Mattee, I use the threads almost exclusively on my Janome6500 even tho I have other brands in my collection .. sulky, Mettler, Gutterman etc. I would love to try Aurofil but can't justify buying anymore threads because I really do have enough. I 'want' it, but do not 'need' it.

Personally I have found that the threads do not leave much lint in my bobbin area. Most often the lint I find is from the fabric or technique that I am using.

I will admit that I do not use CT in my bobbin. I love Bottom Line thread from Superior and that is the only thread I use in the bobbin. It is a finer weight, lasts a long time in the bobbin meaning less bobbin changes. I love it.

I don't make 'heirloom' quilts, just quilts for family (mostly grand kids) who will most likely love them to death and I do make quilts or art quilts for hanging. So I probably don't have the same concerns that you do.

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA