloof, not prone to silly behaviours and are very loyal companions. Quite serious little chaps, but really lovely. I would like one someday, but I have this habit of ending up with other people's nightmare dogs....you know the ugly little thing at the shelter with 101 problems.....
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Very cute dog. Don't know anything about them but always wanted one. My daughter rescued small dog in vet's parking lot. He came in with a very positive attitude and was well accepted by the rest of our dogs, even the german shepherd. One of the Norwegian elkhounds who really never likes little dogs absolutely lets him do anything to him, including cleaning his mouth/teeth. He also thinks he is one of the cats and lets them rub all over him.
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Sweet Charlie! I had my Llasa for almost 18 years she was amazing I always said she didn't know she was short! Llasas are a dominate breed if you aren't in charge they will be! You gave a big hint - he keeps them away from me - that says to me he is owning you - be careful. I suggest you read up on this breed they are so loyal and sweet but they will take over 1st the cat then people. You've got your self a beautiful little dog I hope you have a wonderful life together. (I remember Daisy).
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OH, how cute little guy. I would have to wonder what he has been through. He was not treated very well and he is very skittish until he knows you only what to love and treat him well. Give him time and love. We had a dog that was beaten and we have him time and love. He was great around us after almost a year, but do not let someone come to the door or by our house, He protected us. He was a special dog and we had him for several years.
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My dad got my mom their first Lhasa 30 years ago to replace me when I left home. She lived until she was 18 years old, and a year or so after she passed they got two more. Though I tease my parents, 1) for replacing me with a dog, and 2) for choosing a rag mop of a dog, they are fabulous dogs! They're smart and have great personalities. As to your dog's guarding you from the cat, I would talk to your vet about it. There are things you can do to convince the dog you don't necessarily need to be guarded.

Have fun with him - he's a cutie!
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