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Confession of a quilter, I'm more than guilty!

Confession of a quilter, I'm more than guilty!

Old 08-28-2011, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ube quilting
What you actually threw away was the instructor that failed you. She was wrapped up in this quilt and you could never get her out. You did the right thing to get rid of her. Sometimes it just has to be. And in the end you did at least have a learning experience from it all. :thumbup:
I agree. You did the right thing by me. That quilt ended up with bad karma.
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Old 08-28-2011, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by lovingmama
Have you ever thrown a quilt away?

Unlike my nature I have. Honestly this is really not me, but I did!

Went to a quilters retreat and used my favorite fabric for a mystery quilt. ( I didn't had a lot of it, but for this project, enough).

I haven't seen this fabric anywhere either, must be a very old, but beautiful fabric. I'm always on the look out for it, but no luck.

I chose all the other colors from this fabric, it was a wonderful combination. (So in my opinion, nothing could go wrong).

The nature of the mystery, it's a mystery!

It came out, that all the other fabric where more dominant than my main fabric. (My favorite). My main fabric was seen only in small areas, which really ticked me off. Urgh!

What made it even more upsetting the instructor knew which one of the fabrics, I wanted to show off more. She didn't say anything, just smiled.

Looking at the finished top, I almost cried. (Which isn't me either)!

Even though I really didn't like it at all. I did started quilting it at home, but never finished it. Every time I looked at it, it made me upset. So it went in to the back corner of my closet and lay there for many years.

Until two years ago, I just threw it away! Couldn't even give it to someone else, because it still made me upset.

So now you can call the quilt police on me. I'm guilty as charged and confess to my crime. :oops:

Do I regret doing it? No way! :P

So what is the lesson I've learned? Don't do a mystery? No!
Just don't use your favorite fabric until you know what it will look like! :thumbup:
For me the lesson to be learned is choose an instructor who will be more honest with you. If she knew how much you wanted that fabric focused, she could have guided you on your choices. If she smiled, she KNEW you would be surprised. What a disappointment. I'm so sorry this happened to you. One of these days, you will find a fabric that you really like and then you can make something totally of your choices.
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Originally Posted by A1penny
I did a mystery quilt ONCE! I was heart sick when it was finished, I liked everyone's but mine. I put the quilt under a pile and didn't see it again for several years. Now I look at it and am absolutely shocked.........it's beautiful.

What happened? I think I had looked at the fabric too long, and compaired my end results to everyone elses which were very bold. Mine was done in more subtle asian prints and solids. "The quilts on the other side of the fence looked greener!!!"
I never like anything I finish right away. Have to walk by it for a couple of weeks first.
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Old 08-28-2011, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by jpthequilter
Originally Posted by Anna.425
No, No, No, No, No. Police! Quilting Police!? :shock: :cry: :oops: :roll: Well... They don't seem to be showing up. I guess it was a perfect crime. LOL Honestly, they are our quilts I think we are free to do with them whatever we choose.

I have never thrown one away. I have ended up with a few that I didn't like when finished but I figure one person's ugly is another person's beauty and I donate the ones that I don't like. There have been many happy posts about the treasures found in Goodwill or garage sales. "Misfit" quilts always find someone to love them.
Yes, this is what happened....Today there was a quilt sale.
and this -shall I say "unloved" quilt was in it!
The story is this....I have a friend who just loves to sit at her machine and sew and sew and sew just humming away!
This uses up a lot of fabric, so I used to give her boxes of all my scraps. Once in a while she would give me a top. Recently I found one of those random scrappy out of the bag quilt tops that she had made, and that I had forgotten I had. It was a well sewed log cabin. I confess log cabins are not my favorite pattern, and although it had bright scraps in it, the combination of mostly dark colors -greens and browns with off whites and random muddy pastel light prints, with a light yellow centers and other random shades of yellows seemed to me to say "EEEEEuuuuuu!" "Ugly"! I decided to give it a chance, and threw it over the sofa to allow me to contemplate it - and the longer it was there, the more I hated it. So I resolved to give it away and took it to the next guild sew day, and and every one there said - "You are wrong! It is beautiful!!!" But I still tried to give it away to a long arm quilter friend. She said to me - If you will give me the backing, I will longarm it, and if you will sew the binding on, we will put it in the upcoming quilt sale together and split the money equally.... So the quilt sale was today!!!
I do not know if the quilt was sold or not.
I will tell you this, though, if it didn't (and it was a good bargain) the quilt is going to HER HOUSE!!!!

I hope you laughed too!

really got a good laugh: Thank you - Anyway, u have to let us know if it SOLD: !!!!
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I, too, have learned to never use a favorite fabric or not to invest a lot of money in a mystery project. A lot of the time I really don't like how they come out. But, never, never, throw away a quilt. Just donate it as is to a charity project. Someone who has nothing will just love it.
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I just made a baby quilt and hated it when completed, I finshed the binding and put it in a chair. The cat decided she liked it and so now it is a blanket for the cat to lay on.
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Well I can understand throwing it away if every time you looked at it you were remined of how upset you were.
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Never throw fabrics out even if you hate the quilt. Donate it to a thrift store because someone will love the combination even if you don't. Just my thoughts. :)
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I don't blame you. I'm glad you feel better.
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